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Chad Hiltz : "Green Goblin" on the Workbench 3/6/18

John Teresi

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Hello.......many of you know that I like to build a challenge and off the wall stuff.......wel,l here is another one I will be attempting to build ......it`s called The "Green Goblin" and it was built by Chad Hiltz........I just thought it was so crazy looking and have to build it.......My friend Harold Oswald sold me a Johan 62 Chrysler and I found  a 1974 Cutlas plastic toy car to use for this build.......thanks for looking











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John... I don't know what they are putting in the water in LA but you sure come up with some Crazy stuff for sure... :lol::lol:. This is going to be a totally cool build. I have know over the years that you love subjects like this and this one has your name written all over it. You will be able to pull this off in your sleep. Looking forward to when you start this one.


Raul.... Ok man that is just cool

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It look me a minute to figure out why you needed a '74 Olds. then I relooked at the roof line. This is some what like the Dora built with a Ford wagon rear window for a windshield. Should be a fun build to watch.

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9 hours ago, Raul_Perez said:


How about building this T-Bird hauler?   It would look great pulling a trailer with a T-Bird-based open-wheel roadster in tow.

T-Bird Hauler.jpg

I agree! AND you wouldn't be hacking up two rare old kits to do it. 

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Well if someone had shown me a pic of the Green Goblin before today, I'd have said, "That looks like something John T would build."

Nice to see that I would have been right. Looking forward to it.

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Hello......thank you all for the kind comments and interest in this build......I really do appreciate it:).........I got a good start on the body......I have a ton of mods to still do .......but,I think I got the basic shape........ here are a few mod WIP pics.......thanks for looking

















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Hello......thank you Guys for the kind comments......I really do appreciate them:)........I got more work done on the body.......I made a rear hatch and modified the front bumper and made a front door.......I will work on the rear bumper  and sides of the car next .......thanks for looking










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John... wow Brother, looks like you have the basics of the body all done and all you have to do is sand and add some putty and she is ready for paint. Looking good and impressive for sure, just like the real thing. 

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