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  1. That’s a beauty Bruce! There is a lot of chrome trim on those and foil work is very crisp! Nice clean build. Cheers, Steve
  2. Whew… this thing is kicking my butt… FINALLY have the body mounted permanently, so close now. I should definitely finish this weekend. Still need to add front grill/bumper, exhaust, windshield wipers and that’s about it. Here’s where I’m at… Cheers, Steve
  3. Hi Greg, thanks again for your input. I very much appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge sir! I have some homework to do before the next build. I recall over the years hearing about Evercoat, might be time to give it a try… Cheers, Steve
  4. Hi Tim, I know it’s not my business to tell someone what they should or shouldn’t build, but man… that thing is begging to be finished. Between the beautiful body work, the engineering, and the mid engine concept, that’s a sweet drag car. Very cool. Cheers, Steve
  5. Well hello Nigel!!, I can relate, it’s been a busy summer for me too with not enough desk time. Fall is here, along with the west coast rain, so starting to get more hobby time now. As you can see, you didn’t miss much here…. I’ve got some catching up to do too! Thanks for checking in and for the kind words. Nice to hear from you.
  6. Hello Bill, thank you sir! I really need to finish this beast and put it in a display case….
  7. Greg and Claude, thank you for the info. Greg your thorough explanation makes sense. I used Tamiya white putty, haven’t had a look yet to see it’s composition. I’m wondering if a “hotter” paint would exacerbate the chemical reaction? The “Automotive Touchup” paint seemed a bit hotter than the Tamiya. My last coat of clear always goes on a touch heavy, so that was likely the culprit. I am doing another 4door to 2door conversion on my next build, so I want to make sure I don’t repeat. Although I will be using all Tamiya paint and I don’t recall having that issue in the past with ghosting and Tamiya paint. Is there a better/different filler that I should give a try? Thanks again guys, much appreciated.
  8. Hi fellas, managed some desk time this afternoon and got it polished. 3200 thru to 12000 polishing clothes, then Novus 2, then Adams wax. Generally pleased with the result, it was a new clear for me (“Touchup Paint” clear acrylic lacquer) same type of paint used for colour on body. The bad news… the body work on the doors ghosted thru. I need someone with better paint knowledge than I to explain this phenomenon. I’m not going to pretend to anyone that I think my body work skills are perfect but, how can the a flaw hide thru several coats of primer, a base coat of black and several colour coats, only to rear its head when cleared? Any input on this is welcomed. The front grill and rear panel are not glued on yet, just nestled in place for a photo. The flash gave the illusion of working headlights here, not planned… Cheers, Steve
  9. Hi David, always good to hear from you. With the chrome, I just didn’t want it to look too “heavy”, but the chrome looks great with the deep green paint. I went back and forth on that, in the end I wish I had sanded the moulding off… No chrome around the wheel wells. Thanks Mike! Got the body done yesterday, it looks really good. Hi Steve, thanks for the input, much appreciated sir. Thankfully the ink did not bleed, it was fully dry, and the first two coats of clear were light. It did lose a bit of the shine, which I thought might happen. I may give it another coat with the pen. Good thoughts on the engine height. I probably could have gotten away with the lower cowl scoop that way, but then the engine might have looked less “impressive”. Hindsight… man it would be nice to have that at the beginning of build!! Haha 😂 Hello Chaz, thanks for the encouragement, I’m trying to get this one to the finish line. I’m starting to run out of parts to add, so that’s a good sign. Cheers, Steve
  10. Hi Jim! Another amazing paint job my friend. Your vision for layering your colours is always fascinating to watch come together, especially on this patina. The end results are spectacular. Thanks for always showing the process Jim. A simple kit that looks very convincing, thanks for sharing. Cheers, Steve
  11. Hi guys, close to being on schedule this week. Foiling is complete. As this is a custom, I put my own spin on how much chrome and where. I wanted some chrome, but not too much. Not my best foil job, hoping the clear will help. I used Impala decals for a subtle hit of colour. Molotow pen used for chrome tail light bezels. I played with lots of ideas for modified rear fascia above bumper. In the end decided on body colour, framed with foil trim, and a Chevrolet decal. This was a tricky piece of foiling! I’m happy with how it turned out. This photo is after 2 coats of clear, I will do one or 2 more. And… started getting clear on some parts. So front bumper, rear facia and hood all have 2-3 coats. The clear really makes the colour pop!! Side by side with, and without clear. After another coat and some polishing, should look killer. Hoping all clear will be done tomorrow, I’ll let it cure a day or 2, then polish. Thanks for looking!
