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  1. Just finished building AMT's 1/48 scale model of my all time favorite airplane. The Beechcraft G17S Staggerwing. I like the way it turned out. I hope you do too.
  2. This AMT "Old Style" Chevy was Odds & Ends French Country Yellow with an Odds & Ends white top. Body was then clear coated and Bare Metal foil applied. I used the kit decals for inside the spear. Interior is painted a custom mixed shade of yellow with white seat inserts. Engine, wheels and tires are from the AMT 55 Chevy pickup kit. The driveshaft is an aluminum tube while the kit supplied the U-joints glued in the ends. I used a piece of wire and bent it to achieve the lowered nose and I couldn't resist putting in some Photo-Etched speaker covers. All in all a very fun build. One of the first models I completed after getting back into modeling in 1995. Thanks for looking!
  3. And away we go: Note the Ridge Runner has no mention of "Ford" or "Pinto", like the House on the Hill has no mention of "Psycho". (Mother's not gonna like that... )
  4. Started way back in 2002, it is painted with some Testors' enamel green metallic that I don't remember the name of, but like the color. I was never happy with the black stripes but you know, it's either get rid of it or complete it, so I'm going to complete it. 440 six pack from the kit. I had to trim the inside of the air cleaner to fit and also trim off some of the transmission where it fits in the crossmember to get it all to fit properly. I've waited so long to get this built, the windshield frame has bowed. I am hoping I can straighten this out when I put the front glass in. Thanks for looking, comments welcomed.
  5. Just picked this up at a flee market for 5 smackers! It looks pretty old and has already been started. I plan on restoring this to something better then original. Now time to dig in and dismantle!
  6. Were the three 1961 model year kits listed in the below ad the first of AMT's Sytline kits? Looks like SMP joined the party at some point, too, at least with Plymouth Valiant kit:
  7. Un-Boxing AMT Garage Diorama Kit #2 Tip Top Shop Part #AMTPP9016M/12 Once the box was opened it was apparent that this kit was going to be of typical modern offering with all components poly bagged including the decals. The first tree I pulled out I will describe as the “Soft Drink Machine”. Molding is nice and simple. Included on the tree are six oil cans and what I believe is to be a card board box for the cans. The molding is best described as heavy and in-elegant on the oil cans. The same can be said for the box which in my opinion could have been better served by providing a paper cut out that would have been much more to scale. Next was the “Jack Stand Tree” that included 4 nice stands that could be assembled at any height. Also provided on the tree were a convincing floor jack and engine stand. Simple but convincing. Rolling along I dug out the “Air Compressor Tree”. Nicely molded and includes a killer representation of a siphon fee spray gun. The “Oil Drum Tree” incorporated a drain pan, fire extinguisher, gas can and pay phone, all period correct for the 1960 early 1970’s time frame. The “Work Bench Tree” included a bench vice that could have the jaws adjusted, giving potential for extra drama on the work bench! The “Figure Tree” was the molding that I was looking most forward to examining closely, as there is a lack of dual scale figures (1/24. 1/25) for the diorama builder to choose from. Sadly, the figures details are molded rather soft, at least by the standards of the modern 1/35 scale figures. Fortunately MAIM, makes a selection of, 1/24 scale heads that can be substituted. Decals round out the offering, with two bizarre image prints. A pegboard hole image that would have been better served by eliminating the image entirely and molding holes into the peg board, similar to the depressions molded into disk brake rotors. The second looks like sanded primer spots. I would have preferred different oil can brands rather than some thing I could easily and convincingly brush paint onto the model.
