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The Future of Revell...for 2024 at least.


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So scrolling through the FB this morning and came across a sideshow video showing Revell's display at the NY Toy Fair last week. There's a few dooseys in here that I can't believe haven't been brought up anywhere yet. Might owe to the fact that much like the Las Vegas show, the NYTF isn't open to the general public. Most of these are already known in a general sense, but have nice minty fresh box art and some unexpectedly have new tooling added.








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Not shown here, but there appears to be a North American sized box of the DB-5 Goldfinger kit along with one of the Diamonds are Forever Mustang.


Also the C8 Corvette...make that Corvettes now exist in plastic. A Convertible joins the already announced Coupe. Massive parts count including the engine and both LHD/RHS options.



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5 minutes ago, Rob Hall said:

All reissues... the Ford pickup and Jeep have been discussed in threads here. 

Yeah apparently you can only post 7 photos (or that was my limit this morning) per post...so it wasn't a nice build up of stuff like I was planning and so I had to split it up.

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5 minutes ago, PintoKING said:

The old Monogram Chevy Blazer was an 1973-1980 Blazer, as per the creaze(?) on the front fenders. So is that Blazer gonna be an all-new tool?

Have to take Revell at their word..the box art in the photo above says 1:25th (the Monogram was 1:24th) and also says 'All New Tooling'.. 

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4 minutes ago, Mr mopar said:

The '68 Firebird box art look ok ,I wish Revell would do this kit with Hideaway headlights as an option , Never see that ford  pickup  wide sides  !

That would be a custom, the Firebird didn't have hideaway headlights as an option..the Ford pickup is an old Revell kit from '80, not really accurate as real duallies were longbed F350s.

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I see a 68 Firebird or two in my future and probably a couple of those Blazers. If that F-350 doesn't have the plastic tires then I am in for one or two. The '79 Camaro having new parts makes me wonder if it is just a re-hash of the old kit with the T-Tops?

Between Moebius, the Dodge Warlock and this news, going to be an expensive year for me !

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