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FranckenJag, 1/8 scale E-type Jaguar with 351 Ford Falcon GT (Aussie) power.


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FranckenJag, with Ford V8 power. 1/8 scale.


Wow, where to start, well this one has been on the back burner of my (weird) mind for a few years now, this kind of thing happens when ya have say a 1/8 scale E-type Jag in the stash and you also have a 1/8 scale ’72 Ford Falcon GT 351 Cleveland V8 and you have spent years (way too long) building historically accurate E-type Jag models, you have a bit of a brain phart and think, hmmm why not, and I say to that, why not indeed. So, the first thing I did was to completely ignore all the front chassis frame, oh and ditch the instructions, then made a new chassis and engine mounts to install the “new” power plant which I don’t mind saying, looks freakin awesome in the tiny Jag body, mwah ha ha. Sorry nearly lost it there for a sec, nar did not, I’m super enjoying this, no rules and just winging it as I go, which of course leads to a lot of trial and error, that works but then it doesn’t ‘cos something else needs to be there etc, etc, etc and etc. So now I’m sort of getting close-ish to need to start painting and of course this opens up a whole new can of worms, (worms, why can’t it be butterflies or geckos or summit), anyhoo I’ve cut the short list down to, bright iridescent red, gloss black, satin black or my personal fave, Gulf Western, team racing colours as they really stand out and it’s better than one single colour, so there another decision made, Gulf Western it is. The wheels and tyres are going to be ones I bought, I dunno, maybe fifteen years ago and I don’t foresee any other build coming up that they would suit so that is also decided, wow look at me go two decisions in a row and no help from the wife, (or she who must be obeyed and feared), so now it’s just a case of pull finger out and get the damn thing finished.708569248_1Possiblepaint.PNG.1a5f0895e083bb298ed149462dadcf01.PNG2.thumb.JPG.2c2d55d0c8d78ceb0510a8d270eaa5f1.JPG3.thumb.JPG.f3b27bdbcb364265085ccbf87bca028a.JPG4.thumb.JPG.a0181cb7013bc23d3739522efa973331.JPG5.thumb.JPG.14b7efb2b945216d9fb6ee88ec4e3db0.JPG6.thumb.JPG.eefdbf206a4e23c3c81970b7dde72b88.JPG7.thumb.JPG.750ae082e92ab1403cde0862799d8a90.JPG8.thumb.JPG.a8d1cc1b74af8ff056550e0d9e191216.JPG9.thumb.JPG.a410ad7720fccf0788f2d283dd9c6687.JPG10.thumb.JPG.e856cb7693f765891e65865d19aee6e4.JPG11.thumb.JPG.2dfed7bd3d07e7447437bc2ed11ae0dd.JPG12.thumb.JPG.507367549a8272e59513c02f4790a5b7.JPG13.thumb.JPG.a8f6504c960dc9882a2fd63edb7727f2.JPG14.thumb.JPG.ee977009485f9f19ce3d035fa68c272d.JPG15.thumb.JPG.00532ccfa875980c2805c0be423210e2.JPG16.thumb.JPG.d8d2d38d35ba3d2a82dd1047adea02d4.JPG17.thumb.JPG.cf4c42c4132e8e61ebaf8ad8cad4de2f.JPG18.thumb.JPG.c4f8bb2038beaed679fd45624cb35ab9.JPG19.thumb.JPG.03581198cd47321a569f8a6b5abd4730.JPG20.thumb.JPG.d4260349c965b93290a58a69391e359b.JPG21.thumb.JPG.0fc47cd789b785a05402e95cd4906f55.JPG22.thumb.JPG.9147a43ef78e9c5644e1ad44d536392e.JPG23.thumb.JPG.67d8d8a09eb326385883b26f5ece7fa1.JPG24.thumb.JPG.ad930f0a32916b3e9287bbd6b5fbe62f.JPG25.thumb.JPG.87bccaa259d16f177fbe8bd96357eb04.JPG26.thumb.JPG.1d5bab8b2c4e6e2e24f8af300779965f.JPG27.thumb.JPG.ae515fdcb637a44d1697ef74fc0b91a0.JPG27.thumb.JPG.ae515fdcb637a44d1697ef74fc0b91a0.JPG28.thumb.JPG.86f330c96879b58679eebfe5b7e99f48.JPG29.thumb.jpg.260d33efec92826647fa0a5f6cf04b42.jpg30.thumb.JPG.92c24ad155f65be4bff702dddbfac9a1.JPG31.thumb.JPG.5e1b47ee6931bae58bdab96b4806f9fb.JPG32.thumb.JPG.382b87539ceb109cb1577e77ee45eab8.JPG33.thumb.JPG.6c15bf6e120411afffbc464258cb4946.JPG34.thumb.JPG.ec24ebeac719969711627b240984b74e.JPG35.thumb.JPG.13c3f099f84b552b556a3907527eaade.JPG36.thumb.JPG.4a03f4b4b51835c3f93dba5ba9b47e74.JPG37.thumb.JPG.ba7abb832276f5715f6285682be93b9e.JPG38.thumb.JPG.1fccd098d89adea09a686041d2f464e1.JPG39.thumb.JPG.7a0015dee92487cec33034fd74653fd0.JPG40.thumb.JPG.5a8a47fb1614c290698964e4cc80c3f4.JPG41.thumb.JPG.8f7323a698f7763c4f4314c629059ec2.JPG

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That is one BIG project you have there Michael . . . 1:8 scale E-type Jaguar, V8 Ford engine, Gulf racing paint scheme . . . I really admire what you are attempting, and clearly you know exactly what you are doing. To some extent, it must be so enjoyable not to have to follow any rules, or even the instruction sheet !

I am sure that when you finish this build, this car is going to look absolutely F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S


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Wow, thanks for the support and praise people, it really does mean a lot to me. As for your individual comments,

Gary, thanks for the interest, it's just weird stuff that I see on different cars and a bit of my own ideas.

Dennis, thanks so much for the praise and will keep posting as the build goes.

David, thank you for that and rules schmules, it's a bit like some doctor guy once said, where we're going we don't need roads (or rules).

Andrew, Dammit and I wuz banking on the warranty and yes I'm going to be very careful with the prep, prime, masking and paint, and I've just made it a lot harder by putting winglets and spoilers everywhere.

Pierre, Yeah it is a bit weird but then that's my wheel house, life's pretty sad and plain without a bit of weird.

John, Yeah I agree, the Gulf livery really is cool and a long way from the standard single colours on my previous Jags, also I had a look at the wheels and they have a hex recess on the inside so the more than likely are for/from R.C.

Ray, Thanks mate yeah I think the wheels are pretty nice, a bit on the small side but that doesn't matter on this build.

Sam, yeah I know it's a bit out there but life's too short to conform completely. Would love to see the pics of the Jag with the 5.0.

Sonny, thanks for the kind words it just makes the building more worth while.

Fred, glad you like it, I'm pretty chuffed with it so far.

Andy, thanks man, I'm kinda hoping the colour scheme is really gunna make it stand out a bit.

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