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  2. AMT Parts Packs - Your Ideas & Suggestions?

    I'd like to see more of MPC kits come back that all accessories already in them. Like the Commando above. Or the '69 Bonneville hardtop with the canoe and roof rack. The '69 Grand Prix with skis, ski racks, and snow tires. The '68 Dodge Coronet with the U-Haul style trailer. And many others. That was always one of the fun things with several MPC kits in the 60's. The extras.
  3. Hot Rod, inspired by a very old book!

    Time to address an aesthetics problem; the new engine placement leaves too large a space between front of engine and radiator shell. I could move the shell back to compensate (last picture), but I'm not sure that's an improvement due to the open space in front of it. Think I'll try extending the shell and see if that helps the look.
  4. 727 Torqueflight transmission

    Hmm, I had no problems building mine and all four tires touch the ground.
  5. AutoQuiz 361

    Oh, nice one... and very irritating! I bought one of these because I thought it looked cool in an issue of Hemmings Sports & Exotic: And I still didn't recognise it... best, M.
  6. Did fairly well at the show today, sold a good amount of kits and picked up a few. Got to meet Mike999 from the forum for the first time and saw Mikemodeler who I haven;t seen in awhile. All in all a good time. Next years show is February 16th, 2019
  7. 1934 Ford coupe 4 cylinder

    After getting the 34 p/u wheels off ebay I picked up a parts kit for the front axle.
  8. AMT Parts Packs - Your Ideas & Suggestions?

    Ladder Bars, gasser stuff, front end up in the air parts.
  9. '83 Oldsmobile 442

    Very nice. Great color.
  10. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    waiting for blackouts
  11. Viper tail lights

    I need tail lights for AMTs Dodge Viper GTS Coupe or the RT10 ones would work too.
  12. 289 Cobra Street Rod

  13. AMT Parts Packs - Your Ideas & Suggestions?

    Maybe some more detailed engine kits with internal parts ,Crankshaft, pistons and rods, camshaft, etc. Kinda like the old Aurora 427 Ford.
  14. AMT Parts Packs - Your Ideas & Suggestions?

    Great idea,but what engine would they be specific to ?
  15. Weber Intake and Carbs For 289

    The AMT Cobra kit has a 289 V8 and Weber carbs:
  16. 46 merc pickup

    Definitely a good job on the build. I think what is throwing me off is the front appears to be sticking out too far beyond the fenders. Looking at the 1:1 picture it looks as if the bottom of the front pan is flush with the bottom of the fender, and the resin body looks to be sticking out a scale 3-4 inches.
  17. 1932 Ford 3 window coupe

    Back in colour then clear.
  18. Mack Cruiseliner

    Great work once again Brian ! ...the frame is loaded with some really good looking plumbing details and the weathering you applied tops it off beautifully ..... looks like it's now overdue for the next full service at the Ryder shop ! The first ( top ) picture by the way, gave me the impression that I was looking at a still picture from a movie , ( something like IMCDB )...." comming straight at ya "
  19. '64 Impala AWB?

    What I am suggesting is to find the center and cut an equal amount from front of center and rear of center, the X should then line up. Even if you have to remove the complete middle section you can you should still be able to shave from the front chassis section and back section to get the frame pieces to align. Here is a rough drawing of what I am suggesting. Now that I looked at your concept picture I am wondering how my suggestion will work with the front suspension being moved forward. Of course you could always clean off the IFS and replace it with a tube axle. Hope this helps.

    Yes, you are normal Everyone I know that is in to modelling does this, start a project and get some done on it then get sidetracked by life in general and then when they get the time they will start another project. Sometimes projects are forgotten about and sometimes they just take a long time to finish. I guy on the Norwegian IPMS board has been builing on his 1:350 model of the Japanese warship Yamato since Sepember 2006 and the last update on the thread was in 2012 and he is still not done with it.
  21. '83 Oldsmobile 442

    Nice job, Rick. Nice, interesting paint job. What color is this? I like the added color to the engine, regardless of if it's supposed to be or not.
  22. '64 Impala AWB?

    Yes, the "2x3 tubing" would definitely work here. Not sure I see what you mean by cutting the center of the X, because then the members will be offset when I try to put them back together. I do agree that something would have to be done to the frame, but having a bit of an issue picturing just what. Thanks for the input.
  23. Today

    I was just wondering if anyone else but me takes so long to build a truck tractor model. I have been working on building A 1/25 PETERBILT 359 model for about three years, using a AMT kit and using parts from a REVELL snap kit and also scratch building a number of parts to make it and accurate 1980 PETERBILT 359. I got the info from TIMS TRUCKS and researching the web before I started building it. I really enjoy building but I get into building streaks for short periods of time then I get into short and sometimes long downtimes where I don't touch the project at all. Am I the only one who does this? Is this normal ? JARRNO88
  25. Mack R685ST

    Beutiful work on your Mack,.. lots of details and improvements and great choice of color combo !
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