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  1. Just like everything else your chassis are always very impressive , and the paint on your exhaust and mufflers may be the best I've seen ! And personally I wouldn't call it "dirty" , looks more like nicely "aged" to me .
  2. Beautiful Little T , I love it in black ! Using the original interior was the right decision even if it meant sacrificing a body , the later interior just wouldn't look right . Correct parts and polished plastic make this an excellent model , as are all of your builds in this faux series . Great work !
  3. Excellent job on your pair of Hertz Mustangs , and your display turned out great !
  4. Your choice of colors look great on this , well done ! The hood not fitting happens a lot with these kits , it's easy to overlook during the early stages . Bet you nail the next one !
  5. Very well done Mario , I like the stock look ! Great photos too !
  6. Great looking Cutlass ! This is one of those body styles that looks really good in white !
  7. Those colors look really sharp together , well done !
  8. Your work so far looks excellent ! That ABS can be a real pain to work with , well done !
  9. One of the best versions I've seen built , very well done !
  10. I like your way better too , well done ! I bought a roll of Oramask a while back and have cut a few things by hand just to experiment and it works really good , it may be time to buy a cutting machine , what kind do you use ? And will it cut true circles ?
  11. I guess I missed what color you're painting the body , that's gonna look sharp ! The chassis detail looks great so far and the exhaust looks factory !
  12. Too bad about those spots . I had something similar happen when somebody sprayed air freshener in through a doorway , never saw it until I started painting .
  13. Shouldn't be an issue , Everything has been pre-drilled pre-fit and pre-assembled , it's basically finished . Plus once my bodies are painted I always wear gloves and I don't plan on handling the windshield frame .
  14. It's been a month since I've worked on this mainly because I was hesitant about foiling the body . Not because I don't like to do it , I don't mind at all and I've gotten really good at it ! I've been putting it off because I have very little of the "New Improved" stuff left , I used the smaller pieces on the interior and might have just enough left for the body . I do have a sheet of what BMF is selling now but after experimenting with it I'm not looking forward to using it . I decided to compromise and paint the windshield frame and the top/boot trim piece , this will give me enough foil for the rest of the body . After some careful masking I sprayed it with some Rust-Oleum Bright Coat Chrome , not the best but my compressor is down so I couldn't spray it with Molotow . Another compromise but it's done now and I can move on . Once it dries for a few days the foiling can begin !
  15. Beautiful work and a very beautiful build ! I like the little extras you've added like the mounting rod for the mirror and the Lucas switches !
  16. Very well done and the engine detailing is awesome !
  17. Opening those holes in the frame and the smaller torsion bars really do add to the realism of the frame , something else to add to the list ! Problem is I never remember to do everything on my list . Like flat spotting the tires , I did it once and really liked the look but keep forgetting on recent builds .
  18. It looks great , I love the basic gray paint job with black spokes !
  19. Thanks Mike ! You should build yours , would love to see it ! Thanks Dave ! Thanks much David !
  20. Really nice job rerouting the exhaust around the torsion bars , when working on my '71 Roadrunner that gave me fits ! I spent more time on that than any other part of the build , redid them several times , and still wasn't happy . Next time it will be done first instead of last !
  21. Looks really nice to me Bob ! But that's looking at photos , you had some issues so you're probably soured on the whole thing . Just think of it as a learning experience , we've all been there .
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