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1964 Pontiac Grand Prix


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Thanks everyone!

I appreciate the kind comments.



I managed to find a few minutes this afternoon to sit down and work on a couple more small details.


If my research is correct, it appears that the consoles in these cars were all a dark metallic gray with chrome accents, so I started by covering the ribbed center section of the console and corresponding part of the lower dash with foil.

I then shot the console and dash section with some Alclad dark aluminum, and much like I do the body scripts, I then cleaned the paint from the ribs with some lacquer thinner to the best of my ability.

Then I foiled and detailed the shift gate, followed by covering the whole thing with a light coat of Testors clear lacquer.


The trim around the outer edge will be foiled once the clear has cured.


Not much, but I guess every little thing counts as progress. ^_^













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A little more progress on the dash, console and steering wheel parts.


The dash still needs knobs, gauge pods, gauge faces and a few other small items to be finished.






The foiling is done and the shifter and tach is all that is required to finish the console.






The addition to the steering wheel center cap might get a few laughs from some of you, but it was something that just popped into my head, and literally took 10 minutes to complete, so I thought, "what the hell". :P


The red in the Pontiac "crest" is not correct for a '64 Grand Prix, but being as the factory faint crest and "Grand Prix" lettering on a clear lens would be imperceptible and impossible to do, I decided to dress it up a bit.


I started by cutting a small V shaped piece of styrene strip, filed a small notch at the top and then painted it red and added a small dab of silver for the "star".

Then I filled the bottom of the hollow with Laser Bond, positioned the crest and hit it with the UV light.

Then I filled the hollow completely with Laser Bond to give the impression that the crest is floating in the center of the button.


Not something that will be easily seen, but it was fun to try and took no time at all. ^_^













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Well, the dash and steering wheel are complete.

I'm happy with them.



Here is a re-cap of the modifications made.


        Defroster vents added.

        Original gauge pods, dash knobs, steering column collar and ignition switch removed and replaced.

        Trim around wood area, parking brake release and Best Model Car Parts gauge decals added.


Steering wheel:

         Center cap and badge, spoke pieces and horn ring all scratch built.




















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Thanks everyone!!



7 hours ago, Sam I Am said:

I dont know Steve,  I  think you could have opened up the vents in that speaker grille and put a speaker behind it. ?

As Dirty Harry so eloquently stated, "A man's got to know his limitations". :D




1 hour ago, Nazz said:

I agree!  But ,question for you Steve, are the speedometer and gauges hand painted or decals ?   

They are Best Model Car Parts decals.


Lucky for all of us, Michael offers some great gauge decals for a few vintage annual kits.







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Thanks so much guys!



I was getting ready to start casting some window cranks for the interior, but I was curious as to how difficult it would be to scratch build some.

Surprisingly, they're quite easy to fabricate using some styrene rod and strips.

They won't be exactly the same as the '64 Pontiac cranks would be, but they should give a crisper look than the cast cranks that I usually make.

I might use a slightly smaller rod for the knobs.


I'll keep you posted on how they go.















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