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  2. 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

    Thanks everyone!
  3. hi, I'll introduce myself, my name is Franco, I'm an Italian model, passionate about vintage American dragsters, looking for some documentation to make my model. I found your forum. First of all I congratulate you for its fantastic exceptional achievements !!! I saw that she made 3D pieces that she previously bought in full scale, I'm making a 1/16 revell dragster, and I can not find any pieces. I can send you the drawings in cad of the pieces she has made ? or you can do it for me and then send them. In thanking him, I offer you my best regards Franco, I am attaching some of the pieces that interest me
  4. The Frankenrod... Finalization..

    So here it is.. all done!! 80% plaster, 15% resin, 5% plastic.. The blackness represents it's shadow, .. made with cheap wood glue.. The dog is "3D" printed,... hence the 3 heads I guess.. Some "fire flies" in a jar... The slime is done with a 3D pen.. Someone left their teeth in a hurry... authentic "Hearse" shifter.. The finest of "Igor" speed equip. .. The engine, they're 2 Lindberg V8's married together... The 'tooth' is a ground for electricity, you know these old cars..! OuiJa board numberplate.. Made some mags for display.. Frankie likes his new home... Offcourse... it glows in the dark!
  5. ethical situation

  6. '83 Oldsmobile 442

    That looks nice !!!
  7. 32 Ford Vicky - AMT

    Donald-I love it-everything is perfect-great shine-great color-congrats !!!
  8. '69 Chevy Nova SS

    I personally have had great luck with duplicolor sandable primers-although i use others also.
  9. 70 Javelin Mark Donahue

    Raoul-that is simply amazing -great build !!!
  10. 1958 Plymouth Fury

    This will be cool-can't wait to see more.
  11. Today
  12. Mild custom 56 300

    Looks great-i love the color combo.
  13. My NNL West 2018 photos

    Thanks for sharing the pictures-greatly appreciated.Although i will probably never be able to go to NNL west-i love looking at the pics.-and man do i love building.
  14. 70 Javelin Mark Donahue

  15. Porsche 935-77

  16. Hello from Maine

    Welcome my friend
  17. Hello from SW Ontario Canada

    Welcome aboard Chris and looking forward to seeing some of your builds.
  18. another new member

    Welcome to the forum-build what you enjoy-i just retired and love building.Feel free to chat and ask questions.
  19. Welcome aboard and nice work !!!
  20. 727 Torqueflight transmission

    The 65 coronet conv that i'm re-doing. came metallic blue-i re-did it in an older g.m. color-a medium red pearl-haven't decided on the wheels yet mine is kinda like the red on this one.
  21. I also put on the BMF after the clear so it doesn't get dulled with a clear coat over it, but as Trevor says, it's a personal choice. I haven't had any trouble with the BMF coming loose yet and I've used it for about 25 years now.
  22. 1940 Ford Business Coupe V8

    Great job.
  23. First Car in Space: a Tesla Roadster

    JohnU. Thanks for clarifying! This subject would be cool. Maybe one of the cottage industries will latch on to it as kit material for a limited run. Cannot see the 'big boys' considering it viable, but who knows. They have issued some unexpected things from time to time!

    It's very normal. Why haste with a build, it's a hobby! I haven't touched a model in several years and I'm in a slump, but I hope the eager to build will come back soon.
  25. What did you see on the road today?

    Saw an Amphicar up close yesterday. White w a black top. Might be the first one I'd ever seen. On display in a restaurant.
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