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'65 Chevelle A/FX AWB "Seaton's Shaker"


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This AWB A/FX - Match Racer was built using the Revell 1/25 '65 Chevelle Z-16 SS 396 kit with a variety of spare parts from my spares box and after market items.  This is the first build I've done where I relocated both front and rear wheel wells (both moved forward 7" (.28" at 1/25 scale) which was a lot more work than I anticipated both in cleaning up the body and making a bunch of corresponding changes to the chassis/ engine mounts/ drive shaft/ etc. It was a "scale modeling learning experience" that tested my patience and motivation at times...I look forward to a simple OOB build for my next project! Build details are described over in the WIP - Drag section.

Cheers, John












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Corrected scale note (1/25)
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This is truly amazing work with a incredible amount of detail. It makes me wish I had taken more time on the one I built to move the front wheels forward. That shade of custom mixed orange/red looks spot on as does the blue interior color. The injection on the big block is really well done, and you have the just right all important stance. A great example of the fastest Chevrolet on planet Earth in 1965

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Excellent build on an iconic car.  I have been building models since the middle of the last century and remember as a teenager when these cars were cutting edge. A friend and I were making altered wheelbase model cars as you have done mainly because there weren't any available by the model manufacturers, just moving the wheelbase on the body was only the beginning, then as you have experienced the interior tub and chassis has to be dealt with. Fun stuff. I was so pleased when Moeibus had a production kit of the Plymouth AWB car and am looking forward to the release of the AWB Coronet, sadly my friend who built AWB model cars won't see it as he passed.  There is a great story of a match race between this car and the Ramchargers '65 AWB Coronet on the web, possibly from the book "We Were the Ramchargers".  I may attempt a build of this car but will start with the recently re-released AMT/Round 2 '65 Chevelle AWB kit.     Beautiful build, so many nice details on the car, you should be proud of it.

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Thank you all for the kind comments and compliments, makes me want to keep building and posting more of these legendary door slammers. Hoping to start a B/FX version of the Moebius ‘65 Comet that I can post here in the near future.

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Many thanks for posting these excellent pics here and in the WIP section.   A LOT of work and patience shown here.  I had the privilege of watching these cars run in the 60’s.  An outstanding representation of this car.  I am surprised that there were no traction bars on this car, just the stock sway bar.  Great job and keep ‘em coming.

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