  8. Finally finished after starting in in June of 1998.
  9. I really like the color of this one, Tamiya Pearl green, but I don't like how the frame fits into the body. I think this one will be regulated to the get rid of pile once Revell releases their 69 Chevelle kit (it's coming, I'm sure of it). In the meantime, you can see what frustrates me about these AMT 69 kits. The wheels don't look the same on either side of the model. Playing around here a bit, will that Revell frame fit the AMT 69 Chevelle convertible body? I think the answer is yes :-) Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  10. I don't know where else to post this one, but eventually the dozer will will be chained to a lowboy and towed around by a Mack DM600, plus this forum seems to be the location of others talking about this kit. I wanted to go with a very used dozer. The thought behind this was that the guy would have bought a yellow Cat a while back and painted to to match the color of the company truck and trailer. The dozer was a fun build and I hopefully did not spend too much time weathering it. This was my first time rusting and such to a model. Glamour Shots... The engine... Closeups... Working Shots...
  11. Started back in 1995 or so. I painted it with some auto touch up GM green. I like the color combo but just ran out of steam wile dealing with the angle of the steering column. I think I should get back to this before I do a full detail build of the Revell 70 snapper! I had mags on it and have decided to go with the factory SS wheels, which need to be detail painted for them to look their best. I put the deals on then shot a clear over them. I don't like how they raised themselves along the hood scoop. I have some cracking of the decals going on in the rear as well. That ridge is smooth to the touch so I thought I had fixed it. Too late to go back now as I have no clue as to what this paint color is now. Thanks for looking.
  12. I've had the parts for this build floating around for close to 20 years, and early this year, finally started on it. I've long admired the work of early AMT box artist Al Borst, and this bronze 32 5 window is one of my faves. Here is my initial mockup
  13. From careful web searching I have deduced that AMTs "Old Pro" Nova is a 71 model. I cracked this kit open the other day and was thinking of getting the Revell 69 Nova for it's frame, engine, and interior, and then I thought, "Why?" Let's just put this one together! The drivers side "C" pillar has a weird bulge to it that I managed to sand out a bit, although it is still there. The frame and interior fit into the body loosely, so I'll have to make sure I have them well glued in. Tires are an aftermarket set of white line Goodyears from Modelhaus. A close up of the wheels shows where I painted the aluminum and black vents. After looking as some pictures of the wheels in real life I discovered that AMT made them with too much depth and slant from the outer edge to the center cap. I matched this engine up with one from the Revell 57 kits and I can definitely tell you that the engine block is way too long. It is supposed to be a 350 which is the same outside size as all the other "first generation" (265, 283, 327, 302, 307, 350) small blocks but AMT decided to do this one differently :-) Later on I'll shoot some comparison pictures to show you the difference, as you can see in the picture, the distance between the rear of the intake and the beginning of the transmission is how much longer this engine is. Perhaps an 8th of an inch maybe, which translates into a little over 3 inches difference in a 1:1 scale. I have not put a ruler to it to confirm the gap so it may even be larger! Obviously, this will not be a super detail build, just straight out of the box (with a tire change), some flocking, and paint. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed!
  14. First up, started back in 2003 or so, painted in short cuts "Iris," I'm trying out the red window glass from the new release in it. What do you think? Next, remember when this was a new release? Well, that is when I started this one! I lowered the rear suspension by trimming the mounting tabs and then cutting a hole in the floor above the rear axle so the pumpkin could set lower. It is still not as low as the front but it will work for me. Tires are from the new issue 55 Cameo while it's sporting a set of AMT 64 Chevrolet SS hubcaps. It's truly a period piece because I am using the 63 Mercury grill in it as well. Last, but not least, the "retro rod" build. Engine is from the Revell 57 150 kit with the standard shift. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  15. First of all, I would like to say hello again to everybody here! It's been a long while since I've worked on any models. Now that the re-introduction's out of the way, I have a question: what kind of engine is in the AMT '79 Ford Firestone pickup? I have the Model King variant that was released about a decade ago, so I'm under the presumption that it has the same engine.
