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First time using a resin body. It is curbside but Tom Geiger will be happy...I put the motor in it. 😄

Duplicolor paint, Testors clear, Molotow chrome. Really enjoyed this simple kit...again. 








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2 hours ago, espo said:

Very nice looking colors and I like the business advert. on the side. You need to show us the engine as well.  

I knew somebody would ask. 😄

Thanks everyone for all the compliments.  I have another one in the cue, it is a little odd. It is a 1960 Falcon 2dr. At first glance I thought someone removed the b-pillar to make it look like a hardtop, but that is how it was made. 


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On 2/23/2021 at 4:55 PM, TarheelRick said:

Fine looking sedan delivery Sam.  I have this body in my stash. Couple of questions, did you use the Ranchero chassis and did it give you any problems?

Yes Ricky, I did use the Ranchero chassis.  I had to adjust the mounting points on the rear bumper so it would sit level. I also found that the chassis plate did not want to tuck into the body at the rear without a little squeeze and superglue. 

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