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  1. Nice work, Sox & Martin is one of my favourite subjects. I would have shaved off some material of the wheel arches as they looks to be a bit too large and maybe scribed in some more detail to the headers, but you have done a good job so far and it will be a nice model when it's done.
  2. I just looked at my kit wich is kit No 5001 and it has the part 3 block with fuel lines, the Revell version doesn't seem to have it as it looks to have been deleted for some reason when the reissues were made...because it's there in the original kits from 1995.
  3. Very impressive work Codi! I would not put in so much effort and time to do the parts like you do, but I really like what I see.
  4. And the reefer units on the 2 trailers used in the movie was fake, they doesn't even have a fuel tank on them.
  5. The only engine painted a different color back in the day in Internationals was their own V800 wich mostly was medium blue metallic to distinguish them from the other engines, otherwise the engines were red as Harvey said. Tha V800 engine can be found in the ERTL and AMT 4300 Transtar Eagle, the Paystar 5000, the S-Series F-2575 and F-2674.
  6. Very nice build and informative Tim. I'm fortunate to have 2 of the JoHan Challeger, 1 Pinto and 2 Mustang Funny Car kits unbuilt in my stash, it's not the original issues tho' but they are nice kits.
  7. Nice, I'm eager to see what you're going to do with it. By the way...the CO4070A kit is not a straight repop as the old tooling for the CO4070A kit was changed to do the CO4070B Transtar II Eagle back in the mid 70's and it was not possible to do the CO4070A anymore, Round 2 doesn't have the tool for the CO4070B Transtar II Eagle as it wasn't included in the tool bank they bought from Tomy for some reason...and Tomy will most likely not do the CO4070B Transtar II and that's sad. So the CO4070A kit we have today is a reverse engineered all new kit and it's not exactly as the old ERTL kit was as some things are improved and changed.
  8. Well the Revell Germany kit has the same Cummins NTC 475 engine as the Peterbilt 359's and K100's and it has the KW 8 bag suspension from the K100. Revell Germany W900 has a Cat 3408 and a KW 8 bag suspension, the Revell US snap W900 has a Cat 3406 and 8 bag. The AMT kit has the same Cummins NTA 370, a 5 or 6 speed main and 4 speed auxillary trans and a Hendricks walking beam suspesion as the W925...ohh, and the interior of the cab is also a carry over from the W925.
  9. Regarding the Revell Grmany and AMT T600's as a starting point. The Revell Germany kit is the first version T600 from 1984-89 with angeled flat glass split wind screen and early Aerodyne sleeper for one and a flat top with a large fairing for the other, the AMT kits are a T600A from 1990-94 with one piece curved wind screen and the newer Aerodyne II sleeper so cab and sleeper wise the AMT kit is newer. Chassis and engine wise it's a another thing, the Revell Germany chassis is a lot newer than the AMT as it dates from 1982 as it shares some parts with the K100 and some added stuff, the AMT kit dates back to 1971 with hopelessly outdated engine, trans and rear suspension. The T800 in the picture above look to have the 1995-2007 B style cab with the "Daylight Door" and the angeled roof to intergrate with the sleeper better,
  10. Ross Gibson is not with us anymore as he died some time ago, so his engines will not come back. I don't know of any other Rat Roaster intake manifold.
  11. You know the grille for the Bill Signs kit is different do you? The grille in the Bill Signs Trucking kit is a custom piece. The Can-Do/Will-Do grille is more stock like.
  12. Yes, it's the Unilite "small window" cab so it's definately a DD 8V-71. It's the 1100 series cab kit that has a Cummins NTC 350.
  13. The Mopar teams started the 1964 season with 426 Max Wedge engines and later changed to 426 Race Hemi when it became available in mid 1964. So in 1964 they could have both. For 1965 they almost excusively used the Hemi so why Polar Lights had a 426 Max Wedge as a the race option in the 1965 Dodge Coronet I don't understand, but for the stock application it's understandable as the street Hemi didn't come until 1966.
  14. I did some business with Dave and it was allways straight forward and the products was nice. May he rest in peace.
  15. Nice. But the rear wheels are not mounted correctly, the outermost lip on the rims are supposed to be inside the tire like the picture below.
  16. Very nice and the weathering is super. One thing I don't like with the Italeri Volvo F6-DAF-Renault-Iveco "Club Of Four" fire truck wich use the same cab is the funky looking fenders that looks noting like the real thing, and I think all have the Deutz Air cooled V6 wich only is correct for the Iveco.
  17. Yes I tried that, but as the only country available in the form is the United States I can't complete the form and renew there, I live in Sweden and have been a subscriber for many years. So I don't know what to do as I don't want my subscription to expire.
  18. I have been trying to get hold of anyone for a couple of days now as my subscription is about to expire and I don't want it to, I have one issue left until it does so it's a bit urgent. I have tried the "contact us" form and the subscribe@modelcars.com but still nothing. As I said, it's becoming very urgent since I just got the #211 and #212 is on the way and my last issue on my current subscription is #213, and I still want my magazine in the mail as it's the only car model magazine I know of, especially since Scale Auto closed. So if someone can tell me what's going on I would be grateful. Hakan Persson Umea, Sweden
  19. It depends on how accurate you want to be. The air supply and service lines goes to a valve in the frame somewhere and the electrical goes to a junction box inside the frame rails. But if you want it to be simple the lines can go down to the base of the pogo stick and end there. Here is a schematic on the air lines on the tractor, trailer ans a converter dolly if you want to be more accurate and detailed.
  20. I might be a bit picky as I own a 1963½ Ford Galaxie 500XL with a 390 FE and have just built a new 445 stroker engine for it and started it up for the first time last sunday. Of course, it's your model and you do as you please with it.
  21. Those fenders were for the 353 version and I think it's the only versions they are in together with some other 353 specific parts and I believe they were on a separate sprue. I have a few of the regular 359's including the wreckers and none of them have those fenders, I don't know with the last issue but I think they are not in there either.
  22. Well the only new tool kit in their 2022 lineup is the Scania S730. I prefer lots of trucks I would like to see offered but it doesn't matter in this case.
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