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  2. 69 Yenko Nova

    Great looking Nova.
  3. 1/25 AMT 1969 Olds W-30 442

    I was asking myself how they could run the Jo-Han tool anyway as it would not have worked in their molding machines. Forgot that MPC did issue one at one time.
  4. 2018 Cannonball Run

    No. Straight from your hard drive. Look for the paper clip icon in the reply window.
  5. You could always just reroute the hoses and if the Valve Cover doesn't clear just leave off the Brake Boaster. I tend to have AR Syndrome and I think most people would never notice the notch or the mounting holes on the Valve Cover.
  6. 1/25 AMT 1969 Olds W-30 442

    Oh no. It was originally released under the MPC label after the "unification" but it was done by the same team that did AMT's '66 Nova.
  7. A few more of my builds

    Very nice!
  8. 1/25 AMT 1969 Olds W-30 442

    The upcoming reissue is the late 80s MPC tool, been reissued as an AMT many times. The funny car kit pictured above was an AMT rebox of a Jo-han tool, however.
  9. 1/25 AMT 1969 Olds W-30 442

    I'm sure they will eventually offer these tires in a Parts Pack like they the did w/ the Goodyear Polyglas tires.
  10. Mecom Lola Mk VI GT

    Looks real nice. You did a great job!
  11. 1/25 AMT 1969 Olds W-30 442

    Isn't this '69 Olds a Jo-Han tool?
  12. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Do you still have to use photobucket to post pictures?
  13. 2018 Cannonball Run

  14. I wasn't able to post pictures for a while, but it's working again this week for me.
  15. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Sound like a nice devoted son don't you think. Hmm. We have a neighbor that mows his yard every 3 to 4 days during the summer months. He's retired and bored, but his yard is always looking like something out of Home & Garden TV.
  16. Monogram Little T

    Much better!
  17. Monogram Little T

    I love box art builds and you did an exceptional job. This has always been a really great kit.
  18. Very clean sharp looking build. Your interior is very realistic looking as well.
  19. 1/25 AMT 1969 Olds W-30 442

    I think they sell the tires separate from the kits.
  20. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    by the escalator
  21. Mecom Lola Mk VI GT

    A fine and appropriate addition to any GT40 collection
  22. I like them both. The Suburban lends its self to being a 4X4. Makes you wonder if Revell might not do that in the future. Hint Hint Revell.

    I know that Tom Carter at Spotlight Hobbies has some Monogram "Big" parts packs. Check them out and see if there's any that you can use.
  24. 1/25 AMT 1969 Olds W-30 442

    I'm likin' the tires that come with the kit, but I'm not buying another kit just to have those tires "on hand."
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