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  2. 30 A-Bone

    Wow! She's a beaut! I dig the air cleaner; it's different from the crowd, and matches the restrained and severe styling of the rest of the car. Very mechanical...very cool! This is one of my favorite builds of this kit so far, excellent work.
  3. Lindberg 1/8 Scale T-bucket WIP

    I finished adding the hardware to the carbs. I pretty much used what I had so some screws may be out of scale and others might be incorrect. Next up is to spiff up the kit linkages. They will mount on the shaft with the removable acorn nut.
  4. Despicable Me. (We are all kids at heart!)

    Haha, they have special movies now that come to you.
  5. 1965 Linoln Continental

  6. This is a Mack DM600 that I started WAY back in 1987 or so. It met a severe case of builder's block, and a move to another state, and FINALLY just got done. It is finally leaving the shop to join the company fleet, as soon as the company gofer gets to the registry to get plates for her! It is an original MPC DM600 kit, with an AMT Montone body. The engine is a Tip Turbine from a Cruiseliner kit, with appropriate mods to fit the DM cab and intake system. The chassis has had a pusher axle added, from Mo'Luminum. There are tons of little details added from the parts box, as well as piping and wiring. The dump body has had rear exhaust vents added for the exhaust heater. The chassis color is Rustoleum Red, and the green is PPG Mack 804 green. It is labeled with custom decals from Modeltruckin.com. This has been a long time coming out of the shops, but the crew is happy to have another truck added to the fleet!
  7. Despicable Me. (We are all kids at heart!)

    Buy a printer, Eric, just a cheap one and persist with learning how to use it. It adds a whole new dimension to this hobby (see what I did there?)
  8. Despicable Me. (We are all kids at heart!)

    Yes but I'm only 64 David..... who's gonna take me to see the film? David
  9. Slant 6 cross ram

    Hate to burst your bubble, but not everybody is concerned about power and revs. There's more than one way to overcompensate.
  10. Highway thru Hell

    wow.... can't belive HTH is so hard to get down south.. I can type in Highway Thru Hell and at least 10 or more sites come up with it on....any episode, any time....would still much prefer a dvd set...
  11. Despicable Me. (We are all kids at heart!)

    It is from one (or more?) of the Despicable Me animated movies, the movie that introduced Minions. Go watch it - you know you want to!
  12. 2017 Wrapup

    "Buzzy" ? Looks like you have the same affliction I have when typing,with my fat fingers hitting the key right next to the one I actually wanted:)
  13. I used to live in Boron and Barstow.
  14. '37 Ford mild custom

    Nice! Are those Moebius Chrysler wheels?
  15. 1967 Pontiac Bonneville, A Few More Inferior Photos.

    Top class Steve, always love your builds and you knocked it out of the park with this one !
  16. So you want a shiny Cadillac eh?

    I have personally seen a Honda Accord coupe in this area twice in the last week.Instead of" Honda" on the trunk lid it has the word"Chrome".Really gets your attention for sure.We have several Honda factories in this part of Ohio building both cars and motorcycles.
  17. So you want a shiny Cadillac eh?

    Hey...I'm not the one who told somebody "you're not fit to carry my pencil". Sound familiar? You'd think an engineer would be careful about making assumptions founded on insufficient data. But maybe not, come to think of it...
  18. Despicable Me. (We are all kids at heart!)

    Brilliant thinking on your part David, and although I have never seen that car before.... now I want one! David
  19. Slant 6 cross ram

    Did somebody say Hyper Pak parts from the old Revell Lancer? Because I have those parts, and I just lent them to a reputable caster. I'll keep everyone posted...
  20. What did you get today?

    PM sent.
  21. LHS closes! Bad news/good news

    Pete.... That totally Stinks and am sorry to hear that. I actually have been to that Hobby Town and bought a few things when I went to visit my uncle about a year and half ago. They were maybe 10/15 mins if that from my uncles It was a really nice store and had a great selection of items.
  22. '58 Fairlane 500 Semi-Custom! Interior Finished!

    are the tail lights from a 66 Tbird kit? Looks kike an interesting project.
  23. Monogram Big Drag T Instructions

    The Big Tub is reasonably close, and probably will get you through?: http://manuals.hobbico.com/rmx/85-2622.pdf
  24. Awesome! Great job so far on this build.
  25. 69 GTX

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