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  2. polished aluminum on wheels

    Yup. I actually don’t know how much difference there is between polished aluminum and regular chrome at 1:25 scale, especially on a small part like a wheel. I’ve never sprayed them side by side to compare...
  3. 68 GTX grille

    Thats not a GTX grille
  4. GM and Chevy Quality

    1) Engineer substitutes sub-spec part: Poor engineering decision 2) Engineer fails to change part number: Poor engineering decision 3) No internal quality assurance or testing in place to catch it prior to production: Poor engineering / management decisions 4) Problem begins to manifest itself in the field. Rather than deal with it head on, management sweeps it under rug: Poor management decision 5) No significant attempt to correct problem until AFTER multiple death and injury claims, and legal actions: Poor management decision I rest my case.
  5. Mold box

    Here's my 2cents. For smaller molds I use Lego blocks, like mentioned above. For larger molds for bodies I have two mold boxes that were created out of wood and designed to be disassembled after curing and re-used when needed. They sit on a wooden base and sealed to the base using tube caulking or gasket sealer.
  6. I bought this D/W 300 cab with 8 foot Utilinebed from mustang_mom44820 on Ebay before Christmas: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1967-Dodge-W300-Longbed-Truck/282814796762?hash=item41d91353da:g:5KcAAOSwiBJZ-b2m It cost quite a bit of money but the casting is very good. Same seller has some other aswell, I want to get that D100 as soon as my paycheck clears next week.
  7. GM and Chevy Quality

    My 01 Nissan Maxima I had was still going strong with just over 300,000 miles on the OD, if it wasnt for the electrical fire, it would still be sitting in my driveway.
  8. Peterbilt heavy haul 367

    That's downright awesome, a real work of art!
  9. GM and Chevy Quality

    1) I see a Neon every other day. I found a one-owner with just over 100K on the clock for a good friend who needed a "backup" car for $2000. She LOVES it. The little bugger handles better than just about any of its contemporaries, and except for a little buzziness, it's easily the equal for comfort and fuel economy of the comparable NEW cars I rented recently on a multi-state trip. Because they WERE considered by the masses to be disposable, the junkyards are chock full of cheap Neon parts, and barring a moron event, it will be running for as long as I live. 2) You're absolutely right. The sheeple have been brainwashed to KNOW that old cars are unreliable junk, and BORING, so the 3-year replacement cycle reigns. The manufacturers only need to get their over-styled, over-complex body-part-extensions to run reliably for 3 years. And anybody who cant build a NEW vehicle that works well for 3 years has no business being in the business. 3) Yup. Maintenance and competent repairs when necessary make ALL the difference. But many electronic components will NOT be supported in the future for most of the now-new vehicles. Keeping one running will be much like keeping an old Windows 95 computer functional.
  10. Revell KW W900 box art

    I picked up a Revell Kenworth W900 Aerodyne for parts at Hobby Lobby today and I had to chuckle at the box art. I know I'm not the first to notice this, but the lightning really did a number on the fifth wheel!!!
  11. Yes driving and necking at the same time is very distracting. Wow, the "good old days."
  12. '26/'27 turtle deck T hot rod kits requested

    That would make a very nice model. Going back for a moment to the iea of a stock '26 roadster, even if there may not be a lot of demand for a stock version by itself, but what about a 2 in1 version? Model T's are pretty tiny compared to a postwar car, and the stock T chassis is pretty simple, so you could probably do stock and custom options like AMT did way back when with it's '25 roadster in the amount of mould space it would take to do, say, a modern Camaro. You have something that appeals to both the rod and stock modelers, you can use the extra parts to justify to price, and the box doesn't look quite as empty as it would with just one tiny T version.
  13. The dove as a symbol of "peace", or on the menu?

    We have that problem down here , geese come in and stay , but the law here says , if they don't migrate , they're not protected and open game .
  14. C7 Corvette

    Hello again, Printed my own decals including tiny little curved CORVETTE scripts for the calipers. Brakes are done. Hard to see the script decals. Thanks,
  15. 80 Dodge Ramcharger (Revell)

    Looks nice
  16. GM and Chevy Quality

    The GM switch fiasco was caused by an engineer who changed the spring plunger that held the switch in position to a weaker spring (thus creating a defective switch assembly), and NOT changing the part number which would have alerted someone to a significant change in the assembly. It was not "a string of poor engineering and management decisions" trying to save 25 cents.
  17. '26/'27 turtle deck T hot rod kits requested

    My version of the Monogram Green Hornet kit as per an article in Hot Rod Magazine...............................................
  18. TROG true Gentleman's car

    Cool idea building a hot rod Deusenberg. FYI: Fenders are not allowed on TROG cars per their rules.
  19. my promo tweeks

    Great saves.
  20. 80 Dodge Ramcharger (Revell)

    Love it, you've build and presented it, just perfect!
  21. Tamiya Ferrari 360 Spider

    Updates over Christmas, assembly has got to the stage where I really need to make a start on the body shell...! No real issues with the build so far - well - only the decals falling apart. This Tamiya Kit is well engineered and goes together well. But don't get me worng, it's still a challenge for a novice like me...
  22. Another deFoosed Caddy

    I'm just going to echo everyone else, this looks great, and I really like what you did with the headlights, completely changes the look of the car. As far as suggestions....uhhh, out a viper motor in it?? Criticisms, let's see here....how about you lie, and your breath stinks? That's all I got. Keep it up, it looks awesome!
  23. Fujimi BMW 5 Series Schnitzer S5

    Making more progress on this one: Windows polished, but look more scuffed than polished! I painted the window surrounds by masking and hand painting section-by-section and started to assemble the body. The main issue was the fit of the Glass into the body, was very poor, so had to hold it in with clamps whilst the PVA set, but this damaged some of the C pillar paint finish. But it's relatively minor, I'm not going to fix it! Still struggling with the decals, the number plate decals split when trying to coax them into place, I'm getting worried now, I've only ever once had issues with decals, but now my last three model sets have all had issues...
  24. 1958 Imperial Southampton

    What a beautiful job you've done restoring that Mopar!
  25. 2019 Ram

    I said earlier I think that was the high-point for Mopar truck styling in recent memory, and I have significant experience both driving and working on them. Good trucks. The one I know best went to 200,000 miles before needing anything other than oil changes, when its lower balljoints got to the point of requiring replacement. The interior still looks almost new. And from a crash-repair standpoint, the things are a pleasure to work on. Everything comes apart and goes back together just like it looks like it would, which is something rarely found on contemporary vehicles.
  26. GM and Chevy Quality

    I don't know that there's one manufacturer today building something designed to last several hundred thousand miles. And it's been a long time sine that happened. I think the 80s is when we first started to see the trend of "disposable" cars. Think about the numbers of K-cars, the original Dodge caravan, the Ford Tempos and Ford Escorts that were built. Now when was the last time you saw one on the road? Go even newer. When was last time you saw a Dodge Neon? Or Pontiac Sunbirds? Chev Lumina? The issue for me, is that society doesn't seem to care. People are so used to replacing cars often, so they don't care about long term. Everyone seems to want the latest and greatest, so replace every 3 or 4 years, or whenever the warranty runs out. The thing is, when maintained, vehicles can go a long time. My '93 Jeep Cherokee went 440,000km with no breakdowns or issues before I retired it. The previous car was an 87 Mazda 626. Again, over 400,000km before I replaced it with the Jeep. Wifey's Volvo XC90 is an older one, currently with 230,000km, and we've never had to do anything but normal maintenance.
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