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  1. dimaxion added a post in a topic The slippery slope of banning donk wheels   

    I'll admit Ace car Guy has some true points in his arguments . I detest the Overreach our leader(les)s Inflict on US Citizens today . Yet we remain Silent like Lemmings . NHTSB has this responsibility of these issues discussed here . As we see , EPA does it .. the Sheep are happy . . No probemlo . The leader(les)s also arming the Federal Agencies and Local Law enforcement with better weapons than our Veterans and Troops have / had in Afganastan .. No problemo .. BTW , the Dept of Agriculture now has 1,700 Assault rifles and Full Body Armor for 1,100 Agents at the last count I saw . I belong to a Group to Dissuade all forms of US govenrnent agencies  from restricting ANY Vehicle Modification . My 2 cents .. Don't believe me , Look it up for yourself . Thanx ..
  2. dimaxion added a post in a topic Question about molding from plated or painted parts   

    I delayed  casting myself for a long time . As such the questions I did ask Professional Casters in 2011 about . It was what filler on the Master will withstand being removed from the Form attached to the Form . A huge problem Problem in the early days of Casting seems to have past into History with today's Casting / Mold Making Materials . . IIRC , this may be a concern using cheap RTV for Molds still today . As the type for Automotive gasket making I am referring to . I use it on occasion for small parts . Thanx .. .
  3. dimaxion added a post in a topic Glasspack Mufflers `60-`70 vintage   

    I worked in an Aftermarket and OEM Muffler factory from 1967 - 1974 . I make for my models the "Glass Pacs from Trees / Sprue / Runners . The tapered end type are tubes "swadged" down over the singular "tube" with enough sticking out of the Shell for spouts . Name was changed to Nipples in 1969 . This is where the Exhaust Pipes connect to Muflers . Tubes are the inner passages of the Muffler controlling the gas Flow . Two types are used . Flat Sheet Steel , perforated and formed then Stoppled into a seamed is the most common type Tube . These are crimped seam tubes . Similar to a can , the seam running the length .  The other type is made from Continuous Welded Thin Walled pipe . These are perforated for our subject here .One Baffle in inserted and spot welded . Requirement for it to be a Legal Noise Limiter . The Shell is packed with Fiberglass before the Shell is sealed . The second type is Spun Shut like a Muffler . Same one Baffle and packed with Fiberglass .
        I select a piece of Tree of the proper diameter .  Cut slightly overlong . Drill holes both ends . Square up the ends for the Spun Shell style . Insert the Spouts in the pre-drilled holes . Sand a Taper to the ends for the swadged type . I did on a couple use fine wire and Super Glue to  represent the "seam" on a Spun Type Mufflers many times . BTW , I scratch Mufflers too using flat tabs off the Trees .. . Resonators are the same as a GP with different guts .. In the '69 MY , Camero and Olds 442 offered a "Chambered Exhaust"  as a Performance Option . No Mufflers or Resonators . A one piece (MIG Welded to the Car's Bottom while being built) system of dimpled continuous weld thin walled pipe . It too had ONE Baffle to be legal . We were not permitted to make Replacement parts . Government  Intervention in the Early Years ..  Thanx ..
  4. dimaxion added a post in a topic Indy Pace Car decals   

  5. dimaxion added a post in a topic brand new Warlord Camaro decal   

    I am grieved to hear about Chuck passing on . Condolences to loved ones he left behind .. God Bless .. Thank you Casey ..
  6. dimaxion added a post in a topic Indy Pace Car decals   

    Please don't single out the UAW . I am a Hoosier . MANY Citizens , not just Hoosiers , put up a Fuss using a Jap Car to Pace the "American Race" . Nowadays .. ?????   Thanx ..
  7. dimaxion added a post in a topic Goodyear Blue Line Tires on a Barracuda Formula S Updated Pictures 1/23/16   

    Yes , all '67 MoPars had Blue Line Wide Ocvals . So you kn ow I won't build any '67 MoPars ..lol .. I just don't have the dough ray me to buy Potentially 30+ Piranha kits . I am a disabled shut in . For me the color of Sidewalls Stripes aren't too much of a Problem .. except for the Wide Oval Look ..  So  I have a stash I DRYTHERb to see on my shelf . I have a '65 Vette , John Hier conversion parts , John Hier Lacquer wit Gold Line (thank you Modelahus) that are w a a y too WIDE . This most difficult build . Made from limited sourced parts ect. , is not a choice finished build . I am sorely disappointed every time I see it in my Corvette String . Good thing it sits sideways in a Carney Display Case to soften the FAT Tires ... I do appreciate the Gold Line Modelhaus . Just , slightly liking them better than wrong  Red Lines  of proper Fx70x14 , which I cannot get anyway . Just like Elections , pic the lesser of two evils .. Thanx ..
  8. dimaxion added a post in a topic Goodyear Blue Line Tires on a Barracuda Formula S Updated Pictures 1/23/16   

