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  1. dimaxion added a post in a topic Air Trax   

    I am not able to get a good view of the Fuselage MoPar 300 . Is is a '69 or '70 . Two door HT for sure . Thanx ..  
  2. dimaxion added a post in a topic Any Info on the new '28 Dodge kit ?   

    A Factory Stock '28 Dodge , I'll spend my hard earned dollars on .. Thanx .. 
  3. dimaxion added a post in a topic Photos of masters of upcoming resin kits 66 Ford Country Sedan wagon   

    Another agree . Beautiful work .. Thanx .. 
  4. dimaxion added a post in a topic Y Block intake   

    The Dual 4's are from the AMY '56 Ford kit . It was an Option for '56 & '57 Both years . The '56 had "Sandcastle Quads" . Quite unique and efficient at that job of Fuel Air mixing . Expensive to produce used from '54 (?) to '56 on Y Blocks . I was privileged to have the experience to rebuild one .. Thanx .. 
  5. dimaxion added a post in a topic Last Modelhaus Order   

    Before I could respond here , I did get two answers pertaining to Modelhaus . Thank you , I appreciate this . All, the Problems I endured with my IP distracted me from this detail . I am not able to say enough kudos to Don and Carol for their efforts and dedication .. God Bless them .. Thanx .. 
  6. dimaxion added a post in a topic Last Modelhaus Order   

    Would someone Please Message me Modelhaus EMAIL addy . I have switched IP . Email addy along with that BTW . I need to notify them about this . Thanx ..
  7. dimaxion added a post in a topic 69 roadrunner   

    IIRC , check with Bandit Resins .. Thanx . 
  8. dimaxion added a post in a topic RMR Resin   

    Ford Econoline Van , Jeep Wagoneer Yes I want one . How to contact RMR ?? Please ?  Thanx .. 
  9. dimaxion added a post in a topic '71 MPC Superbird conversion parts   

    This trade is a WIP , Thanx .. 
  10. dimaxion added a post in a topic R&M of Maryland   

    Good stuff , High caliber parts and service .. Among the best Top Caliber Resin Casters .. Thanx .. 
  11. dimaxion added a post in a topic '60's AMC straight sixes   

    After three days of search Bill , I found this ;<https://www.google.com/search?q=amc+transmission+identification&sa=X&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&ved=0ahUKEwi_0pqCi47UAhUU0IMKHT1YBikQsAQISg&biw=1024&bih=638>
        It does have a pic of the Pan Gasket to ID Visually a Borg Warner , BWT 35 used on '68 MY 6 cly Javelins . AMC used a Torque Tube until the '70 MY . A switch to Hotchkiss , open Drive Shaft with Exposed U-joints was made . If I find more .. I'll Post .. Thanx ..   
  12. dimaxion added a post in a topic '60's AMC straight sixes   

    Yes , The Replica and Miniatures of Maryland AMC 6 is a "pre-Smog" Engine .  
          Pictures of these 1:1 are easily found through Google . Research this as the '68 MY and beyond had a "Warm Up Stove" . The Automatic was a Borg Warner Unit . Thanx .. 
  13. dimaxion added a topic in Wanted!   

    A Possible Trade
    I am a builder / collector . This thread is concerning a '68 T-Bird .  I have this Promo with Friction Motor . It is missing the front Valance . I did acquire a replacement from Modelhaus .It is white , the model is authentic light green . If I keep this , I will paint the whole thing and detail it out . So , I am considering trading this for a complete '68 T-Bird . Promo lovers alert : 

      PM me , Thanx .. 
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  14. dimaxion added a post in a topic Great Trade with JohnT676   

    Dragline , would you please move this . I did post it in good Traders using a link from member look up . This is what I got instead .. Thanx .. 
  15. dimaxion added a topic in Trading Post   

    '71 MPC Superbird conversion parts
    I posted a duplicate of this in Wanted . 
      Quite awhile ago someone was seeking the conversion parts for an MPC Superbird . I hesitated to respond since I could not actually fingerprint the parts . Sometimes the Archieves is a 'dark hole" I dug and did locate these I am wanting to trade off  . I have a list .. it is long . I seek anything on it . many traders back off thinking I want all in one trade . NOT so . PM me .. Thanx ..   
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