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What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

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I got the Polar Lights Spider-Man VW Beetle. It's actually pretty cool once you toss the stickers and remember that this is the California Custom Beetle version that was supposed to follow the Herbie Love Bug release. It just didn't get done when PL got sold back then. It has several sets of custom wheels and the correct VW emblem hub caps. It has other neat options like custom buckets and steering wheel, custom exhaust and two sets of mirrors (round or rectangular) to choose from.

I will be doing a kit review later on.. already have it written, just need to word smith and take some photos. But it's too nice out today to do that now! :)

Been wanting that kit but it has never made it to Hobby Lobby, so I will have to order it....

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Well, the flat black on the '61 Pontiac came right off (whew). Now to figure out where to cut - I'll probably just use the roof and decklid (it has almost no sinkmarks) from the other body:




Re-creating that A-pillar will be a toughie.

Picked this up.

Lucky dog. How are you going to build it? By the way - take a magnifying glass and look at the dash; you can actually read the odometer on that kit (00000.0)! Beautiful work by AMT, even if there's no stock version.

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Got this email today:

Revell Customer Service
Today at 9:48 AM

**This is an automatic confirmation - please do not reply to this email**

Your Revell parts request (#106666) was shipped today. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for delivery.

If you are located outside the Continental US, please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery.

If your parts have not arrived in this timeframe, please do not submit another ticket - you may contact us at cservice@revell.com, or call (800)833-3570.


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Thought I'd get this posted before I forget everything. Got all of this stuff over the last week from a LHS and ebay.

From LHS- PT-17 Stearman and Floquil paints. The Blue and yellow are for the Stearman(USAAC Trainer).

From ebay- '71 Dodge Charger...was supposed to be a new kit, but it was open(open box, but sealed inside ok with me) and started. Totally misrepresented by the seller and got a refund on that one.

-'71 Plymouth GTX(open box, sealed inside)

-Dodge Sidewinder(open box, sealed inside)

-'70 GTO promo

-'71 Plymouth Satellite(open box, sealed inside) with Detail Master fuel/brake lines, wired distributor, Model Car Garage seat belt material, under-hood insulation material, & wire looms as a package.

-'71 HEMI 'Cuda(sealed) with Detail Master wired distributor, Model Car Garage '71 HEMI 'Cuda photo etch detail set, seat belt material, metal cast alternators, & bolt hood details as a package.

-And finally, Firebird Decals '70 'Cuda Hockey Stick Stripes in various engine displacements.






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