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  1. Beautiful Build .. TY for the History and sharing it . Kruse WW II Museum , loacted at Auburn , In was collecting stories from the experiences this generation had during the conflict and documenting all . Not just heroic accounts , all , even mundane .. Thanx ..
  2. I am loving his build . Drag Trucks are not my cup of tea . Yet , this is so striking . Many were the times , in Linden , NJ I was dispatched to cross the Cumberland Gap with mayblows on the Trailer . I notified dispatch and went directly to "custom bandaid" . I was given a Store Pan for free . As like a Competitor of Cross Pens . I tried to refuse it . The manager insisted as he was impressed I fought with the ********-* I worked for . Ya know , safety last truckinn .. Thanx
  3. Bill , I've sent you two messages here , one to your Email . No avail .. Thanx ..
  4. The red one is a Heller kit , I never took any to dis[play at the Toledo shows I attended . I am unable to edit and TY for the comments .. Thanx
  5. This one is the Entex AMF Harley Davidson circa 1970 XLCH Sportster IIRC . Trickey to build .. Thanx ..
  6. dimaxion

    69 ford 500

    Your skill level is greatly improved since the '90's when you first posted . Quite a looker this one .. Please keep them coming .. as always . Thanx
  7. dimaxion

    Modelhaus gold

    Tom and all a word of Caution . I did in the past label what was in my Archives the contents in each Cardboard Box . Necessity is the Mother of invention . I was forced to down size . I had a choice of 1) throwing out 75% of my Collection to Landfill . Or 2) Landfilling every Box instead . 15 Large Capacity Garbage , with flattened Model Boxes , cans later all were bagged . Yet , I still labeled the Cardboard Boxes the Contents . My Archives along with much of our life went into paid storage until we had the money to erect a shed in our Yard . Resulting with 2 Thefts while in Storage . Needless to say , necessity strikes again . The containers have letters on them and I have a notebook with the Key to what is what . Lesson learned . We live in a dishonest world . Thanx
  8. Testors '32 Chrysler . Monogram '30 Packard Speedster Boat-tail , '35 Monogram Town Car Dusenburgh (note , built in 1978) , 1934 Monogram Dusenburgh Sport (pidittle - I would hate to dive this at night) , Lindburgh Dr Fuch Bugatti Royal (1) , Itialiar Bugatti Royal (2) , Heller Bugatti Royal (3) .. there were actually 6 made , Heller Typo 55 Bugatti , Blower Bently (defunct Japanese Kit - not Heller Version) , Bugatti Typo 35 Monogram , Monogram Mercedes 540 K , This Kit I finished just prior to the Franklin Mint Model in the same colors : Monogram Mercedes 540 K . I have more . Yes .. displaying Complete Builds is a problem I sure am glad to deal with . Especially now as my skills slide away at an alarming rate . From 1984 until 2001 these were built . I have many more . Yes , Tom , you don't see these finished much at all . I never too one to the Toledo (last one in the coming up Fall) Shows . Way to fragile to travel .
  9. dimaxion

    '61 Lark

    Although this is a dull Factory Stock build .. The research and effort I put into this build is what you see here . The Paint Job was a Color Match i formulated as Dave Dodge could not make this one at that time IIRC . Thios shade of Coral was not lijke anything prior to the Studebaker line in '61 . Enjoy .. Thanx ..
  10. Factory Stock is my Genera . Beautiful Replica .. stunning to see .. Thanx
  11. dimaxion

    Modelhaus gold

    My Daughters want my Collection also . This is a valid point . Thanx ..
  12. He also Starred in the Movie about escaping Bad Guys from eternal imprisonment and returning them from Earth . Bazaar and funny .. Thanx
  13. Wasn't taken as sarcastic . I just did not and still do now about Choppers . I've never ran across any reference mater to read . The one I own and have read is : 'Book is 'Modern Helicopters' circa 1949 IIRC .. Yes , anything that moves itself I am way deep into Even Bridges if you get the meaning of this . Gangplank , Baltimore , MD . Thanx
  14. Ok . your version is something I've not heard of previously . The Version I heard was for new Pilots on land-bases equipped with Corsairs to keep them on the so called smoother ground designated as runways . These Pilots ware Carrier Base Trained Marines before shipped to the Pacific . Land based Airfields are a different Animal . Your version makes sense . i did not know where the Fuel Tanks are located . I just know these are self sealing . Something the Japanese lacked . . Thanx ..
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