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  2. The Twister Vega

    Wow, that's cool, really dig the hood scoop.
  3. 1975 Camaro glass.

    What’s up guys? Anyone have the front and rear glass for mpc 1975 Camaro. Thanks.
  4. 1966 Galaxie 500 427 SOHC Street/Strip

    Thanks guys.
  5. Your favourite Box art

  6. New item available at gwtrucks !!!

    Good catch jim gary only uses email for ordering..typo topic corrected
  7. Has anyone built these?

    Checking farther , the Hot Rod article states he used a "Phaeton" another site states he used the front half of a Touring body. What is the difference between the Touring and the Phaeton? And most importantly does AMT's vintage Police Car have the divider behind the front seat?
  8. Pay It Forward-Round 2-Let's have FUN!

    will post up in a bit
  9. Pay It Forward-Round 2-Let's have FUN!

    ok allen i'll claim that petty dart
  10. Junior Johnson #27 '61 Pontiac

    Great looking build!
  11. Sacrilege or really cool? Hmmmmm...

    Most IC cars are pretty quiet now, and there will still be tire and wind noise.
  12. 1:12 Camaro 3d Print wheels

    Hi Abelaxe, Let me know what you have. I should be able to do them. I'll need a name of the wheel or some good reference images. Do you have tires? If so which ones and what are the sizes. I did this set for an Instagram follower. He requested the design and he had the tires to fit. A couple weeks later we were done! Its a staggered set at 19" and 23" scale at 1:24. Mike
  13. Has anyone built these?

    1925 Phaeton 1927 Phaeton
  14. Welcome Kevin, as this is a good place to be. You can also find larger kits at Spotlight Hobbies also.
  15. 356 Porsche Speedster "Black Betty"

    Thank you very much, guys!
  16. 356 Porsche Speedster "Black Betty"

    Well Mike, at least i tried to make it look like a 356. On the only WIP picture you can see, it was quite a lot to do to make the body look like a 356. Aand almost even more to make those wheels fit under it to achieve that stance.
  17. Garlits Drag Pak Challenger

    Unfortunately, no, but that is awesome and I'm looking forward to the build.
  18. My thoughts exactly, it's looking great and some additional work it will be awesome.
  19. 65 Plymouth Satellite (Moebius)

    Wow, well detailed, particularly those wheels, great job!
  20. 77 Pontiac Trans Am (Revell)

    Look at the size of that catalytic converter. People used to take them off or take it off and run a metal rod through them to get the catalyst out.
  21. Has anyone built these?

    Actually now that I double checked, I believe both may need the Touring Body with he body work going behind the front seat. I know Norms was a Touring body cut off behind the front seat giving that flat look to the side. Not for sure on Tommys T. yet
  22. 356 Porsche Speedster "Black Betty"

    Wait a minute, am I understanding this correctly? You took a 911 and converted it to a 356? If so, this is simply spectacular! Mike
  23. Ferrari F12

    A good start Mark... will be watching
  24. What AMT/MPC Molds Might Still Exist at Round 2?

    Shazzzzzaaammmm ! I'm looking at the Atlas Moving van model . I had this thing in 1964 when it showed at a drug store . I even spoke to Budd Anderson about doing other heavy truck models and I was told that there was at the time , a proposal to do others . What a WONDERFUL trip back in through the TIME WARP people !
  25. 50 Mercury "Cobra" (base kit is Revell)

    Nicely done. I wonder how many Mercs got destroyed making that movie.
  26. 69 Camaro (Revell)

    That would look great as an RS/SS as well, that Enduro bumper, mmm.
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