    So , I am not the Lone ranger or Retentive , which I freely admit to be , builders out there . So all I have to is to buy 30 + Piranha Kits for the Blue Line Tires . I'll have the 30 sets of the mix of Red , Blue , Gold Line WIde Ovals for my 30  + Plastic & Resin Muscle Car Kits I've been buying and sitting on for decades ?  Uhhh .. not !From '64 - "73 F x 70 x 14" (some 15") was the Standard OEM Muscle car Tire .  I also have '32 & '34 Fords , 5 Pre War Willies (including the exclusive US Navy Pick Up) sitting for the same reason . If you don't know about this Willies , you do not know pre - or contemporary WW II Cars . This era is a Dark Room as far as information . For me , my Genera  , I am so into these . So many more Cars in my Archives for the same reason BTW . Where can I go to request these from Round 2 ? It seems the aftermarket is allergic to these OEM Muscle Car Tires .. I build Factory Stock . The 14" as well as the 15 " are just not Cast / Injected / Sold . The Modelhause are NOT Fx70 x 14" nor wide Ovals . They look ridiculous on Builds sitting side by side in the Display Cases with the FATTIES .. I write the request for F x 70 x 14" Ovals here at least 6 times A YEAR . Just one other like me so far . Anyone else ?? Thanx ..
  9. dimaxion added a post in a topic Max Wedge under hood decals   

    I need to get hold of Keith Marks . Hoe do I do so please ? I am shocked about the Machine Decals . I offered to send him a Copy of the Originals quite a while ago .. He declined as AMC was ??
  10. dimaxion added a post in a topic Auto ID #182 FINISHED!   

    I don 't know .. Thanx ..
  11. dimaxion added a post in a topic MCW   

    Kits are spelled out in the catalog of what you need to complete the Model . I own quite a few of Dave's Products . The resin castings he makes are of a Better quality than Revelle kits . I'll stand on this testimony every day of the week . A happy and repeat customer , yes , I am .  Thanx ..
  12. dimaxion added a post in a topic 1966 Mustang Convertible 1/25   

    Thank you , I did forget about the seat pleats . The '64/5 had a different seat back on the Front Buckets . It has 3 or 4 Vertical Pleats .. The '64 Production used a Generator . The '65 Production provided an Alternator . The '64/5 MY Mustangs had a Transverse Muffler . I replaced quite a few these . My *(03f) Mustang V/8 4V , 210 Hp had a single exhaust transverse as did the 6 Cyl . I worked in a Muffler Factory , same part. The '66 V/8 225 Hp had a dual inlet and outlet transverse Muffler . The 271 Hi Po had two inline small higy performance mufflers . The '64/5 MY Mustangs without the Scallop Trim were powered with the 120 CID (snicker actually an anemic low output) I-6 . That and the 13" wheels are a dead giveaway for the I-6 .
       *(o3f) Date Code = 3rd day June , 1964 . June 1 , 1964 was the first day of t5he 4bbl 210 hp 289 . I needed to know this to replace all of my Clutch Operating Parts after I installed a 12" Cobra Clutch and Pressure Plate . One by one BTW , with better than OE parts through Ford . I could only get OE Spec on the Aftermarket . These parts I bought at a lower price , at that being said , through Ford Performance ! A  Mustanger . I owned that car for more than 5 years . This occurred during the time I used to get another one every nine months .
  13. dimaxion added a post in a topic 1966 Mustang Convertible 1/25   

    As a Mustanger , the '64/5 Side Scallop was a different animal from the '66 MY . The '66 was a new grille . I suggest using the HT Kit , easy to get . The Boot from R&M of Maryland . The Modelhaus Grille & Wheel Outers ('64/5 MY) if you are making a Factory Stock Version .. The '64/5 MY had the Falcon instruments . Idiot lights unless it was a GT . The Full set of gauges for the GT was standard for the '66 MY . For our purposes in scale , the two round circles of Gauges for the '64/5 MY . The '56 GT / '66 MY had four little circles of gauges instead .. Thanx ...
  14. dimaxion added a post in a topic SMP 1911 Chevrolet   

    Update .. for this kit , Kevin now has the correct NON-Black tires for the Purist like me . Black Tires were not invented nor available until 1914 from the research I've done . Thanx ..
  15. dimaxion added a post in a topic SC Miller Resin?   

    I only have the fortune of owning one of his products . I would buy more , cash flow prevents this from happening . I am happy with my one and only ;

    Needs some TLC to gett to this stage .. The body process is Slush Cast . I just painted the windows black . Thanx ..