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  1. Nice work. I'm familiar with the origianl painting, having lurked around on Ratsun for references.
  2. That's really nice work. I too have the Aoshima *cough* AMT kit.
  3. I built that kit as a kid. If one came along at the right time, I would get it. The body was pretty nice. All I remember about the interior/ chassis is that it was a stripped race car style. Racing seats and a spare molded into the rear . I think I still have the engine, its an engine in the figurative sense in that it looks like an engine, but nothing specific where you can tell what kind of engine it is.
  4. The work you're doing is amazing! Although, I'm not confident a turbo'ed 2.4 litre engine would be adequate for powering a 43 year old mid-size hunk of Detroit iron. Put that in a Colt, Omni, or Rampage, then you'll see everyone in your mirror.
  5. Nice paint work. Does the kit come with mudflaps? I can't remember.
  6. Very clean. Nice work! Who's kit is this?
  7. I'd think those were actual photographs with a weird exposure if I had no other explanation.
  8. Nice and clean. Did you just polish the plastic, or is that painted?
  9. That in no way looks accurate to a real human shape. The curves may be used to fab windshileds, that's about all I can see it being useful for.
  10. Nice work! looks totally believable as an alternative to the Exploders used in the film.
  11. That looks great. You've done a great job, looks showroom fresh.
  12. Tasty. Well done. Color looks great with those graphics.
  13. I see untapped potential. The wheels are nice, but that exhaust looked like a pvc pipe.
  14. This is Fujimi's Supra from the Togue series. Its a curbside, and it has the worst chassis I've ever seen on a curbside. It looks worse than most toys, so I didn't even take a picture of it. This kit was issued in a few different forms, and you get a lot of optional extra pieces, such as mirrors, steering wheel, sunroofs, Recaro seats, roll cage and the option of lights up or down. I put the cage in, but removed it. It's positioned too far forward, and you cant fix it without removing the rear seats and fabbing the whole rear of the interior without the seats. The instructions don't tell you how to lower the car, but the parts are there. (similar to the late 80's AMT kits where you swapped sides with the struts, or shimmed them.) I had to clearance the inner fenders, though. This is also my first go at using aluminum tube for the exhaust. the kit came with aluminum exhaust tips, but it was rolled tube with a seam, and you had to cut them, and they looked kinda crappy.
  15. Looks like fun. The Camaro grille kinda ruins the flow . Jealous of all your resin goodies!
  16. This is going to be cool. It's genius the way Aoshima designed their two-piece wheels. I wonder why no one else does it this way. I've ordered from Tokyo-Hobby as well. Their prices and shipping are pretty reasonable. I don't remember it taking too long, considering its postal service from the other side of the world.
  17. Awesome work, and nice diorama!
  18. Looks great. The passenger door mirror was always an option on small cars. Not sure when it became standard, but I have a '96 Tercel and it only has the driver's side mirror.
  19. I can't figure out how ot clean up these quotes to my liking, but that's Judas Priest - Breaking the Law.
  20. I'd heard it in the Ramones movie, "Rock and Roll High School", and then Motley Crue did a cover a few years later. I was a kid at the time
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