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Has anyone tried this chrome marker?

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I picked one up at HL yesterday and tried it out on some scrap.  One thing I noticed right off was the tip was different than a Molotow of the same size.  This one seems a bit harder and chiseled nicely.  It measures about 2.5mm at the tip.  Molotows 2mm is rounded and can be kind of fuzzy.  I find I usually use the 2mm Molotow rather than the 1mm because it seems less likely to pool up where you don't want it to.  Besides, it covers better IMO.  First impression of the Gundam marker is good and it may take the place of the 2mm Molotow.  We'll see.

Gundam 2.5mm:


Molotow 2mm:


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30 minutes ago, lordairgtar said:

Just another version of a chrome finish marker. I don't think theses are as shiny as Molotow (close) but they are a bit more durable. After 15 minutes, I could touch the surface without dulling it.

Same experience I had.  The durability seemed better than Molotow and the shine was close enough for me.  Alot of times you really don't need a full chrome shine on trim pieces anyway.  I've found that finger oils make a big difference in handling these types of pieces, especially Molotow.  That and ample drying time helps as well.  These aren't for everyone, and everyone seems to have opinons about this type of chroming, but they have their place as far as I'm concerned.  Having these markers during this period when BMF is still sorting out their issues is great.  If BMF returns to their previous self I'll likely begin foiling again.  Definitely quicker to use the marker rather than foil but foil is forgiving when mistakes are made.  I will say that while these Gundam EX markers may be a type of ink like Molotow the tips are different.  I've used mine a few times now and although I'm beginning to see the tip show signs of fibers (I guess there has to be something like this to maintain fluid while using) it's still chiseled nicely enough to maintain a straight edge.  How long the tip remains like this is to be seen.

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