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  1. Hi Richard, thanks for sharing all the info! I knew there would be some folks on here that would be familiar with the car. Very cool seating area, love the little TV. Hi Raoul, yep, I figured there would be several of these types of reaction. My first reaction when I saw it was “ew”, then it was “hmmmm” 🤔, the car is “slightly” more attractive in person. Hi Ricky, yep, some of these old customs were totally over the top. The back story on this one was interesting tho. Glad I didn’t ruin your keyboard!😱 Hi Phil !! This is the kit that came to mind when I saw the car. Had you seen that car around town before? That’s the first time I’ve seen it. 😂🤣👌 Jason, thanks for the laugh! Thankfully I did not have a mouthful of coffee when I read this, or I might have ruined my keyboard! (See Ricky’s comment above) Thanks for the feedback and stories about the car folks. To be fair the car looked better in person than the photos. Honestly, it’s not my taste in cars, but it did draw me in, so I must have liked something about it. Cheers, Steve
  2. I will be interested to see some feedback from you guys that might know more about this car. This was at a local car show on Sunday. I overheard the owner say it was 1 of only five ever built. I took photos of the signs displayed with the car which give a bit of history.
  3. Great looking project Oliver, I will be watching with interest. Love these old Rivs. Steve (Can Con), thanks for sharing your chop technique. It always amazes me how many different ways there are to get from “A” to “B” chopping tops. Great sharing on this forum. Cheers, Steve
  4. Great Beetle Jim! As one would expect, another fantastic, multilayered, complex, killer looking paint job. I really enjoy the “play by play”of how you create your paint jobs Jim, thanks for sharing. The rest of the build is great to! Cheers, Steve
  5. Anton! How are you my friend? I like wheel 3 or 4, 4 painted in a titanium colour would look fantastic. What colour will the body be? Excellent work on the grill, that takes LOTS of patience. Love the carbon fibre on the engine, those decals frustrate the heck out of me! I’ve watched videos and such, but I can never get them to conform to the compound curves. Great looking build sir. Cheers, Steve
  6. Wait….. looooong, and looooow…… you’re speaking my language sir!!! Another stunning build Claude! The subtle flames are killer, well done. Love the unique hood hing. That would have looked great here in Victoria this past weekend!! Lots of great detail throughout, need to go back and have another look… Cheers, Steve
  7. Another fantastic show in our beautiful city. Not our best weather, but thankfully the rain held off. I arrived early to get some shots before the masses descended on the show. Estimates are that approximately 100,000 people attend the the show.
  8. A few more of the builds…. Thanks to Phil for all his hard work organizing the event!
  9. Northwest Duece Days is in town this weekend, these photos were from yesterday. There is about 1400 cars that will be in the show today, plus several hundred hot rods and muscle cars both local and folks that are in town to check out the festivities. My best guess is that there is about 2000 hot cars in town this weekend. These are some photos from the poker run and the cruising downtown on Belleville st. Poker run… this is one of my favs so far… Belleville st. cruising The car show is today so there will be lots of sites…
  10. Thanks for sharing those Phil!! Such an amazing weekend for our city, and for anyone that likes cars. I’ll be down there in my Beaumont later today to take in the sights and sounds. See you on Saturday evening. Cheers, Steve
  11. Thank you George. I imagine the driver dressed in the same attire as your avatar… maybe with a white jacket over top?
  12. Ya….just “a few modifications”. Excellent build Kurt, I enjoyed the WIP on this. That multi piece body would have made me wave the white flag. I figure you must be part rabbit, because you go down lots of rabbit holes… You seem to very good at finding, just one more thing to add. Thanks for sharing your build. Cheers, Steve
  13. Both beautiful builds Michael! I kinda prefer the red devil with the attitude…
  14. Hi Claude. Thanks for having a look. I passed on several of the Johan ambulance kits before finding a good one. The glue bombs scare the heck out of me! I’m sure a good one will come along for you. I was also patient in my hunt for the Johan 70 Caddy Eldorado, I have a good one that might hit the bench this fall…
  15. Hi Tom, this is fantastic stuff! Nice to see you back at it. I will be watching, as I too have a similar build in my head. That body trim is looking really good, great idea. Cheers, Steve
  16. Kurt, I’m always impressed with all the details you add, (and add, and add…) There is always lots of creative ideas in your WIP’s. Very cool looking Mercedes, love the aggressive stance. Looks like you are close to the finish line. Cheers, Steve
  17. Coming along nicely Misha. See you on Thursday? Only 2 weeks til Duece Days! Cheers, Steve
  18. You bet! Nothing fancy under there…. Thank Cliff !
  19. With all due respect James, I find your comments ridiculous. As the above have stated, if you are calling out others for accuracy, maybe proofread your own comments before hitting send. Thank you to all involved in the magazine for putting out a beautiful quality magazine, even if there is a the occasional imperfection.
  20. I really enjoy all your builds David, keep ‘em coming. Always lots of great ideas. Thanks Carl. Not my best work, but looks good in the display case. Thank you Chris! Hello Renaud. Thank you for the kind words. No secrets underneath. With my slammers, I don’t spend much time on the underside. I keep it really simple…Some get more detail than others. Hi Ron, I recommend it, they are fun kits no matter what direction you take. Thanks for taking the time to comment guys! Cheers, Steve
  21. Francis my friend, what an incredible journey. Not really sure where to start… I think rather than starting with the masterpiece, I’ll start with the master. You sir, are not only an incredible talent, but your humbleness, and your never ending gracious personality are truly remarkable. Thank you for taking the time to document this work of art, and thanks for sharing your journey and expertise with us. I really hope I get to see this amazing build in person someday, I also I hope to have the pleasure of meeting the master modeller Francis Laflamme. We will all miss the updates, and trying to come up with new superlatives to express how amazing each individual piece looks. Take good care, and like all the others here, I look forward to the next chapter. Oh ya, that Dodge truck you built is pretty cool!! My brother is a machinist by trade, (a really good one), he is in awe of your work. I will spend more time studying the photos, so much detail… I like that we didn’t get much in the way of teasers or mock ups, so the big reveal was that much more impressive. Cheers, Steve
  22. Some of my more recent favourites….
  23. HAHA!!! Ya, me too. Thanks for having a look Oliver. Thanks Anthony, much appreciated. Hi David! Truth be told, your Ecto build is what inspired me to post this. I don’t get much desk time at this time of year, so it’s an older build, but it was quite fun. Yes, I believe I posted this on your hearse thread, speaking of which… how is that coming along? Thank you Bill. I appreciate the comments guys. You all got me thinking how cool this thing would look doing a big Smokey burnout. Cheers, Steve
  24. Excellent! Nice work James! Glad that I was of some inspiration, dioramas are new to me, but I will definitely do another one at some point. Great job all round, but the patina on the cladding is spot on. Cheers, Steve
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