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  1. But at least he has some in stock - Hobbylink Japan have sold out....
  2. Hiroboy in the UK have them in stock. https://www.hiroboy.com/124_Bugatti_Chiron_Full_Resin_Kit--product--12068.html
  3. Thanks for the tour, Joe, a great idea and I guess this won''t be the last such topic.....
  4. The rear engine cover is fixed and can only be opened by the factory, so in that respect the kit is accurate. This is the view few of us will ever experience. My kit has just arrived and the quality is excellent.
  5. I have received an email from Spotmodel that the kit should be available in early July. http://www.spotmodel.com/product_info.php?products_id=51230
  6. The Capri is a curbside, but still a great addition to my collection. I've heard that the Mustang details can be used under the Capri.
  7. Looks great Don, very nice paintwork.
  8. Revell Pro Street Willys slightly tamed. I filled the blower hole in the bonnet and removed the mounting tabs/holes on the front fenders. The 440 Magnum engine from the '68 Dodge Dart was fitted and I used the wheels/tyres from the Revell '32 Fords. Paint is Tamiya Racing Blue under the kit decals with a bit of clear pearl on top.
  9. I used a Duplicolour Honda Blue on my McLaren with Tamiya Orange, both from spraycans.
  10. You'll find 14 pages about this here, you may wish to fast forward to the more recent posts. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/129308-hobbico-bankrupt/
  11. Here is my interpretation of the Moebius 1952 Hudson Convertible. Built out of box except for lowering by cutting and inverting the front spindles and c'-ing the frame where the rear axle mounts. Paint is Tamiya Light Red Pearl and Metallic Purple enhanced by Translucent Purple - it's more purple than the pictures suggest. Interior is the same but with Testor's Dullcoat to reduce the shine. Thanks for looking and all comments welcome.
  12. Hoping it will be available on my Magzter subscription soon.
  13. Thanks Pat, glad you liked Napier, I've lived here for three years now, I'm originally from the UK. I wish I'd known you were coming, we could have caught up ?.
  14. A kit I have had my eye on for some time finally appeared on eBay at a reasonable price and shipping costs, this is the 1995 issue of the Revell Motorsports Mustang. Upon arrival it headed towards the top of the build pile and didn't disappoint. Even the decals were a pleasure to apply, despite their 20+ year age. Paint is Tamiya rattlecan and the build is box stock. Goes well with its European counterpart, the Zakspeed Capri.
  15. Not sure of your sources, Dann, but have you seen this thread? http://www.speedhunters.com/2013/10/pagani-tour-next-step/ There are some awesome detail shots like this one:
  16. Excellent work and detailing so far Dann, I'm tempted to get a second kit and follow your lead.
  17. I wonder if these people also buy car-related jigsaws and never do them?
  18. I like it, nice proportions and a great chop.
  19. I have successfully polished clear parts using Micro Mesh 3600 grit followed by Tamiya Coarse and Fine rubbing compounds. These compounds may be painted over. I hope this helps. You could also try Future, there are several threads about this somewhere.
  20. The AMT Wagonrod comes with an Art Morrison chassis which may be useful too.
  21. I added a basic rollbar to the interior and everything else pretty much fell into place - please see 'Under Glass'.
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