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What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

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On 10/24/2023 at 1:13 AM, RSchnell said:

Local thrift store that I frequent really came through today. Proof even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while.

As some of you know, I'm a big Model A guy. I collect Model A kits, especially the old Hubleys. I buy all of them I can find. This one followed me home for $10. Missing the instructions but the all important screws(Hubley kits used oddball sizes and thread pitch) are there & complete.


I have convertible in my stash. Looked at all the flash and put it back on the shelf. LOL


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The weeks newly acquired kits. I've always liked Speeds Mach 1 even though it's a simplistic kit. The Borsch kit was ridiculously cheap and the seller offered even more of a discount, the '61 Cougar kit was also a cheap kit due to the nature of the box condition, crushed and ripped badly but I was able to bring new live to the cardboard mess. You can see my efforts in the "what pleased me today" The '61 Galaxie kit was because my dad had one when they rolled out of the factory. He had traded in his two tone Black and white '55 Ford vic for it. My mother was furious but when he went back the next day to undo the deal his '55 was already sold. He never forgave himself neither did my Mom.. 

The other photo is of the 1940's Hanson cab kit I bought with the possible intentions of a crazy Tom Daniels type dragster? But after getting the kit the plastic pieces of the main assembly are wrapped. My thought is all new sheet styrene to duplicate those parts when I get to this future project. 🤞


complete with issues.jpg

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4 minutes ago, bandit1 said:

As of right now, This is what my Marietta Ohio location has...Will check Southside Parkersburg later 




Dang! I wish we had an Ollies in my town. We have a big lots that has models occasional but they're priced just as high as elsewhere selling them. Heck my walmart is even cheaper. 

After posting my last batch of kits my good old mail man dropped these two off to me.😊 I be smiling big time today!! After this last kit I may have to take a break from buying 🤔°° although I did see this one I don't have yet.. 😆

sealed Chevelle, johan O & C.jpg

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