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1964 Pontiac Grand Prix


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Very nice and well detailed engine (all this build is awesome with a lot of attention to details)!  You did a great job on detailing the carburetors and I specially like the work done on the transmission.  Very convincing and realistic with the weathering done, not too much, just enough!  Well done sir!

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Thanks everyone!


16 minutes ago, Teds57 said:

Amazing work Steve! as always

Glad i sent you the parts and seeing them put to use


And I thank you again Ted!

I have several great individuals to thank for their contributions to this project.

I just hope that I can remember them all when it's finished! :P


Best part is Ted, I still have quite a few of the parts that you sent me left to use on other projects.

I'm going to need them with several other mid '60s Pontiacs left in my collection to build.


Thank you!!!






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1 minute ago, Bucky said:

Beautiful engine and transmission, Steve!

Thanks Keith!

And while we're on the subject, I want to thank you again profusely for the Olds transmission!

I really don't know of any other way that a relatively close to correct tranny could have been replicated without it!.


Now I know that the rest of my mid '60s Pontiacs are going to have to be built with 4 speeds.

I can't imagine being able to find too many more 1962 Olds Cutlass engines to steal transmissions from! ^_^


Again, thank you so much!!!







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I have been making pretty considerable progress on this project over the past week, but it's been mostly chassis work and not particularly exciting. :P


I did however finish up the radiator with it's scratch made cap that some of you might like to see, and I added springs to the hood hinges.


Hopefully there will be more substantial progress to share in the near future. :)














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On 8/23/2020 at 2:09 AM, Spottedlaurel said:

Fantastic to see these little details come together, they both look so effective.

Thank you Nigel!



The assembly of this project has finally commenced.

There is still a long way to go, but progress is being made and the chassis is nearly complete.


As you can imagine, it takes a considerable amount of tweaking and fitting to get all of these mismatched parts to come together as envisioned even with the substantial preliminary engineering that took place, but I believe that it's beginning to fall into place.

The next step will be to install the engine and then begin adding the rest of the engine bay details, followed by finally reassembling the interior.

On it goes! :P
















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2 hours ago, slusher said:

Great carpet color!  Real clean work Steve !


1 hour ago, speedy5963 said:

Wow, this is coming along great and I can only imagine the patience in getting all the different parts to come together, great job, very clean!

Thanks guys!

I appreciate your interest.


It took a little piddling around, but other than what I've missed, I believe that the chassis and engine bay are basically finished. (tail pipes to be added later)

Got the engine in place, added battery and cables, steering box, (with hydraulic lines) master cylinder and heater hoses.

That should pretty much fill up the engine compartment. :P


Also got the radiator and bulkhead in place.


On to the interior.

























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Thanks a bunch guys!


I'm well underway with the assembly of the interior.

I'll post pics when it's finished.


2 hours ago, Nazz said:

Amazing as usual Steve. Question, are the battery terminals separate parts?

Actually, the battery is exactly as it came from the AMT '62 Catalina kit.

Terminals, hold down and cables were all molded onto the part.

All that I did was shave off the cable detail, drill holes in the terminals, add my own cables and paint it.







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