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  1. Are these the same as in the Seville Javelin AMX kits ? Thanx ..
  2. Beautiful Build Ellen .. Thanx ..
  3. I just checked Harts Parts catalog . It lists a '70 & '71 Duster Grille as the same part . It seems to me it is a '70 MY . Hmmm . possibly not listed yet these parts you describe ? Thanx ..
  4. Airfix VW Beetle?

    I'll dig .. I might have all you need . No Fender flares .. ? Thanx .. Meassage here ? Thanx ..
  5. Airfix VW Beetle?

    Snake 45 , Is what you are after a VW Bug Body Shell . The IMC Kit is 1/25 compared to the Revelle 1/25 Scale kits . A 1/24 th , I believe not . If you need this in Revelle 1/25 , I may have an extra I'll trade with you .. I also have an Lindbergh Gremlin I got snookered on . 1 Supposed to be 1/24 . Well nope // 1/20th . RSVP .. Thanx .. 1 st pair : Circa '64 MY , IMC 1/25 . Hood Trunk do not have positive attachments to keep these parts closed . They slide out of place . Second pair , Tamiya 1/24 Circa '53/'54 MY . one piece body , hood , trunk . Small Window . Engine Ventilation above hood on Tulip Panel still located there . Revelle 1/25 Scale Circa 1968 . I although think it may be a '70 MY with the flat bottomed Taillights and wide Bumpers . The 4th [pair is the Hiawasgai 1/25 Scale 1/25 , a '66 MY . Yes . someone stole an hubcap .. Help ?
  6. Reveal your user name origin

    You Know , I am from Youngstown , Oh . . I sure remember them in our town also .. Thanx..
  7. AMT 1957 Ford Thunderbird

    '70 Grande . The wheel track is the same as the contemporary Fairlanes . To me , the model is spot on . I eyeball .. so I know I'm not perfect . What a respectable replica . I build Factory Stock and I am impressed . The optional Kelsey Hays Wire Wheels just makes this the icing on a cake . Check Thanx ..
  8. Yes the Big Rubber guards met requirements . 2.5 mph square on collision . Then 5 mph collisions with exemptions for small cars .. lol .. Still square on impacts . Thanx ..
  9. Yes. I want to add my Scots to the hall of fame here . Scouts are another favorite of mine . My Builds may not be as well done as the rest here . Good enough for me . I want the original '62-?? Scout model kit . Not yet done at this time . There was a die cast 1/25 at the agencies in the day once upon a time .I had one , it was sold out along with myself . Thanx
  10. '57 Plymouth Belvedere

    Stunning build of "suddenly ir;s 1960 tole the show Mother MoPar Plymouth . Did you also do the MAster work on the '58 MY ? Thanx
  11. Model Car World Resin

    I found this too . I did not share it as I not believing it was real . A '70 & '75 are planned . I will miss Dave Dodge . His exceptional service and products . Just one more of the Pioneers to this segment of the Hobby is a fond memory . Thank you too Dave . God Bless Thanx
  12. Reveal your user name origin

    Dymaxions were one of the spectacular Streamlined Cars during the '30's . A Ford V/8 Truck Chassis was rotated 180 degrees with the smooth wind cheating Shell built on . Ii was configured as FWD with Rear Steer . The Video Ad for the Car depicted a Dymaxion travelling a crowded City environment . The Story Line is the occupants were searching for a Parking Spot Curbside . One Spot opens across the Street directly opposite the Dymaxion . A U - ey is flipped , The maneuverable Dymaxion not only slips through a tight turn to cross the Street . It had the wiggle to glide directly onto the Spot . A parallel Park maneuver at that . I admire the Buckminster Fuller Vision of the Future . He was a dreamer . My using this name is a tribute to his world he created . Now you know he rest of the Story . Thanx
  13. The Requirements for Bumper Safety (LoL) are as follows . '72 MY , 2.5 MPH , no Impact damage at the front . '73 MY , 2.5 Front , 2.5 Rear , no Impact Damage . '74 MY , 5 MPH both Front and Rear , no Impact Damage . The requirements were satisfied with Big Rubber Guards on the Pony Cars . This explains the different size of the Rubber Blocks making appearances through the years . The Guardrail Bumpers were required for the '75 MY and beyond . Prior ti 1975 , the regulation was for direct square Bump into the Bumpers . Not a deflection or at an angle occurrence . I think this should clear some confusion up for Stock Builders . Thanx ..
  14. Packard engine (or a reasonable facsimile)

    You are welcome Bill . I was on the site I mentioned before it's demise . I have a WIP of this Engine . I had plans to build the R&R '56 Hawk . I have a slush Cast SC MIller holding down the spot in the string currently . I just cannot buy all I want to .. lol .. I think this won't change soon . Kudos Mr Motto .. Thanx
  15. Packard engine (or a reasonable facsimile)

    On another site , a WIP was shrred making gthe Packard 352 . It was expressly for the Model you are creating . The site was dedicated to Studebaker Models . I believe the person making the Papercraft Model Cars showed his WIP statrup efforts there . Block , heads .. AMT Cadillac Parts Pack . The Valve covers . *396/427 Chevy . The Bolt pattern is identical , just flipped as would be on the BBC . The intgake is the Cad -modified . It takes ome pics ot the Packard Engine to get the rest of the details . I hace the entite WIP . Unfortunatly , the last 2 years scammers have me tied up defending our 'Pewter is goofy currently / Thanx .. *Edit typo , 396 Mark 4 . Three anchor bolts on top , 4 on the Bottom . GM used the same pattern in reverse