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1964 Pontiac Grand Prix


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Thanks guys!


Still working on refining some of the little details.


One of the things that's been screaming for some attention on this project is the lack of chrome trim around the perimeter of the head light and tail light bezels.

The 1:1 has a thin piece of chrome running around the inside of the head light and tail light openings.

It just wasn't going to look right without them.

So, I broke out the foil, the #11 blade and the steadiest hand that I could muster and had at it.

It wasn't easy free handing this trim, but I think I got it looking presentable.

Now it won't bother me so much. :P
















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20 hours ago, Geno said:

Holy Smokes Steve, that is looking gorgeous.


13 hours ago, Nazz said:

You have steadier hands than me . Well done!

Thanks guys!


Assembly is continuing.


The sun visors and dome light are in the body.

Ready for glass.







I also finished up adding the head lights to the front bumper and finished the grille halves.

Chugging along. ^_^












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On 9/6/2020 at 3:43 PM, Curt said:

It’s coming together nicely.  All the extra work you put into the details will make this a stunning model when it’s finished.


9 hours ago, Spottedlaurel said:

Very nice, as always. Your BMF work inside the window openings looks as neat as the outside.

Good call doing around the front and rear lights. At 1:25 scale just making it look like you have something there is all it needs.

Thanks so much guys!!



I'm getting pretty excited about finishing this one up and getting it in "Under Glass", but it might be a few days yet.

I had to order some PE door locks a few days ago and it might be a little while before they get here, and I don't want to post it in all of it's glory until it's 100% finished. :P


But I will say that to this point I'm very pleased with how it's turning out.


In the mean time, I'll give you a few teaser pics of where I'm at presently. ;)

















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What a pleasure to the eye!  Steve, I always love the way you create this cars largely by massaging what is already there rather than massive amounts of scratchbuilding or aftermarket stuff.  Your ability to produce total realism in scale just blows me away.  Plus, my grandfather had Pontiacs throughout the sixties including a 63 Parisienne so I have a soft spot for these cars anyway. Thanks for sharing your craftsmanship with us all.



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Thanks so much everyone!

You have all been a huge inspiration and a great support to me during the progression of this build and your comments have been warm, gracious and hugely appreciated!


The next time you see this model, it will be "Under Glass".

Hallelujah! :D




See you there, and thank you all so much!








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19 hours ago, Bucky said:

Looking forward to seeing the finished product! 


12 hours ago, randyc said:




10 hours ago, ewetwo said:

That is stunning Steve.



8 hours ago, Can-Con said:

Just fabulous Steve.  

Thanks a bunch guys!


Unfortunately, I lied to you about no more updates. :D

I do have a couple more small items that I will add here before shooting some pics and taking this over to the "Under Glass" section.


I finally polished the hood last night in preparation for getting some embossing powder on the under side.

While in the process of making the antenna, locating an acceptable mirror and adding the PE door locks, I was reminded of a piece that I wanted to address but had forgotten.

There should be a brace between the radiator bulkhead and the grille, so I quickly tossed one together, painted it and put it on the model.


Now it should be done and ready for a photo shoot.

I'll get some pics posted as soon as that happens.


Thanks guys!!















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This build (as well as most of yours I've seen) shows how thoroughly detailed a model can be.   IF not the pinnacle, then it's mighty close.  In my book you are up there in the rarified air of Bill Geary and Juha Airio for attention to detail.  

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