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  1. Back in the day I converted this from thew only release of the Ecto from AMT Ertl . A contemporary Modelhaus Conversion provided the wheels / tires . R/Bumper . The removal of the stuff was intense . My Friend Greg Smith did the Windshield Tint . I tried and failed .. The roof took a year and a half to get right . Those E Light Streamlined Tunnels are scratch built . The Bubble Gum Roof Flasher is an early Resin Cast part . This is a Tribute build . The prototype was not Generic as I chose to depict here . Thanx ..
  2. Modelhaus Resin Tires

    I did buy some . YES my Fx70X14 Wide Ovals for my 20+ Muscle Cars I can now finish I am trying Fireball Works too ..Thanx ..
  3. 1968 Olds 442 Decals?

    Keith marks did offer the '68 442 Decals . I have a set on my '68 442 WIP . Thanx
  4. Dressed Up SMART

    Ramfins59 , you made a sows ear out of a sows ears quite well . Like the real thing only smaller . Kudos . The wags reported in the day ; this turd was the reason Mercedes bought Chrysler . They could not push this iron in Europe . The plan was America would gobble these up following the success of .. wait for it .. the YUGO .. lol . I will not drive my own coffin ! I built one in the day , the doors did not open .. You did a super job on this . You are my hero , I am an abject failure on opening doors or opening doors in a kit . Thanx ..
  5. 78 Ford Tbird Jubilee Edition

    Beautiful Replica ..Your Factory is just top notch .. Keep them coming .. Thanx ..
  6. 1952 hudson Hornet convertible

    This is a stunning replica . I appreciate this build . Kudos .. Thanx
  7. AMC PAcers are niot bod cars at all . Try to owning a Vega then complain about the Pacer . I am thrilled to see any AMC Kit .. Thanx
  8. '55/'59 MY Polyhead MoPar Engines

    Thank you so much fort this info Bill . It has been a long search .. Thanx ..
  9. Bill , thank you for this . Thanx ..
  10. Mike , the closest I find so far is Fx70X15 through Chris at Modelhaus .. Close , no cigar . I'll check those out .. Thanx ..
  11. Is still need a source for these . I asked about Pegases Low Profiles for this use on Early Muscle cars .. ------------------- These evaporated . Modelhaus by Chris seems to offer what I need clearly marked Fx70x15 . IO don't think they will work on 1 gen Mustangs , Barracudas , Cameros . Firebirds .. ect .. ect .. ect . Any suggestions out there please ? Yes , I am retentive .. Thanx ..
  12. It seems to me I keep posting this thread . Who is 3 d Printing or Casting these Engines ? My Posts mysteriously evaporate . Please , anyone out there have answers for this ?? Thanx ..
  13. Birthday listings

    Happy Birthday my friend . Regrettably for the first tine . many more , healthy , Happy Birthday .. Thanx .. Happy Building
  14. 78 Ford Thunderbird

    Beautiful replica . I want one .. Thanx ..
  15. Who is this resin seller? Any info?

    About the '58 Hawk .. workable . The Grille is flat and squarish . It needs to be rounded like the '56/'60 MY's . The Wheel Covers are correct . The Hood is missing the fake louvers on the Power Bulge . The Hash Marks on the Quarter Fins are missing . Wnt aray again here .. spell check too . Went Arwa wrong ! Hash this goes sideways much .. Hash Marks in Fins are missing . Fake luvore are missing on Hood Power Bulge .. Thanx ..