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  1. Honda S660 Resin Kit, The Modelers

    I am so impressed with this presentation .. KUDOS ! Thanx ..
  2. Corvair rampside

    WOW .. Thanx ..
  3. Muntz Jet

    F&F cast both the Curtis and Muntz Jet back in the day . To find one of these now ? The Packard Predicta , '49 Packard Convertible Ed cast and sold these also .. Thanx ..
  4. My Original 1960 Release of the Double T had this Card in it . I've since acquired another . The Double Dragster had a Pocket Sized NHRA Rule Book in it . This I lack due to loss . The '68 Mustang Cobra first release (1968) had a little 33 1/3 Record of Carrol Shelby running a Cobra through the Course at (?) Seibring .. That l also have lost through time .. The Model B and V/8 Coupe Cards my friends had in the day . Thanx ..
  5. 56 packard

    Quite a beauty . A TKM Slush Cast Model . Yes , I have one and the companion '55 . Both of these are stillborn WIP's . Your efforts are appreciated by me for one . Thanx ..
  6. Automodello Lincoln Continental Mark III

    Ok , how do I contact NEO . I think we might have a Tax Refund this 2017 Year ? Thanx ..
  7. Stupid Is the New Smart

    "Out of the mouth of Babes" . She is a product of our Tax Dollars . Do you understand now why I am so disturbed about younguns ? We have Grandchildren . How long until she has a Star place in Darwin Awards ? Thanx ..
  8. Automodello Lincoln Continental Mark III

    What , where and how are NOE Lincoln Continental models for $100 please ? Do these really exist at the lower price ? Still out of reach for me , just curious .. Thanx ..
  9. Triumph GT6

    Ok , I was brave and needed a challenge . I built an Original in mt first Collection . I re-created it again with an '80's (?) re-pop . Enjoy , It is doable ! The other pics are a Cautionary Tale . A warning to always Plastic bag your built models for Storage and or Moving . This way you find all of the parts .. From these only pics . My point is not so clear . Did I mention I do not like Windows 10 . It tends to lose things .. like pics Thanx ..
  10. Monogram 1934 Duesenberg Town Car

    This is from the '70's . The spacing in the Grille is a giveaway . This is a Tribute Build from a Calendar in the day . The Customer chose the colors and interior appointments . Has Toe out , I prefer steel axles . Getting the colors right is the only problem I had with this build .. Thanx ..
  11. Cord Sedan

    Missing Link did a re-pop of the '11 Chevrolet . I did spread the word on 'another' Model Car Site . I did get a pair of thank yous from members there as happy recipients of that opportunity . I did not ask Kevin how successfully these sold . It is not any of my business . Yet , the first Toyad Corp Car , 1936 , is in the Marketplace . As for later later firsts , the DS 19 Citroen , as well; as the first ... ummm .. Honda Cars are current offerings . I keep up with these oldies .. IIRC , this is an AMM Conversion . Thanx ..
  12. Cord Sedan

    Art , you do nice work . I have the Cords and regret not having the money to buy the Duesy . Excellent .. most excellent . Your Cord Flatback , is it Real or is it Model ? I like this WIP .. Thanx ..
  13. Looking For Stock Willys, Anyone?

    I do think it is a work of art . Quite believable as Real or Model .. You do nice work .. Thanx ..
  14. MCW Automotive Finishes

    Yes on the scale metallics being perfect . I have the same WIP .. "I'm lovinn it" .. Thanx ..