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  1. Gorgeous and wicked!!! Awesome build!!!
  2. Hey Rick, the F4D was my all time favorite as well!!! I was stationed at Holloman AFB and our entire 49th TFW was sent txt to Takhli RTAFB, Thailand in late April 1972 in support of Operation Linebacker...I was a weapons loader this I have many a scar on my back from the F4 belly!!! I was fortunate to be part of the great squadron 417th TFS with some great Officers and NCO’s...my favorite part was getting in the front seat to do the electrical functional tests of the weapons systems and the 20 minute quick turns! Got to see a bunch of U2 take offs and landings and see the SS 396 El Camino chase vehicles in action! Saw my first live King Cobra snake and sniper fire there also!!! I have very biased opinions on the war overall but that’s for another day!
  3. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing!!!
  4. I know it’s a bit pricey but the Tamiya white primer goes on fairly thin and smooth as a baby’s butt with near no sanding before overcoating or clearing. Might be a good alternative to try.
  5. Thanks for replying! They sure look great on your car!!!
  6. Looking very smooth in red and all your work has paid off big in the smoothness of the body!!! Beautiful car you’ve got going!!! Where did you source you wheels and tires if you don’t mind my asking???
  7. Very sweet little truck Tyrone and I love your headlight improvement tip!!! I like your tire and wheel choice and it gives your truck that finished whole package!!! Beautiful truck, sir!!!
  8. Beautiful model, Ismaelg!!! I love the pic of you and your dad with the model. Looks like he's very proud of you.
  9. WOW, absolutely stunning, you are the the man!!!
  10. That is amazing. Hands down, the coolest Kaiser I've ever laid eyes on. Beautiful automobile. Thank you for sharing.
  11. Bill, you've become a hero of sorts to me as I watch your builds progress and the ways that you overcome obstacles that most would throw in the towel on. I've learned a great deal of patience as well from you so following this big scale Shelby with you should stretch me even further. I wait with anticipation as you delve into this iconic Mustang. I'm out here cheering you on, sir!!!
  12. Gorgeous little sleeper hot rod, Tulio!!! Nicely done!!!?????????
  13. Absolutely gorgeous and Kool!!! Will be a super pro touring machine!!!????????
  14. I love your detail work! Very nice, clean work, great color choices! I love the headliner. Did you use embossing powder??? ????????
  15. I want to try these great ideas. My favorite up until now is white liquid shoe polish sprayed through my airbrush. I used it on my 49 Merc that's in the museum. Sorry, I don't have any good pics of the Merc.
  16. Gorgeous Bird in every way, Tulio!!!?????????
  17. Two gorgeous models, Tulio!!! Displayed together is just cool!!!?????????
  18. Stunning!!! She's absolutely gorgeous!!!?????????
  19. Well put, David. I totally agree and wish I could have stated my opinion in that manner. ????????
  20. It is very unscrupulous to enter a model car built by someone else in a contest and allow others to believe that it is your work of art. Most contests have a rule stating that the model must be the sole work of the person in who's name its entered. It just screams deceitfulness to claim otherwise. If that individual in question does enter someone else's work as their own then one might also presume that those whom are deceitful might just be capable of taking home more models than he brought to the contest. I've seen it happen and I sure wouldn't think much of him as a fellow modeler or friend. Just saying, yes, I would be upset and would not believe a word the deceiver utters from that point forward. Sorry for rambling but deception is wrong on any scale. Also, full size car owners pretty much always give credit to those who participated in the build. That's my opinion and that's only my opinion. Y'all are entitled to yours as well. It stinks that we can't or won't all be truthful in our dealings no matter what we are doing. This statement was written by me and is not someone else's work being passed off as my own. Thanks for listening. Gregory Birky??
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