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  1. Nice presentable Build . Green is still my favorite color . Your skills are still improving TY for sharing this . Thnx
  2. AMT '66 Nova Kit . First Model car kit exclusively for Adult builders . Read , experienced builders . It was the first kit from Scale Auto Enthusiast mag poll results . I think this Magazine was involved in the Polling also . Yet . the Rear View Mirror is molded into the windshield . Wags went insane about this detail BTW .IIRC the Rocker Panel Trim is wrong . I don't believe it was fluted as in the kit . MCW paint . Enjoy .. Thanx ..
  3. Yes , you should . Facts , this is a 1930 MY Packard . The Cadillac ad is for a 1932 MY Cadillac IIRC . Conspicuous Consumption fell out of favor by 1932 . This was the height of the depression . The Wealthy would buy a Premium Car with cheap tires to tone down the High Dollar look . Still keeping up with the Jones next door , but , restrained . Not full out flaunting it . Thus displaying and appearing to suffer also . Appearance is everything . With Money , it would not matter how soon you had to replace cheap Tires . The cost of 'retiring' your fine Motorcar was not an Issue . I had Family Members in the Car Business during these years . Thanx
  4. Here are my AMC Pony Cars I've built so far . The fronts are the same on the '71/'74 Javelin AMX Cars . The '73/'74 Has the Hurst Optional Wheels . I don't like them and plan to change them put . The '68 AMX is sporting absolutely wrong Aftermarket Wheels . Since I found out the Visually determinable difference between '69 vs '69 . The Black Out changed to Wood Grain Trim . This Interior change I plan too swap the wheels for the AMC Turbine Road Wheels . Thanx ..
  5. Snake , IIRC Marc Nellis offers the Javelin / AMX , '68/'69 MY's .. Thanx
  6. IMHO , Black-walls would make an Eyesore out of the Replica Car . It was a premium Priced Car with Premium Tires in the day . This is not a 120 Model . Thank you for chosing these and not Eyesores . I am impressed with this build Thanx ..
  7. A beautiful replica . Yes Chuck . You did your homework . I own a Model A Repaint Manual . Kudos . I do appreciate this Factory Stock Build . Before anyone knocks you about the Whitewalls . This is not a rendition of a stripper . It may have been the Depression when a 1:1 like this was bought . Still a "high line car" the Industry calls it . With a Rumble Seat on a closed body it is nor a heapie cheapie . These tires are a Premium Tire . The best available at the time . If this was bought on Installments . The Tires would outlast the payments . Not the other way around as would the cheap Black-walls . I paid attention to my Parents and Grandparents talking about Cars and economics . I am retentive and prefer Factory Stock . Would you paint a mustache on the Mona Lisa ? I would not .. Thanx
  8. Wow , is this a kit ? Looks like a "is it Real or Model" . Kudos , excellent replica . Thanx ..
  9. Every Ford T Coupe Body has a flat Trunk lid . Same lid as the Roadster . What passed for a Trunk anyway . Tools needed for your Ford were kept in there . Have you heard the phrase : Fix or Repair Daily" ? In the Day , every Automobile needed constant attention . Like the Horse that Cars replaced . Naysayers hung that nickname on Lizzy , it stuck . The 1919 MY was the first year for the Self Starter . It was an option , when it was selected Lizzy came sans Cowl Lamps . Through the 1927 MY end of Production . Spare ? This was located on the Left Running Board making the Drivers Door unnecessary when Doors were introduced on Lizzy . Later on , moved to the rear on open Cars like the closed models . Closed Cars dictated moving Spare Tire location . I don't remember the MY of his transition across the Board . Can anyone help here ? My reference to Lizzy having a Model Year is in reference what MY these changes occurred . Running changes like VW did during the Beetle Model Run . Closer a reference to Manufactured Date . Titled MY . Thanx ..
  10. May I add .. Power Trains are the same (AMC cast the CID on the sides of the Block) , all the glass is the same , all the chassis setup is the same (including staggered rear shocks to limit Wheel Hop ect) , I owned a '70 & '74 Javelin . For the Gen II Javelin / Javelin AMX's I will ask again . Would anyone cast the Javelin '71-'72 - '73/'74 Grills if I can fabricate these . The bumpers if the Gen II are easy IF the DOT Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers are made separately . The front Valance are all the same on the Gen II also . For the AMX Version the park/turn signals were relocated into the Grille . . '72/'72 MY's these are in the Valance . '73/'74 the Javeln park/tirn lights moved these into the Grille like contemporary the Hornet and Gremlin AMC models . The Openings in the Valance had black Plastic slotted fillers . Yes , these are surely left out ! Thanx .. '72
  11. Beautiful restoration Greg . You do nice work I sorta remember the built up . Yeah , the color scheme was the giveaway . . I still haven't touched the Edsel . Thanx ..
  12. Bill . http://www.resinrealm.net/Star/STAR Models/57_Premier_Htp.html . I have one , worth the money .. Thanx
  13. I've been Glue Bomb rescues fir decades ; Freezer Bag as described above . Freezing the attached parts . When removing the items at regular intervals . Pry Gently and firmly . It amy take years as I currently have some interiors I am prysing he dashboards free from . Genuine Turpentine applied and pried on . I made the mistake is dunking a 23 Chevy Van Body to separate the fenders from .. I forgot about the unit .. Two years later I remembered . I have a squished down Van Body .. Eye Droper and daily prying .. All these methods work for me .. Patience .. Thanx
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