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  1. Hmmm . Motor City Wheels , Detroit , Mi. Manufactured these Wheels : Vega / Pinto / Bobcat / Astra / Sunbird/ Skyhawk / Starfire . The Brand Specific Center Caps and Trim Rings made these Badge Engineered be known as "Circus Wheels" . Wow.. nice castings IMHO . Do you cast these or the RWL Poly Belt Tires ? If not , may I have your source please ? Thanx
  2. In am willing to wait . Some casters put you off and go away . This is a Giant Mistake not to make . Dedication isn't enough . Running a Small Business is no Mean Feat . Kudos to Jeff . If it was me . I would wait . I would not give up trying to contact any Vendor . I've not . My History has been only one total failure from one vendor . That was something out of his control as it turned out .I wil olonger speak particulars of the incident . I'm just saying . Thanx
  3. The Model Car Museum takes Donations . I get your deli-ma totally . Been there , done that , living it now . Thanx
  4. It was a tragic event when the Owner Operator of Fisher Mold and Pattern lost all he worked for during the Wild Fire . I am glad he and his Family Escaped the devastation . Hen's teeth for sure . I am reading these on an occasional basis . I came across yours today . Patience .. Thanx
  5. A beautiful replica . Quire stunning . Thanx
  6. Thank you for the Response . I appreciate this and the Bagged Issues . Roger WILCO on my next issue . Thanx
  7. I also am ISO all 3 1967 Releases . I was able to read most of this article .. Spectacular topic .. Thanx
  8. I sure would like to change my subscription to digital .. I can't read the print Thanx
  9. Beautiful highly detailed Factory Stock Build . My favorite Genera . Green is my favorite color . What's not to like ? The chains are spectacular to me to see . Thanx ..
  10. dimaxion


    I will not build these at this time in my life . I have some trades pending . If any pending Trades Fail . I'll Post these when available . All are Bill Elliot Themed . One is a Monte Carlo Resin not Bill Elliot . Gen II . These 3 are up first I have ISO Lists ... A Trade agreement can be met . Thanx
  11. Is it possible to switch the Magazine USPS to digital ? MY vision is disappearing > Individuals who have a poor supply of oxygen to their body many develop a number of symptoms that affect cognitive function. According to the Alaska Air Medical Escort Training Manual, individuals who are exposed to prolonged periods of low oxygen may exhibit poor coordination or judgment or may have difficulty completing simple tasks. Certain people who have a poor supply of oxygen to the body may experience a euphoric sensation, while other may appear agitated or aggressive. Visual symptoms, including diminished vision or tunnel vision, may occur if your body has a low supply of oxygen. If you develop any of these cognitive symptoms while in areas of low oxygen, seek emergency medical care. < Not intending to get Political . Facts are . I have lung Issues . Mask wearing is Terminal for me . I carry a Physician's Exemption on my Person . Through desperation I've changed my computer screen to white on black . RSVP Thanx
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