  16. US Cars AMT 1: 2565 Pontiac Grand Slam in lowrider style Hi Guys ! After some time and 2 hospital visits followed by rehab for 2 new knee joints, I'll meet again to introduce something new. It is the AMT kit P65 `Pontiac Grand Slam. I have tried something new in the model. The paint in a nail polish that was diluted by me so far that you could inject it. Another effect varnish. Over it then several layers of clear coat. The roof was first painted with clear coat, then applied to the still wet clearcoat a carrier film with the Rainbowflitter. After about 10 minutes, I pulled off the film again, there were already some parts of the clear coat dry and it was this zebra effect. I then blackened the empty sections with a brush and sealed them with clear lacquer. I look forward to your comments. Greetings from Jan
  17. my first build its going okay. Its fun but I'm a little sloppy. Any input is fine by me. im still working the body and will get pics of that up with a proper camera my fire talks louse photos. Yup just kinda freestyle. Tan\black interior flat black exterior gloss bed liner. might try to put mud on it. Working some panel lines now. Thanks for looking.
  18. Many years ago I had a notion of building a Thomas Flyer Touring. I used the AMT kit along with fenders from a MPC Darracq, back seat from a Model T and a whole variety of other model parts from my parts box. In response to a question in Dominick's recent Stutz Bearcat post I thought I'd share this. Having it to do over I'd probably adapt the Stutz fenders to this model and I would do the seats differently. That being said, this was a good reflection of my skillset at the time. Hope you like it.
  19. A heads up, if any of you have picked up the "Gear Hustler" 65 El Camino with the intention of using the deep dish chrome reverse wheels with the L60x15 kit supplied tires, be aware. The rims fall off the tires and the backing plates that come in the kit are too wide to work. I found that a set of backing plates from the AMT 57 Belair works nicely to keep the wheels in place. They will have to be glued to the wheels though. You will need to glue the wheel onto the axle as well since they tend to fall off.
  20. If Round2 could find the inserts for the Ventura II Sprint version...
  21. Friends, one more for the collection. Finished yesterday. El Camino 68 AMT, Basic assembly, neither Rat, nor Showcar. Car face use in day to day, as I think it has to be. Pegasus Wheels, PEs by Mr. Model by Alaor Gosdal, Ink by Dryco Colors. It's too good for my goals in the hobby !!!!! NO STRESS = PURE FUN !!! Thanks to comments
  22. Started a few days ago with a body that I had painted years ago, I reshot some Tamiya Italian Red over it. The wheels are a set of AMT 69 Chevelle SS Wheels that actually inspired this build. Engine is from the kit, with an intake from the AMT 55 Chevy Sedan kit. Parts box "Corvette" valve covers and metallic grey painted headers. Frame is done. I used the stock exhaust and just mated it to the headers. Thanks for looking! Al l comments welcomed.
  23. ......Just thought I'd pass on some info I just received today regarding some Round2 releases.....the MPC 1975 DATSUN PICKUP is apparently out right now, yet I see none for sale on Ebay currently,,,the AMT 57 CHEVY PEPPER SHAKER and COBRA-TRUCK- TRAILER RACE TEAM set are due out in December to give us a nice Christmas rush, and the 1974 GREMLIN X is hitting the shelves in around 3 weeks. Now, the not so good news concerns the long awaited USA 1 VEGA PRO STOCK......according to the detailed email I got from Doug at Round2 it says that it has been pulled off lists and will be reassigned a new item number once the project gets some wings. Time, developing expenses, and other factors have pushed this project back to an undetermined status for possible release. However, Doug says it is going to fly at some point in the future, and by the sounds of it back tracking out of the MON-ZEGA mess as the Twister Vega was, could mean its well worth the wait if the car gets some corrections and improvements ......lets face it, once released at any point, this car could be built and decaled into more different pro Vegas than can be imagined, ROUND2 themselves could easily release it as a Grumpy Jenkins car, and even their old AMERICAN SPIRIT VEGA to mention a few.....the decal designers could have a field day....that's it, and all the news fit to print...lol............the Ace...
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