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  1. Charlie Watts, 80, died yesterday in a London hospital. Another legend is gone.
  2. When you get as old as me (77), it seems like death is a daily reminder of life's journey.
  3. Other than the wheels, the one with the red interior is a perfect replica of my first car. Nice work!
  4. Watched it off and on all day. Like TonyK, I switched over to watch the Indycar race. Got it back on now.
  5. Brad Pitt was really good in his role.
  6. I wound up using Pic n Sticks with a small glob of museum putty (I think that's what it's called) stuck on the end. The Pic n Sticks lose their stickum.
  7. Welcome! Nice looking models.
  8. For old war movies, my brother always recommended Battleground and A Walk in the Sun.
  9. I remember her from Fall Guy. She sure gave Heather Thomas are run for the money. She was gorgeous. Sad to hear that she passed away.
  10. I use double sided foam tape stuck to shish kebob skewers. Did I spell that right? 🤣
  11. That’s a bummer. I had tickets for New Years eve in 76 but came down with the flu. Never got to see them.
  12. I read the description and kept on going. Didn't sound interesting.
  13. Hmmmm, I liked it. I think it seemed confusing to viewers because the characters didn't know what was going on till almost the end. Different strokes, I guess.
  14. Thanks for sharing hedotwo. Looks like Amazon has them for $79. I may take the plunge.
  15. To extend the discussion a little further, I use Tamiya primer a lot and IPA doesn't even come close to removing it. Top coats come off easily, but that primer only becomes soft. Scraping it off works a little, but it's almost impossible to get it out of small details like edges of emblems, chrome and panel lines. I'd love to hear someone provide a real solution.
  16. I was 24 when it came out. I'm older than dirt! But, at least I'm still plugging along. Try to enjoy every day in some small way.
  17. The original was definitely better. An anti-war film in which a lot of people missed the point.
  18. Forgot that. Yes, definitely get the Iwata handle.
  19. I, too have the Procon 0.5 which I use on bodies. Great airbrush! I use the Paasche H for everything else.
  20. I second the recommendation on the Paasche H. It's relatively inexpensive, works great and has 3 different nozzles for spraying adjustability.
  21. Future should work fine. I used some embossing powder that I got at Hobby Lobby. Painted over it and it looked fine.
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