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67 Impala Lowrider


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My latest build. This had intended to be a quick interim build during my packing and moving from WA state to KY but ended up dragging out. We moved in February but just finished it earlier this week. I.like the way it turned out. I did a lot of lowering of the suspension. Made an actual chain link steering wheel and added a "patchwork quilt" elephant in the passenger seat for my wife. I made aa antenna for it out of wire and surgical tubing. I was surprised that AMT did not include a door mirror in this kit so I pieced one together using the base from a 69 Camaro (slightly modified) and the round mirror from a ZZ Top 34 Ford. I included a pic of my inspiration. I hope you enjoy the pics and feel free to comment good or bad.















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2 hours ago, JollySipper said:

That looks really good! Good luck at the show........


1 hour ago, 70 Sting said:

You did a really fine job on this! 😎


55 minutes ago, ea0863 said:

Well done, and good luck! 

Thanks Guys!


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6 hours ago, Sam I Am said:

So which one is the model?  😃 


It's the one with the finger prints on the valve covers.....Lol.


5 hours ago, Bills72sj said:

Sweet lowrider. I like the color.


19 minutes ago, ChrisR said:


Thanks guys! I'm glad this "quick" project only took 4 months!


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Posted (edited)

Thanks everyone! Took it to its first show yesterday. It got some very nice comments in stiff competition but no trophies. Going up against guys like Vern Heizer, Ken Brickel, Jesse Talmage and Gerald Raney (or is it Haney?), I had no chance. LOL! I had a great time though.


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