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  1. 1969 Beaumont front bumper/grille

    Wow , nice . Well done . Thanx ..
  2. This is Mike's Miniature Motors '52 Studebaker Pace Car Convertible . The color scheme and correct shades resulted from the Public Library in the day . MCW and autocolorlibrary did not exist . I did not have internet either . Fred Kady Decals .. 'Cause I could .. The wags called this Stud the 'clam-digger nose " Thanx ..
  3. Any interest in NeoClassics?

    I would buy at least ? an Excalibur . Possibly a Zimmer , Stutz , Duesenburgh . Packard , Studebaker , Pierce Arrow . I guess .. more than one . Thanx ..
  4. What cars interest you in resin 1/25

    Snake45 ; WCW offers a '65 Chevy Stripped Sedan conversion .. Thanx
  5. What cars interest you in resin 1/25

    Snake45 ; WCW ofers a '65 Chevy Stripped Sedan conversion .. Thanx
  6. Johan 31 Cadillac V16 Roadster

    The entire run of JoHan Gold Trophy series of kits are works of art worthy to be replicas of the original 1:1 . You did justice on this beauty . Seems like the end was not near while building it . Yes , you need the other 2 . Then Town Car is sided with wicker around the Passenger compartment . Than you for sharing this gem . Thanx ..
  7. Revell's 65' Chevelle

    Me too .. Thanx ..
  8. whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

    Every kit I build , I am conflicted with myself . How far should I and yet actually finish the build ? You did a pile of extra effort . Would you post it ? The battle of refusing every adhesive know to Man was unnerving . Bakelite acts as this plastic does . Thanx
  9. Sad News

    I remember some of his builds in SAE . Condolences and Prayers to his loved ones he left behind . Thanx ..
  10. whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

    Just a quick remark on the Calyspo Red '70 Cougar . I bpought the remains of one of these in 1986 . It is the longest stalled WIP I have . I still shore some fiddly parts . Are you close to done with your build . My Calyspo Red is 90.10 % painted .. lol .. Thanx ..
  11. whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

    This kit is a BEAR to build . It has little going for it . One thing comes to mind , Humbrol colors match perfectly on the Interior parts connected to the Trees . Yes , quite obvious and showing when the Model is finished . Good Luck finding Humbrol Paints . It is unique , I am a unique car collector . It fits well in my Not run of the Mill Car Collection . Would I buy a Z IL ? Indeed yes , I have plans for the Die Cast Volga Limo parking in my Commie Car niche . Think Tienanmen Square Car . Thanx
  12. Yes , wow . His products are so spot on . Now for some EX70X14 and especially FX70X14 Muscle Car tires?? Red- White - Blue Wide Ovals .. Thanx ..
  13. 1966 Batmobile Barris Built

    Yes , this caster offered along with the Batmobile : The Car . Green Hornet's Modified Imperial , plus 2 more . This is the one I had the funds for before he disappeared into resin lore . Yes , Black finish . Mucho Bondo . If it was a 1:1 , no magnet in it's right mind would be attracted to this one . Striping was done in Phosphorescent Red and Orange layered . I would not be able to replicate this today . May I quote the Animals ? "When I was young .. " I saw the others built up as they were part of his display at the Toledo Show . Thanx ..
  14. Big Three engines by FTB

    I do so appreciate the information concerning the first Wedge head Mopar Engines . The A Block was a poly (semi poly spherical) head , the Valve covers had cures (3) along the bottoms for the Valve Trains . These Engines , the Polys , were offered in the Plymouth line in 1957 . i cannot find the details about these , past Rear location the Distributor . Then , I cannot find which side of the Cam? IIRC , Dodge and De Soto offered these with the Hemi in the lineup since 1955 . I think the Hemi was not available for the Dodge and De Soto beyond 1956 . This illustration shows the Oil Filter in the Horizontal Position . So , in the sceme of things ?? Where does the B Block 318 differ to distinguish itself . Oil Filter on the Left side of the Block and Starter on Right side ? Rear located distributor , again , which side of the Cam ? Was the first run (MY) of 318's a Ploy Head ? I know the Later Light Casting 273 - 318 - 340 - 360 Engine family have Rear located distributors with right side of Can Orientation . Tye 318 , with the Left side Oil Filter have a little Brace attached to the Oil Filter Housing . These disappeared during Oil Changes . Located in Chassis nudging he Steering Box , it made the task more difficult . Tye 340 - 360 had aright rear block location angled to clear the Right side Torsion bars in the E Bodies ect. Correct me where I am wrong please ? Thanx ..