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"QuickSilver" - Pirahna-based retro LSR Car


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I finally got this one done!  It's my interpretation of a land speed record car, based on the AMT Pirahna Super Spy Car kit.  I liked the basic lines of the body but felt they stopped a little too soon.  I wasn't sure where I was going, but this is where I ended up.    

Engine is stock, wheels have smooth covers added and body is reformed quite a bit, lots of sheet styrene and putty (build thread here).  The canopy is an NOS Cox model airplane part, reshaped to fit the new body contours.  Canopy is removable and interior is complete, but very hard to picture (pics in build thread).  Lettering is photo and clear sticker paper, printed on an Epson PM225.

My vision was to create a believable mid-60s LSR car that never actually existed.  The build is far from clean but the end result does express what was in my head, so I count that as good.  I learned a lot, so I hope my next venture will be better!

Comments welcome, thanks for looking! 










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I really enjoyed following your w.i.p.. The follow through with the graphics is what nailed it for me. It really captures your vision and gives the finished product a believability that's one if its greatest strengths. Bravo!

The silver and red combo and the purity and simplicity of the design reminded me of the various small-displacement Fiat Abarth record cars of the late 50's and early 60's.

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