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  1. Got started on putting the engine and frame together. I cut off the automatic transmission and spliced on a manual transmission from my Trans Am GTA kit (converting that one to an automatic). I also added the TPI intake manifold, the kit oil pan, and timing chain cover (I had to fill in the bottom to close the gap). I got the frame pieces assembled together and I filled in a couple gaps. I also puttied in some of the low spots, but there are a couple I still need to get. I also am going to add new motor mounts (transmission is slightly longer), and am going to add frame extensions for under the running boards. My current plan for color is keep the yellow frame, and have the drivetrain/suspension be Geo Magenta Metallic. Engine will also be magenta, with yellow intake, distributor, plug wires, and pulleys. Should be a nice contrast against the teal body.
  2. For the price and the fact that it has resin tires and all of the parts aren't included in the base kit means I am passing on this kit. I am interested though to see it built, since it does appear to have plenty of detail and it is a modern subject.
  3. Which F150 kit are you using? As for the box, a bunch of sheet styrene is what you will need. The image you posted appears to be a 17' (5.2m) long box, so you will definitely need to stretch the frame. Try to search for "chassis cab" images of the year of truck you are building to get a better idea of how the frame looks.
  4. Just ordered the wheels on Shapeways in Fine Detail Plastic, and they should be here by the end of the month.
  5. Just ordered the wheels to be 3D printed in the Fine Detail Plastic, they should hopefully be here around the end of the month.
  6. To whomever has access to the forum software, as well as to the general public here, what are your thoughts on enabling the post reactions feature for the forum? I know that people aren't posting as much on threads, and this way with the likes/reactions, people could easily still show that they appreciate a post or build even if they don't feel like making a text post. It would also be usable for any topics where members voting on builds are being conducted. It appears pretty similar to the system used on Facebook, and I know there that it is an easy way to see the thoughts on subjects and posts.
  7. I will say it would be nice to have mandatory kit scale tags, but that's another topic really. As for your topic Mike, are you concerned more with them cluttering up an existing subforum, or them not being seen by as many people as they could be? I could see the latter being valid since I don't see many of that type of thread, but at the same time I'm not sure if a subforum just for "show your X builds" would be very popular. One way I could see it working however was if there was a monthly contest to have your kit featured in the header at the top of the page. They could have a different subject each month that the forum members would vote on. It does appear that this forum software does have an option to have post reactions (similar to Facebook), so it would be possible to tabulate Likes.
  8. Thanks Tom, I'm excited to get started on building! I'm hoping to start soon, and I'll probably get the wheels off to Shapeways this week. The paint has also been ordered and I'm sure will be here in a couple weeks. I do agree on seeing more larger scale kits in here, I know they aren't as popular due to limited aftermarket parts and the room they take up on the shelf.
  9. I just picked up one of the 1/16 Revell 34 Ford Street Rod kits (quite hard to find lately), and really want to build it in the billet rod fashion of the 80's/90's (the kit is a good start already). I'm going to build it mostly box stock, with the exception of different wheels, changing it to a manual, and changing the intake to a Camaro TPI intake (feels more indicative of that time period versus the intake offered in the kit). I'm sure there will be some other changes here and there as I go along. Speaking of wheels, here are the ones I've designed to fit the kit tires. They are meant to resemble Boyds Sport 6 wheels, and are a staggered 14"/15" combo. I've also chosen the main color, a very 90s teal courtesy of the Geo Tracker. I am going to complement it with some yellow and magenta as well.
  10. I've just modeled the wheels for my build, they are Boyds Sport 6 wheels that I was only able to find on a truck in one of my Sport Truck magazines but I just love the look of them and find them very late 80's/early 90's. I've also chosen the color, Geo's Tropical Green Metallic.
  11. If anyone does and wants the stock 2WD parts, I would be willing to trade them for the AWD parts!
  12. Some pics of the assembled and painted chassis from the Meng Facebook page:
  13. I’ll do my best! I’m planning to 3D print some different wheels, swap the auto to a manual, and give it a Chevy TPI intake.
  14. You know, I'm in! I just picked up the Revell 1/16 '34 Street Rod and was planning on building it in the 80s/90s billet rod style anyways so this works out!
  15. Look at the image in the first post, this version has the turbo engine and AWD from the Syclone kit (along with other drivetrain parts, exhaust, interior parts, and a few other items), but with the Chevy body parts and wheels from the original S10 kits.
  16. Nope, it can only be built in the custom fashion shown on the box. If you want stock, you'd have to find one of the other van releases by Round 2 or Revell.
  17. I'm pretty sure they offered the chrome wheels in a previous issue, so I wouldn't necessarily call that a new feature.
  18. If Kevin doesn't have them, then I have a set I could trade.
  19. Could just be that Mack doesn't want to allow their name on it because of how many things are off compared to the actual truck due to Italeri's typical parts sharing?
  20. Unfortunately not this version of the kit, it is basically the Syclone kit but with Chevy body parts and wheels. You would be better off finding one of the older releases that has the stock 2WD parts and engine parts, and then you'll have to find a GM 4-cylinder as well (I think someone pointed out an old Cavalier kit has one that is close).
  21. Based on this picture I found which shows a bit more of the chassis, it does appear to have a good amount of detail.
  22. Just saw this post, it's too bad they dropped the custom and lowrider graphics from the previous release of this kit (although the Royal Knight striping is nice).
  23. I'm actually going off the most recent kits that they were selling (looks like 2014?). I know that from Meng's US vehicle kits, they do put in quite a bit of detail (and sometimes too many pieces for a simple assembly), and so this kit should be valued higher than a Revell 1/12 kit (for example). However, at 5+ times the cost of the Revell kit (original MSRP), we shall see what is all included.
  24. According to the brochures, it does appear that the V8 was an option, even on the Golden Eagle. However, at the Internet Movie Car Database site, there is a user that claims they were all V8 models used in the show. Also, in the spirit of the show, I would guess that Daisy would have had the V8 in her Jeep.
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