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  1. dimaxion added a post in a topic smbc status   

    I missed this too due to being under the weather . Prayers to his Loved ones left behind . Condolences to all . Keven & Jeff , sorry about your loss too . God Bless ..Thanx ..
  2. dimaxion added a post in a topic Parts question   

    A source of pedals is the small Parts Number tags on the "trees" . File to shape . Proceed to suspend (pendulum) or drill a hole in the floor and glue in stretched sprue of correct length/diameter . Notch the backside to locate/center the newly shaped  pedal to install to the top of the 'arm" . paint it and call it a day when done .. I hope this helps .. Thanx .. 
  3. dimaxion added a topic in Trading Post   

    Custom NON Stock Wheels for Trade
    I just completed downsizing kits , again . Close to 50 kits . Removing from boxes - removing from "Trees" all the parts - Purging parts I won't use . Bagging the remainder of my WIP's for uncomplicated storage .
         My Point is this .
            I have quite a large want list . I seek anything on it . NOT all from one trade for a lopsided trade . I will not give these away no matter how much you try to guilt me . The list contains many Various common , uncommon , rare pieces and those not used on modified cars .
       Anyone want two piece hard plastic kit tires or Drag Slicks ?
          More parts to follow later .. PM me for p[articular wants .. Thanx ..
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  4. dimaxion added a post in a topic Alternate Tires for Ecto-1???   

    IIRC , the Caddies used for Ambulance Service Conversions used 9.00 X 15 Wheel/Tire Combos . The '64 Caddies used 8.00 X 14 Wheel/Tire Combos . The kits do not have modified wheel openings , Polar Lights nor AMT Ertl version . The latter (AMT - and first Movie Car) kit had some Tire / Wheel combo from left field (IMHO Trash for my needs) being NASCAR (early '70's) Speedway tires ??
       Modelhaus did offer a conversion . The Model pictured here seems right as I used one of these for this Circa 1959 Ambulance  . I spent 17 months fixing the roof for this to be right . 
    http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn57/hawk548/Emergency Vehicles/1959 caddy Ambulance_zpsons0vp5i.jpg
    http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn57/hawk548/Emergency Vehicles/59 Cadd Ambulance_zpsgyyvjm3d.jpg
        The lower picture you've posted is a Snapshot of the Movie Car (1:1) . For a '64 use larger Tires than the JoHan Kit . Monogram Wide Whites perhaps .
  5. dimaxion added a post in a topic Modelhaus 1958 Lincoln convertible   

    Modelhause made a '59 Lincoln Continental . The '58 was a John Hier  product . The headlight pods are framed in body work as opposed to chrome as the '59 & '60 MY's . Yearly trim , lighting ect. for appearances de rigor then . Thanx ..
  6. dimaxion added a post in a topic Modelhaus going, going Gone !!!!!!   

    Yes , their son passed last year ..I placed my Last Order mid June with exchanges for UN-catalogged or special parts . Carol did the answering of the Emails . She warned my up front it would take more than a YEAR . I am patient .   Thank you Don & Carol .
  7. dimaxion added a post in a topic Finally got the perfect tire for my builds.   

    Excellent Tires .. You do nice work .. Thanx ..
  8. dimaxion added a post in a topic Star Models resin belly tanker   

    Steve Kohler makes buying right with good products and prompt delivery . I recommend all the products he sells . Some are R&R .. Thanx .. 
  9. dimaxion added a post in a topic Missing Link 70-71 cyclones   

    I stand corrected .. IO forgot about the Emissions change for '69 MY .. I appreciate this ; Thanx ..
  10. dimaxion added a post in a topic AMT '64 El Camino Speed Boat?   

    It is worth the monies from M&RoM . Thanx ..
  11. dimaxion added a post in a topic Missing Link 70-71 cyclones   

    The 428 CJ is corerect for the '70 Cyclone . The 429 is correct for the '71 . Than x..
  12. dimaxion added a post in a topic 2015 mustang headlights in resin for Revell snap tight   

    Ditto .. Ditto .. Ditto ... ed Sexton and I have had conversation recently about Revelle and Customer attitude . He is a great person and I appreciate his efforts and communications . He cannot undo decades of the failures I've experienced as a Customer . IMHO , replacement parts .. lol ..    PM me for details of decades of this joke on me . He did try , he has limits also . So , is both the Revelle 1/25 Scale 1958 & 1959 Corvette not the same Car ?? Louvered Hood , Trunk Lid trim Strips of Chrome ?? Only Visually difference .. 'Corvette Blue Book' . I refuse to but any more Revelle kits .. Thanx ..
  13. dimaxion added a post in a topic Nobody wants to chat?   

    Mis'ure 'Pewter hardly lets me on this site . Chat Rooms .. lol .. I don't think so .  Thanx ..
  14. dimaxion added a post in a topic Corvair PG Dash   

    IIRC , the '60-'64 MY Corvairs used a Dash Control for the Powerglide Transmission . The '65-'69 used a Floorshifter . The dash is the same .. Thanx ..
  15. dimaxion added a post in a topic 1988 - 1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Scratchbuild   

     I have a few (lol) of Kevin's Products . He started his business well after the "Soft Resin" Era . PM me for a reference as well as some other casters any time .   Thanx ..