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What's considered the 'Honus Wagner' (rarest) of model kits

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And for me the monogram 79 Ram Charger I can never seem to find one :blink: ... I have often wanted to build that kit because my Uncle had one that he bought new and It was the highlight of a trip to visit family to go for a ride in it when I was little.

I'm building one now.

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The trouble I have with this is do you count only regular production,or just the rarest of them all.Some "kits" were very limited and basically just promotional items for a company or cause. That 1911 Chevy comes to mind.

It's back: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rarest-Kit-Ever-SMP-AMT-1911-Chevrolet-1-25th-Plastic-Model-Kit-Parts-in-Bag-/141078180712?pt=Model_Kit_US&hash=item20d8ea3368

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I'd like to nominate the MPC Bronson Harley Davidson sportster motorcycle. It was in either 1/16 or 1/12 scale, and a tie-in to a television show "Along came Bronson". I had one, and gave it to my nephew, and, well, you know what happened to it. I've never seen another one.

Correction: after a little research, found that it was in 1/8 scale.

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I bought the Frog 1/16 Cortina a few years back and built it, here's the link to prove it(hope it works) :-


£15 with box, unbuilt but a hubcap missing. it was motorised but didn't work that well. Also bought the Vauxhall Estate but sold that for £25.

I have seen most of the Frog kits and prices were in the region of :- Jaguar E Type £100 unbuilt, Morris 1100 £35 built, Ambulance £35 unbuilt plus other Cortinas around £50. The Ambulance I saw at an autojumble near Paris France, most of the others at toy fairs over the past £20 years.

Very cool. In 1968-69 I owned a dark maroon/black '67 Cortina GT with the hot Lotus engine. The car was really fun, but I had to give it up for overseas orders. That's one that I don't have a model of cars I once owned.

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Some of my hotlist HTF kits are:

1- Bandai 1/12 STP Granatelli Turbine Indycar. I had a mint one on the shelf for about 10 years, gathered lots of reference material to build it, then decided it was worth too much to put together. I sold it for just under $1000 about 5 years ago. They do pop up once in awhile.

2- Another Bandai rarity is the 1/12 1969 Corvette coupe. I have two of them, one carried from Australia. Neither is mint because Bandai, like so many large scale producers, didn't strengthen the center of the boxes. I have great plans for one of them, and the second will guarantee I have the parts to complete the project if I ever get to it. The remains will go up for sale.

3- Two of Entex's 1/8 race icons also hit the charts: the Porsche 934 Turbo Carrera and the McLaren M23 with Marlboro decals. Great kits, but mint ones are probably pushing $2000 now if you can find them. I have the Porsche in WIP, and gave up a McLaren for an offer I just couldn't refuse a few years back. I've never seen the 1/8 McLaren built or showed anywhere -- EVER.

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Sure looks like a T-Bird to me.......


It's about 85% a Bird......headlights are way off and the grille is big and shaped wrong.....I owned a 1/1 '77 and the kit.....kit was way off.

My Bird......kit headlights scaled up would be 9 inches thick!! Grille way wrong!


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I can't vouch for the rarity of the kit but it took me years to find one. '69 Mustang Notchback. I found one years ago and paid more that I told my wife for it. ;)

I wanted one because my first car was a white six cylinder version. It was a good car for a kid to take to college. Dad was smart enough not to buy be something that I would have killed myself in.

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Somebody got a good deal, or not ;)

That "other" category is a model that's not real rare but somebody (at least two somebodies) are willing to pay large sums of currency for.

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Being a Bugatti Fan I would love to get a hold of one of the old Renwal Revival Exner Bugatti Kits.

Has any body got one that has been badly built years ago and gathering dust or knocked about that I could restore even? The Bugatti Trust has a lovely little museum next to their hill climb course over here in the UK. It would be nice to build up a model of the Exner Bugatti to put on permanent display there.

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While looking for a pic of the 1/12 Corvette coupe I'd never seen, I came across this one. Now this I'd never even heard of!


Not surprising that it is not around. Looks like a cross between a 312 and a 312b. My guess is that someone got a quick look at it and went home and did it from memory. Weird car, especially in 1:12 scale.

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Id have to agree with all your choices but for me it would be these...

64,67,68,69,70 Bonneville HTs

68,69,70 Cadillac HTs

71 Dodge Window van

mid 70s Chevy van(mini motor home-open road)

Monogram-Un-Real Roller

Monogram Mean Maverick

early to mid 70s AMC Hornet

68,69,70 Rebel

74 AMX and 72 Ford Torino Sport Johan snappers

Station wagons of 1958 to 70

69 Impala HT

60 Chevy Nomad 4 door wagon

66 or 68? AMC Rambler wagon

International,Massey Farm Tractors

early 70s Dodge vans

63 to 70 Chrysler 300s

65,66,67 Plymouth Fury

71,72 Oldsmobile Toronado

Joahn 70 Plymouth RR

Tyrone Malone Kenworth drag semi truck

Johan Cadillac Hearses

and many others...

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Of all the car model-kits mentioned in this thread...to me, the most rare must be the Premiere Studebaker Champ pickup as I'd never even heard about it until this very day!!!!! I'd love to see a picture of it!

The Chevy 1911 is truly a rare one, but I do have one of them and have seen about a handful for sale on the 'bay over the past 15 years.

The Uncertain T, one of the coolest showrods to my knowledge, is also quite rare, but I have three gluebombs in my basement and they are poppin' up on the bay several times a year!

The 1956, or so, Lincoln Premiere by Ideal is also quite rare but I've bought one and seen at least two more for sale since 1998 on the 'bay so they're rare, but not THAT rare IMHO.


The 1924-26 Hanomag Kommisbrot may be rare in the US, but not in Europe. I have 2-3 of them and they can often be found on the German Ebay at fair prices.



I believe the most rare kit in my collection is a military DKW Munga. The scale is "about 1/25" and it was produced by some eastern europe manufactor, can't recall the name right now. It's MIB but will most likely be built one of these days. I've NEVER seen another one of that DKW Kit !!!!!!

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  • ...to me, the most rare must be the Premiere Studebaker Champ pickup as I'd never even heard about it until this very day!!!!! I'd love to see a picture of it!

Another rare one is the Premiere Corvair Rampside pickup. I've never seen one in person. Premier did some interesting stuff early on that wasn't bad proportion wise. I'd love to know where they went wrong! Here's their Kaiser Darren that I picked up recently. It was in a dealers junk box!


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