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Revell 57 Chevy Bel Air Snap-Tite

23 January 2015 - 04:42 PM

Hey, guys, here's my first build of 2015 - a Revell Snap-Tite 57 Chevy. It was on sale at Michael's, so I bought it. It's an OOB build, painted with Testors gloss black with a tan and orange interior. Foiling took longer than painting and building! The seat cushion stickers were black, but I wanted orange, so I sprayed them orange, then applied them. It worked! It's not my best build, but it was quick and fun! I plan to use it on my car show diorama, since just about every car show has a 57 Chevy in it! The photos could be better, too. Comments welcome!


Sam's class of 2014

29 December 2014 - 09:19 AM

Here are my seven builds for 2014. Last year I did 17. Lots of other things going on this year. There is an army Jeep, a 58 Edsel prepainted kit, a 59 Ford Skyliner (tough build), a 49 Merc wagon, a 60 Ranchero with a resin six engine, and a Willys COE car hauler with a Kurtis midget racer. No super detailing or super shiny paint, just basic models that I liked building. I hope you guys liked them too! 

41 Willys car hauler w/Kurtis midget racer

28 December 2014 - 05:39 PM

Hey guys, here are my final builds for 2014: a 41 Willys COE car hauler and a Kurtis midget. The truck is a resin body mounted on a 39 Chevy frame. The bed is sheet styrene and uses the 39 Chevy fenders and the floor of the trailer that comes with the midget kit. It tilts and the floor slides back for loading and unloading. The rear of the bed is an ancient custom tailgate from the parts box with 60 T-Bird taillights. I'll add a license plate soon. Wheels are from the Revell 58 Impala kit, bumper is 40 Ford, parts box mirrors, and the grille is a cut down 49 Merc. The truck was a fun project, and not too hard to make. The midget is a nice kit, but has too many tiny, fiddly parts for my 65 year old eyes! Comments welcome!

1960 Ford Ranchero

24 November 2014 - 05:07 PM

This is my first build since July, just finished it today. It's the AMT Little Eliminator Ranchero kit, built as a stock Ranchero. Weird kit - full of unneeded parts: customizing junk from the old Styline kit, wheels and a Chevy V8 from the '61 Ranchero custom, and other junk. It's missing a battery, an inside mirror, shock towers, underhood diagonal braces, and, worst of all, a 6 cylinder engine! I used a resin 6 from eBay, and made some towers and braces to look somewhat like the real truck. Parts boxes yielded a mirror and battery, and I turned down the wheel rims a bit. They covered up half of the whitewalls. Paint is Krylon peekaboo blue with Testors wet look clear. Not the best model ever, but kinda cute, I think!



An old model comes home

15 July 2014 - 09:41 AM

I built this 1969 Mustang Mach 1 back in 1969 (AMT kit, I think). When I got out of the hobby in the 1970's, I gave it to a local teenager who was a Mustang lover. Last week he returned it. It was his favorite model, and was one of my better builds back in the day. The paint was an actual Ford color (Dupli-Color, I think). I plan to refurbish it, but not a total rebuild. Disassembly, followed by a good cleaning (It's dusty!), then maybe redo the trim in BMF is all I want to do. The "kid", who is now in his 50's also gave back a 289 Cobra roadster, and an MPC 69 1/20th scale Corvette, which has literally fallen apart over the years. Lots of nostalgic projects for me!