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  1. Happy Birthday John!  Best wishes on your special day.   hack-n-whack AKA Tom Buda

  2. 300 Hurst was a limited production Halo Car Chrysler offered in 1970 MY .. ONE COLOR and trim Period . Thanx
  3. That was a '64 SS Nova . The Test Shot was on display at Model Shows , During the Time of the announcement . The AMT is a '65 MY .. Thanx
  4. Proper Caddy Grille ? As in the one in the Early '48 Ford Kits ? I might have one if this would work fro you . I need to have it in my hand before I can say YES . That takes digging in the Archives . I don't do what he Revelle Instruction Sheets say : "Landfill the leftover parts . " Thanx
  5. I'll be watching . Thanx
  6. Yes , the 2 in the foreground are Hemis for MoPar Muscle Cars WIP's . Back Row are a '60 - '61 Chrysler 300 ; F-G WIP's . These are Modelhaus Copies of JoHan Engines . AMT placed the same Engines in Imperial Kits ? Why ?? The MoPar Green is a ''61 DeSoto Mill . Modelhaus replica of the JoHan Kit . Thanx .. PS : I enjoy every Engine you Post . Top Quality stuff and I appreciate every one . You are another builder tempting me to stone what I build . I cannot think up a greater Kudos .
  7. Frank , Welcome . You'll be happy here Thanx
  8. I did copy decades old decals at a Print Shop . These were used to Print New Decals . The Shop ins now closed . I believe this to be a good avenue to search . Thanx
  9. Nice Model of a 1950 Humbler VW .. Thanx
  10. Does the Dash have the Peek-a-boo engraving ? Thanx
  11. What is the latest information about Reliable Resins please ? I see his EBay ratings are excellent . I did buy fron him with pay Pay long long ago . I had no problem . I've been digging in the Archives .. RSVP . Thanx 99.5% positive feedback https://www.ebay.com/usr/got_de_mottz
  12. dimaxion


    Tis is a Resin of the 200 MPH Pace Position Record set in 1988 by Bill Elloit . I seek rhe correct Red to build this one . Once upon a time , NSCAR Paints were available in Aerosol Cans .. Comments ? Thanx
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