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  1. Porsche 961

    So great a replica . Beauty and eye-candy IMHO . I have many builds I struggled with Thanx ..
  2. I admire this . I bought the Cuningham years ago . This is on my wish list . lol .. Thanx ..
  3. AMT New Releases April 2018

    Bucky , to add to your information in a positive way may I add this info ? A long time friend way back showed me a '60 & '61 MY's Comet Taillight Lenses . He worked i the Parts Dept at a Ford Dealer . He overlaid these with one another . The difference was the part number differentiated by the MY code : 60 + 61 SAE . Just for gigging and pooping he overlaid a '60 MY Edsel Taillight over both one at a time . The difference was the part number , SAE 60 , once again . It may have been an E were included for both . A result from as when the lenses were tolled up, the Edsel II was planned for Production . The Taillight Body , Gasket and Attaching Screws are the same . The '59 Edsel used the same Taillight Lenses , Taillight body and screws an contemporary Lincolns . Albeit different part numbers with SAE 59 - E . Robert McNamara hated the Edsel and was suspicious of it . His idea was efficient small cars . Falcon and reluctantly the Edsel II (Comet) were promoted by , pushed and approved by Robert . He changed the Edsel into a Ford and asked why do we need 2 Fords ? Robert McNamara controlled the purse strings . He was tapped to be included in President Kennedy's Cabinet , controlling purse strings . He eliminated redundancy on Tax Dollar Spending there also . Yes . I plan on buying yet another Edsel , to convert a Pacer into a Ranger . No paint on the Wheel covers is another visual difference between the Ranger and the rest on the '58 MY lineup . I still wait for Citations and Corsairs . Citations are the Cream of the Cream .. Thanx ..
  4. MCW Olds 442's

    Dave Dodge makes excellent products . Some of the latest for those missing some Muscle Cars , Oldsmobile , or Intermediates . CUT-64ht 1964 Olds Cutlass/442 Ht. (1/25th scale) (stock body, hood, grill & bumpers, interior, wheels, & vacuformed glass) Use Lindberg '67 442 kit for chassis and engine. CUT-65ht 1965 Olds 442 Ht. (1/25th scale) (stock body, hood, grill & bumpers, interior, wheels, & vacuformed glass) Use Lindberg '67 442 kit for chassis and engine. PS : Snake 45 . I ried for 3 weeks to message this to you .. Thanx
  5. I am watching this with much interest . Kudos .. Thanx ..
  6. I will just add this . I have 2 Resin Conversions of the ITC '40 Mercury . Different Grilles while one has the Taillights for the inaugural '39 MY . Conveniently , one Grille is a '39 , the other a '40 MY Grille and Taillights . The bodies are just a scooch lnger than AMT kits like Mercuries are . Te Lindbergh Chassis seems to need less 'stretching to fit the Mercury Bodies .. Thanx
  7. Snake -45 


    CUT-64ht  1964 Olds Cutlass/442 Ht. (1/25th scale)   
          (stock body, hood, grill & bumpers, interior, wheels, & vacuformed glass)
         Use Lindberg '67 442 kit for chassis and engine.

    CUT-65ht  1965 Olds 442 Ht. (1/25th scale)   
          (stock body, hood, grill & bumpers, interior, wheels, & vacuformed glass)
         Use Lindberg '67 442 kit for chassis and engine.

       I was blocked from messaging you . We had conversations about these . I just found these .. Thanx .. 

  8. 1960 Chrysler Imperial

    This color choice was quite popular . Nice choice . The "Toilet Lid" was it optional or standard ? The "Contineltal Look" was the rage then . I am watching this Thanx ..
  9. AMT 1957 Chrysler 300C

    Yes , nothing seems to be changed since the first go around of this kit . Fitment issues remain . It is a challenge not meant for inexperienced builders . Are the kits still rated by Skill Level ? AFX , I am flabbergasted by the Box Art . Yes , I agree it is pleasing to the eye . Alas , not a 300 C in Factory Stock an numerous ways . I am admittedly retentive so here goes . The Front Air Scoops are RED in color . Not amber as would be turn signal/parking lamps lenses on a 1963 and newer US Sold Car . This First requirement by the feds for Car Manufacturers . The front parking/turn signal lenses are correct frosted clear . The Color , ohhhh , the color . These were Halo cars . At least the '55-'60 MY's were restricted to one of 3 options ONLY . Red , Black , White . Although the Turquoise might be correct for all other MoPars in 1957 . Not the 300 C . All letter series Chryslers interiors were restricted to Black and Tan until the 1964 MY (at least by my research has shown) MY .. I am retentive . Thanx ..
  10. Aftermarket Directory

    Thank you for the update Casey .. Thanx ..
  11. I recently received my last Order from the fine folks at Modelhaus . I am delighted to put it mildly . I thank you Don and Carol fro your hard work , dedication and quality products .. Thanx ..
  12. ethical situation

  13. AMT Parts Packs - Your Ideas & Suggestions?

    I want Fx70x14" Red Lines and Blue Line Tire Sets . Ex70x14" would be nice . Fx78x14" and Gx78x14" . The same in 15" ?? I am retentive and won't build my WIP Muscle Cars with Tires 10 or 20 Years beyond the Showroom Floor . I won't budge off even two weeks either . Stock OEM is my genera .. Thanx
  14. AMT Parts Packs - Your Ideas & Suggestions?

    IIRC , Aurora oddered one of these too .. Thanx..
  15. Capable Modeling Skills and eyecandy . Show these off where they are appreciated . Welcome , you're home .. lol .. Thanx ..