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  1. The only red I am aware of was some v8s in 1956, the rest for decades was chevy engine orange. Our eyes may perceive something different, and photographs may show something different and remember these were not masterpieces.
  2. I think the scoop was only put on by the factory on the lite weight versions, the rest wore no scoop. I think 1963 and older you had a choice of compression either 11.5 or 13.5 to 1also.
  3. The Akron Arlen Duster did not even have a hemi. I believe it was a small block if my memory is correct.
  4. If I remember right when we moved from Pa to Oh the car had to pass inspection, new drivers license and plates. I remember helping my Dad install that weird box because the car had no signals. That would of been 1963. When the law was established can't help ya.
  5. Its a long time ago but I remember all the trophy series back in the 60's being molded in black. I think there was a Dick Tracy version in the 80's or 90's being molded in black, stock build only.
  6. Bet you had a smile on your face the whole time, I would have.
  7. The revell dart had one I believe, depending on your use you might have to change exhaust manifolds.
  8. Most of what Ive seen no matter what color when it blush's it turns white. Alot of or most times it will rub out at least for me.
  9. I haven't found any better than the Tamiya that was mentioned. In fact all Tamiya pro series tools seem great to me. I'd like to see them do more.
  10. For carbs the1966 olds 442 w-30 had tri power. Don't know about the spacing ?
  11. i don"t see any change coming. They will not spend money on tooling. The younger fellas seem to like what they do but most of us white beards its just more blah blah blah.
  12. The engines you mentioned were all the bigger size. That 454 could be a 396 or I think there was a truck engine at 366? The 409 could be a 348, not so much in big blocks but some guys de-stroked their small blocks to better fit a class or power ban. Basically what chevy did with the 327 to 302 for the z-28. Play around with the math and have some fun with it. Not all cars were competive. Good Luck
  13. Yes I second that, he has always been good. I use alot of his rear ends, good stuff.
  14. Depends on what your gonna do with it. I just spray 1/25 bodies and parts and all of my vl's and my lone h have the 5 's in them.
  15. Your wife should be very happy, nice work.
  16. Motor city does a real nice 1966 with the hi-po exhast complete. That pipe really barked, cops hated them. For a 1965 MCW has stock and 2 funny car set ups. Good luck
  17. Thanks for the info guys. I do remember an old painter who we just recently lost once told me acetone would cut anything ( make it sprayable ). And yes those nail shops probably use alot of it. I hate the smell.
  18. this might be somewhat related. needed lacquer thinner for clean up and etc. went to a parts store and bought a gallon, when I got home and read the very small print it read pure acetone. it works but seems a little strong. if I wanted acetone I would of bought it. anyone know of why they are selling acetone for lacquer thinner ?
  19. I'm pretty sure all 1964 864 liteweights had red interiors, while the 1965 990 were the color posted.
  20. Back when they were about 6 bucks I ordered a case of roadrunners and a couple a cases of the lindberg 64 dodges. Still have some, roadrunners were 4-speeds. Most Mopar racers were autos.
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