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Finished a “Lovable Loser”

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Inspired by the fine work of Adam Rehorn, I completed my own addition to the “Lovable Loser” pantheon. This is the 1971 Mercury Comet, constructed from an unpainted MotoMax Fresh Cherries kit. I used Dupli Color paint, foiled the trim, and added white walls, wire antenna, aluminum tube exhaust, and various other details. Chassis is typical die cast primitive, but engine compartment is more detailed than many  die cast engine plates. I don’t know how big a market MotoMax was serving when they produced models of 1970s economy cars, but it sure won’t be available any other way. 




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I like it, I've been debating on picking one up to convert into a muscle car. I wish they would have done the Maverick of this vintage instead of doing the ones with the ugly 5 MPH bumpers.

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19 hours ago, Richard Bartrop said:

I thought the Maverick and Comet were handsome little machines.  Ford's styling department was definitely on a roll in the late '60s and early '70s

There were! Had a Yellow with black stripes Grabber with 302 4 speed! Quick little car if you could get it to hook up but they had a terribly weak rear end.

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Very nice!

Most of those Motor Max diecasts have at least some of the proportions incorrect, but this one looks spot on.

Might need to get one or two of these to play with. I have one of the Johan Pro Stockers, but I'd be less guilty modifying one of these.

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That is neat! Motor Max did/does have some interesting subjects. As Robberbaron noted, most were a bit off, which is a shame since a lot of their products were never available in any other form (seriously? Who else did a Chrysler Le Baron wagon?? ?). This Comet looks to be the best of the bunch and you did a great job with it! Wish they'd do it as a 4-door.

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