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Thank you Deuses ll. And thank you guys for the great comments. So far I am happy with the results but do not want to get cocky as the model gods can humble you real fast. Might rest on the body and start on the 427. Thank you guys 

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Thank you guys for the wonderful comments. I’m going to be rubbing and polishing this car all week. Want it to be the best and smoothest paint job I have ever done on a model. My detail friend set me up with some super stuff. I do not know what it is but it really works great. He even labeled it (polishing for dummies) 1 is for cutting, 2 is for polishing and 3 is wax. I resanded the body last week and sprayed several more coats of clear. So I will not rub thru. Pressing the envelope on the paint. But so far it’s working. 





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I really like the paint like everyone else but that mock-up with the wheels/tires under it.............well, when you get a bit bogged down or need a pick-me-up,  find that pic and I'm sure you'll be right back at it.  It's going to be a stunning build.  cheers, tim

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Straight out the gun, this clear coat is amazing, I guess it's talent and experience, I've been modelling for years and could never imagine getting a finish like that! Superb work on the prep, and fitting. If I ever get a MFH kit, I'm sure my wife would divorce me. 

Looking good, thanks for sharing the progress 

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Thank you guys very much. Put the hood and deck lid on permanently. Lovers in the side of the body. The rivers and lovers took a long time to do. Had to assemble the louvers .Redrill the holes in the body for the paint clearance. A little nerve racking painted the inside of the shell flat aluminum from tamiya. Getting all the silver fingerprints off the car was fun. Just thinking about Codi and he is right. I had to laugh at myself about Codi’s comment about model factory hiro. I believe all of them are hard to do , just in different ways. Codi you are right. What was I thinking???????







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Thank you guys very much. vamach1 we need to see more of the factory five. I would like to build one some day. Here is the start of the engine. Painted the engine block black. Sand blasted the manifold, oil pan, bellhousing, heads, front timing chain cover. 





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Well not a lot done. Glued the trans and rear diff center section together. Filled the line down the center. Painted them testors silver. Fit water pump. Put the valve cover screws in. More drilling of parts. Trans needs to be drilled for the linkage. You really have to study the instructions. You need to know a little about fuel setups ( holleys). And electrical on FE engines. The mfh instructions are wrong on the Holley. Also they have you hook up the mechanical fuel pump and the electrical fuel pump. It’s One or the other.  And the distributor wiring is correct but the kit has no coil. The coil wire goes nowhere. Just little things so you need to really pay attention. Yes for the price it should come with a coil and the directions should be a little more accurate. My friend Mark buys a lot of these kits. He is doing a kit now that has no color choices on the instructions. He called the company and their response was, you need to do the research. Which is true but for the price they should have some sort of color for the parts. But this is model factory hiro. Definitely not your average model kit company.





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I don't know how I missed this one Bruce, but I LOVE what I'm seeing!

I had a choice to get either this or the Ferrari Daytona Spyder when I wanted another MFH kit. I picked the Ferrari as MFH had announced they wouldn't be doing anymore Ferrari kits in the future. I STILL want this one badly and who knows, I may get this as a Christmas present to myself before the end of the year.

Yes, MFH's white metal parts can be quite fiddly. I noticed a fit issue with the Daytona's hood as it's white metal, but looks like it can be bent to shape easily.

I'll certainly keep this one on my follow list! ;)

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A little more on the engine. Thank you espo and Thank You MrObsessive. The carb is just sitting on the manifold. Cutting and making the lines for the carb linkage and fuel lines. The pulleys  and brackets are cool. It’s hard to see but I scribed timing marks on the damper. The carb is a vacuum secondary. The distributer does not have a vacuum advanced plumbing. Was going to make it on the distributer but decided not to. It’s a street car. I’m surprised the kit does not come with a mechanical secondary Holley for the race version. Probably thought no one would notice. Just crazy people like me. 




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