  12. Hi Richard, the bodywork is quite perfect, but I very much appreciate the compliment. I think the colour really suits the build. Thanks Francis! Hello sir, I’ve been silently stalking your absolutely amazing build, your talents are just incredible. Can’t tell you how much it means to have someone as talented as yourself check in. Thanks so much, nice to hear from you. Cheers, Steve Hi Carl, great to hear from you! Hoping to wrap this one up soon, it’s been too long.
  13. Hello Roger! I appreciate the compliment on colours sir. One of the many things I really like about your builds is your choice of colour combinations, always spot on. So thank you, I am really pleased with the colours. Foiling is almost on schedule… Cheers, Steve
  14. Couldn’t resist a quick mock up… Still hoping for foil and clear to be complete by end of week.
  15. Hi Mike, thanks for sticking with me, it’s been a while…. Thanks for the kind words, glad you’re liking it. Thanks Claude, ya, the scoop isn’t too offensive. The wagon is big enough that it doesn’t look ridiculous. My plan originally was a 3” or 6” cowl hood, what’s another 3”. Hope I can deliver on the clear next week! Wow! Thank you very much Chris. I will try to bring this one to completion soon. I’m generally happy with it, but it’s time time finish it and get on with the next one! Cheers, Steve
  16. Hi Steve, your builds are always inspiring and very well thought out. The detail you add is often over the top in my opinion, and I mean that in the most complimentary way. As far as I have seen, you seem to really enjoy and feed off the comments and suggestions from people following your builds. It’s quite fun how you take an idea and run with it. Seems odd to me that someone following would “secretly” send that confused emogie. Don’t blame you at all for your decision sir, keep up the excellent work. Oh… as far as suggestions go, still want to see a few 8 tracks bouncing around the interior. Cheers, Steve
  17. Hi Tom, she’s a beauty! I would love to see a picture of it outside in the sun, that colour looks sweet. Thanks for sharing sir.
  18. Turbos all the way Anton !!! They look awesome. The whole thing looks great, and it’s low!! Cheers, Steve
  19. Hi Mark, fantastic work as always. This is really looking good, stance is killer. Wheels look much better with the painted spokes IMHO. Cheers, Steve
  20. Well, finally a bit of progress on the wagon… she’s green !!!!!! First photo without flash, second one with flash. The paint already has some depth, Clear should really give some nice depth. I’m very happy with the colour choice, hope you guys like it too. Going to let paint cure overnight, hoping to start foiling etc. tomorrow. My goal is to have it cleared, polished and ready for final assembly by end of this week. Weather has turned, work has slowed down, so more bench time ahead!! Thanks for having a look. Cheers, Steve
  21. All beautiful builds and well deserved awards Steve. You set the bar very high sir! Always enjoy watching and learning from your WIP’s, keep em coming… Cheers, Steve
  22. Hi Craig, stunning colour combo and awesome shine. The red stripe really pops. I used that colour many years ago on Blazer, very nice colour. Unfortunately for me, that was before I started polishing my builds, yours looks waaayyyy better. Love the wheel choice too, great build sir. Cheers, Steve
  23. Roger!, thanks for the info sir. I will definitely be purchasing some of his wheels. Not sure they will be on this build but very nice looking units. Hi Phil, thanks for sharing those. I also plan on doing a chin spoiler, so that photo is helpful, the green one is a fun mashup, great idea. Hi Carl, thanks for chiming in. I agree, this one really captures the look I’m going for. It won’t be a replica, but similar. Cheers, Steve
  24. Hi Dennis, that air dam is perfect! Definitely gives the grocery getter a bunch of attitude. In my head those wheels “shouldn’t” look good on that car, but in the photos they look great! Always enjoy your builds, although I must admit, I’m particularly enjoying the 50’s and 60’s builds. 70’s?? Cheers, Steve
  25. Hi Paul, this is great stuff. This kit brings back memories, I built 2 of them. One was built almost box stock, back when it first came out, the other one ended up with flip nose glued closed, hood opened and full pro street treatment. I will be watching with interest, thanks for sharing. Excellent tutorial on building a cage.
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