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1966 Mustang GT Coupe


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...or how to make Orangeade from moldy Oranges! Built from this issue of the old decrepit AMT 66 Mustang. "Special" features are custom drag slick tires that are wayyyyyyy to wide for this car, badly molded leftover parts from earlier issues, loads of flash, very ill fitting body parts, and the worlds saddest decal sheet (generic 1986 MUSTANG vanity plate and a I ❤️ Model Cars sticker)


(Pic from the interwebs) The funky lookin' boxart car leaves much to be desired, but the newly parts like the seats, steering wheels, wheels/tires, and 427-ish motor are pretty decent. 

First course of action was ditching the 1960s half baked promo style frame. Was looking for a spare '67 to cut up it's engine bay and guts up, didn't have any but did locate a spare unmolested chassis from a AMT '68 GT500. Free of molded promo junk and was a perfect fit underneath the '66, but it was clear other modifications were needed as the inner front fender wells were too narrow for the custom wheels and the rears well were nothing at all. The fronts were replaced with wiiidddeee rear fender wells and the fronts in the rears from a old Revell '03 Dodge Viper frame. Front and rear suspensions were from a C6 Vette and a '96 Impala SS respectively, with doodads like sway bars, brakes, ect. coming from the spares bin.

The Resto Rod 427 had it's tranny cut off and lent to another project. A spare 5.8 L from a AMT '94 Ford Lightning SVT was used, with the automatic swapped out with a Borg Warner T56 trans cut from a '93-02 Camaro/Firebird LT/LS1. The 5.8 was fitted with custom headers, custom intake, and a vortech supercharger setup. Exhaust system was modified from the '68 GT500 with mufflers and exhaust tips from a Corvette of some era.

After hours of sanding and finessing of the body, the custom front and rear bumper pans and hood scoop were used. The custom rear bumper was used as-is, but the front bumper had the lower parts shaved off to match the look of the boxart car. These were dechromed and resprayed Rustoluem Bright Chrome. Rear spoiler from a '82 MPC Trans Am was used since it worked so well with the lines of the '66. Front grill was discarded and used mesh in place.

Interior uses the Resto Rods seats and steering wheel, and the leftover 60s custom roll cage. The center console automatic stuff wouldn't mesh with the T56 so a six speed shifter was raided from the spares bin replacing the auto stick. Front headlights were missing, so spares were used from a :66 Chevy C-10 grille.

Exterior is a custom mixed Orange Crush Pearl made using Rustoluem orange with a mist of Tamiya TS-97 Pearl Yellow and cleared with Pledge. Since I was 10, I had always wanted a custom Pearl Orange Mustang ever since having some in the Need for Speed Underground and Most Wanted games. Almost 20 years later, I got my wish.







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