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  1. Excellent Rod . Your intended look is what you acheived . Kudos .. God Bless
  2. Beautiful Replica . The diorama really sets this apart . Firemist Factory were available through MCW paints foir Airbrush usage , Once upon a time Aeroslo cans were doable on evert Color had in hs Catlog . I'm not sure about nkw with the new ownership and the International Shipping of paint . Worht checking out IMHO . TY for sharing this one . Thanx
  3. Top Quality and fail safe as long as yo k ow how to use an Air Brush . I've used his paints since the start of MCW . Thanx
  4. dimaxion

    '68 Coronet.

    Impalas : '68 + '69 at MCW .. thanx
  5. dimaxion

    '68 Coronet.

    MCW offers a '66 Ambassador , the '68 MY .. no . I have a copy of that ''66 Dave Casted , I highly recommend it .. Thanx
  6. Another replica I am drooling over .. You make outstanding Model Cars . Thanx
  7. Beautiful build Greg . "Where's the keys ?" Thanx
  8. This is a MCW '65 Cornet 500 . I finished this sometime prior to the Praying Mantis Kits . A Tribute build of one I serviced in the '60's . Bought as a Muscle Car , top of the line Cornet 500 . Poverty Caps ans el cheapo Tires sans Whitewalls . On day 2 it would get Redlies and Cragers IMHO and what I recall . Yeah , it's gotta a Street Hemi 4 spd. like the 1:1 did . No power anything to steal HP from the Tires . The only Problem I had is my ow fault . The rear (chromed) Tail Panel was a struggle . I did not check the fit during the dry testing . In my haste .. I exerted too must pressure and blew out the entire Left side of the casting while on final assembly . / Repair / Re-do paying attention to clearances of tight fitting Body parts . This is not Not Dave's fault . My Painting Process creates layers of pint I did not consider .. Live and learn . I faithfully check nowadays . It has been 20 Years .. I have yet encountered problems with castings . R&R included . For comparison , the Yellow one is the Playing Mantis with the 426 Wedge Stage IV . No Power anything , yet Opted out .. Thanx
  9. I remember reading here about a casting of the above part . I have a friend searching for this part . Help .. Thanx
  10. file:///C:/Users/Johnjr/Pictures/Junky%20Motors/'60%20Corvair%20Glue%20Bomb%2020200123_17232297_000010.pdf
  11. All I can say is :The Meaning of Life" and Jobberworkey" are my favorites along with the "Spam' Episode are what I have in my collection of films . "Bring my meal in a bucket and don't try to cheat me ." RIP Terry .. God Bless the loved ones he left behind .. Thanx
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