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My next “Bring Out Your Dead” project is going out for a vote.

Superbird McMonte

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OK everyone, I came up a little idea on choosing my next bring out your dead project. The 1970 Monte finished up pretty quick. So it’s time to choose a second one for this round. Below are some pictures of potential candidates. Whatever project gets the most votes by Wednesday 6pm eastern will be my next “gitter done” ??5ADCF5A5-E72B-4AF8-B635-778A6F3B4135.thumb.jpeg.aeabd4feb14d38e1906dfa7d4ea5673f.jpeg

#1 1958 Impala convertible 

This will be a replica of my father’s first car. The 58 Chevy is very near and dear to me.


Here are a couple of pictures of dad’s car.




#2 1969 Camaro

This one is another family car. My mom drove a 69 Camaro in the mid 70s.


Here is a picture of mom’s car.


#3 1968 Hurst Olds convertible 

This one is not really too long dead. I started the conversion on this after I finished at the 69 Hurst Olds convertible a month or so ago.


The question on this one would be should I do it gold or silver? I’m leaning towards gold since I already have a silver 68 hardtop.



#4 1969 Baldwin Motion Camaro

I painted this one around 15 to 20 years ago. The hood is glued in place so there will be no engine detail. This one is eventually to be towed by a 69 Phase lll Chevelle as part of a diorama. It also replaces the Camaro like this that I sold to Joel.


#5 1970 Oldsmobile Rallye 350

This is another one that was painted at least 15 years ago. The details are of my own creation. I had bought a set from Fred Cady But was not happy with the hood decals.


#6 1970 Yenko Deuce Nova

 This one was painted in 2008 according to my Fotki page. It’s been sitting in red paint since then. I had drawn up decals on my computer but the trunk decals weren’t long enough to wrap down to the bumper.  I adjusted the decals a couple days ago and printed them out. After listening to The Model Car podcast, I picked up a can of Upol spray clear urethane they had talked about, and use this as my test subject. It worked very well. The engine and chassis are pretty much done for this one too so really wouldn’t take much time to finish it up.


#7 1971 Ferrari Daytona coupe and spider

These are a two-for. The chassis and engines are pretty much done too. But these are very intricate kits by Fujimi.


#8 1948 Austin

This will be a replica of my friends car. And I will be giving it to him when it’s done. Unfortunately I’ve had it over a year.



So there you have it! Eight projects to choose from. Please only vote once. I will tally up the votes Wednesday night!  Please cast your vote in this thread. 

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Put me down for the '58 Impala Convertible. #1 where did you get the Convertible top ?  #2 a friend of mine got his mother's '58 Impala Convertible when he turned 18. It was about 4 years old at the time. The Impala was white with the red Interior and a basic 283 and Powerglide  but it was a great cruiser. 

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