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  1. I did that home made paint booth for a while (used computer fans and a plastic tub). Then I broke down and bought the the mini 24" booth from Pace.
  2. That is Badass not Badman! Nice Job!
  3. my mid 80s 69 Nova was a 6cyl 3 speed car then got a 355 SB with a 4speed Muncie!
  4. Yes yes I am dreaming thats why I build Models! But I did call one of the ads on here that was blocking info and had a nice conversation with the owner. He was not happy what I told him. He is going to talk to his marketing co about it which I know comes down to Google. But Hey just my 1.5 cents!😎
  5. Problem is, your barking up the wrong tree guys! You need to contact the ad smacks and tell them you will never buy thier product unless they play fair with their ads! Im ok with ads as long as they're not intrusive.
  6. Sweet! looking good!
  7. Wow Superb Job on this Chevell Greg! Great job on the roof!
  8. Update on the body. Installed the outline for the vinyl top with evergreen rod and then will build up the middle with primer to make the top. Doing the Marcos Cruz method on the top.
  9. yes right down to the tire make...pic to come
  10. Update Interior is almost done!
  11. Update Almost finished with interior
  12. Looking good! did one a few years ago.
  13. No its from my parts bin and I made the horn button.
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