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Alan Kulwicki's 1992 Championship Winning Underbird


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I spent a lot of time looking at photos of this car from the 1992 Atlanta race, trying to get the "look" right.  It's a Monogram 89-92 T-bird body with the chassis from the 94/95 kit.  I did some light body mods based on the photos I used.IMG_6750.JPG.bd6773d2b156f8168988085edebc9e28.JPGIMG_6735.JPG.c578c9a5b0439a8c28310d9bde97eebd.JPGIMG_6733.JPG.7d8b7ad9d93702cda7b03af48fbf0873.JPGIMG_6732.JPG.239a22737c0268b8f2326306b88bc452.JPGIMG_6731.JPG.615c13a43c4e5cef8fad8d41ebbbffa0.JPGIMG_6730.JPG.9a99ba546f5a1b21faada239789e08ab.JPGIMG_6728.JPG.9673721de7228ff78ec5663af25e06e8.JPGIMG_6729.JPG.3ae74183325bdd5f982163e4a34dc91e.JPGIMG_6727.JPG.3aab828a0d6a26e4daccfd33562fc344.JPGIMG_6726.JPG.a792dbd94f624ac4a93ac72db8ebb7c1.JPGIMG_6725.JPG.91c91ba329af04a98656a530088f6ef3.JPGIMG_6724.JPG.77df6dd315c30ca70d80f997b487f428.JPGIMG_6723.JPG.f3e6c8f91f92be4237b5fc13eacd0c05.JPG

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