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  1. The '71 442 ? Was the Convertible Kit a '72 MY ? I am not up to speed with GM Products . So the Chambered Exhaust was available in Cameros , 442's only during the 1069 MY ONLY . The Muffler OEM Supplier I was employed at .It was the only source for these . AP Mufflers and Parts . IIRC , Fed Regulations (YEAH my Favorite Uncle) dictated all Tooling Removed and Destroyed Sept . 1969 . Noise Limitations ! Thanx ..
  2. Who made the '64 Nova ?? Thanx
  3. I have some Bil Elliot NASCARS for trade . I would be willing to trade tor this Blazer . RSVP .. Thanx
  4. I know I previously read the answer to the Dumb Question I am asking today . I want to renew . Online Digital this time . Vision Issues .. . Make fun now .. lol . (I am still able to laugh at my situation ) Thanx ..
  5. Yes , I would like to renew on didigital .. Than x
  6. Condolances . May God Bless his loved ones he left behind . TY for shaing
  7. Hmmm . Motor City Wheels , Detroit , Mi. Manufactured these Wheels : Vega / Pinto / Bobcat / Astra / Sunbird/ Skyhawk / Starfire . The Brand Specific Center Caps and Trim Rings made these Badge Engineered be known as "Circus Wheels" . Wow.. nice castings IMHO . Do you cast these or the RWL Poly Belt Tires ? If not , may I have your source please ? Thanx
  8. In am willing to wait . Some casters put you off and go away . This is a Giant Mistake not to make . Dedication isn't enough . Running a Small Business is no Mean Feat . Kudos to Jeff . If it was me . I would wait . I would not give up trying to contact any Vendor . I've not . My History has been only one total failure from one vendor . That was something out of his control as it turned out .I wil olonger speak particulars of the incident . I'm just saying . Thanx
  9. The Model Car Museum takes Donations . I get your deli-ma totally . Been there , done that , living it now . Thanx
  10. It was a tragic event when the Owner Operator of Fisher Mold and Pattern lost all he worked for during the Wild Fire . I am glad he and his Family Escaped the devastation . Hen's teeth for sure . I am reading these on an occasional basis . I came across yours today . Patience .. Thanx
  11. A beautiful replica . Quire stunning . Thanx
  12. Thank you for the Response . I appreciate this and the Bagged Issues . Roger WILCO on my next issue . Thanx
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