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  1. Great tutorial. I've always wondered how difficult it was but you make it look very simple.
  2. If they have it in stock, you can bet it is more than likely the cheapest price of anywhere else. Always my first stop. And they have great service as well. Megahobby has a great selection of models and are usually just a buck or two higher. If Hobbylinc is out of something, this is my next stop.
  3. Very sharp and crisp lines. Well done!
  4. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm amazed at the wealth of knowledge that is here and is willingly shared to help the less experienced modelers(me included).
  5. Love the Goodwrench helmet laying on the roll bars. She looks great!
  6. Very nice collection. I especially like your display shelf.
  7. Looks great, Jason. I would have like to have seen how great a career he would have had if not for the plane crash.
  8. Ironman63

    #3 Earnhardt

    Great job on all!
  9. http://www.b-n-lresins.com/shoppingopencart/Aftermarket-resin-cast-1-24-1-25-scale-model-Brake-Booster-with-Master-Cylinder There are a couple more from Shapeways. Hope this helps!
  10. Good choice on the colors. They look really close. Great job on the paint and decals!
  11. Just got an email from Megahobby that they have the paint in stock, available to ship the next day. $2.99 for a 14 ml can & $8.99 for a 100 ml spray can.
  12. OK. I thought they mixed when ordered. I haven't bought any in while.
  13. The blue code is 2089 at MCW.
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