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  1. CT, I love this build. its so out of the ordinary but you've nailed it. ive come back to look at it a few times and have noticed something new each time. definitely one of my favorites. you do excellent work. jason
  2. CT, your detail and overall build is outstanding it really has that SO-CAL / salt flats look. this is wicked cool! jason
  3. Francis, the amount of skill you have into this build is just amazing. your atention to detail is remarkable. a true craftsman. always look forward to your progress as it inspires me and others to build. jason
  4. thank you for all the wonderful comments everyone! I made a jig to make control arms so they match. will also use it on future builds. after a control arm was made I made a few mounting points and set it up to see the result. still need to make more mounting points and the other control arm. most likely a plate for the middle of the arm too.
  5. hello Steve! this form is inspiring to say the least. there are so many helpful people here it really makes you strive to be better. having met some of the members at shows and swap meets as well as having the support and help from everyone here are really friends to me.
  6. thank you CT! always appreciate your comments and advise far from master here this is my first chassis made from scratch. but I am learning from these Master builders thats for sure ? thanks dave! thank you! I'm happy to be working on it again its been a busy year. thank you
  7. finally back on this project. after a few attempts at making a firewall I ended up with this. the turbo tubes will fit between the firewall and cowl panel. i made some front chassis bars and assembled the strut/spindle thanks for looking! as always coments welcome
  8. dann that body looks great! such detail and clean lines love your work
  9. thanks! thanks man thank you its an odd film but always wanted to build it thats another I intend to build such a cool car not much happened life got in the way time to get back at it! thanks! should have some progress soon! thanks!
  10. finished this one up this week I really enjoy these kits thanks for looking!
  11. always like this car yours is so clean it really looks good. I've got a couple to build in the future
  12. steve, from what I know they are painted a basic color like white or grey then the livelry is a vinyl wrap. the weathering on the inside and chassis was done with weathering power. I used grey and black powder lightly brushing it across the surface then blew off the excess. added a little at a time until I was happy. thank you for your comment and I hope this helps!
  13. tamiya mustang GT-4 finished. this kit was really nice and fun to build some nice detailing and some plumbing really makes it. I have forgotten to sand the tires though so I'll have to fix that. but I've already purchased another kit to build and might have to get more. it seemed to just fall together awesome kit dindt use the kit carbon fiber as I wanted to do the front splitter and canards so I used scale motorsports carbon fiber so everything matched thanks for lookin!
  14. misha thank you for your kind words... yes the carb is from fireball its listed as holly double pumper
  15. thank you Joe! the color is duplicolor chrome yellow. also tamiya chrome yellow is identical
  16. new release 1968 chevelle build thread http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/149231-1968-chevelle-yenko/ really happy with how this one turned out
  17. made a mount for the rear bumper just like the front then made the bumper itself started modifying the engine bay to get all the 67 parts fitting
  18. really wild custom looks great!
  19. cant say I've heard of this cobra before. really interesting how they used the cougar concept car. but I guess if any one would know about an obscure cobra it would be you! anyway great progress love the solution for the hood vents this is coming together nicely
  20. hey Dann that body is really taking shape beautiful work so far
  21. thanks they were thin an weak after all that just glad I didnt break one that means alot thank you thank you this has been a really fun project! gold would be a great color cant wait to see it I've seen them run in front of and behind the wheel and since this is a "what if" build I didnt stress about it. they are the 69 camaro decals thanks I appreciate it thanks! nothin fancy I used duplicolor low gloss black aerosol sprayed from a distance for a textured appearance. thanks jim!
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