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  2. Man alive ! So many visible flaws that aren't recognisable on the actual finished kit ! It looks much , much better in person... Looks quite atrocious here .
  3. Very tidy build! Colors look great together!
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  5. I have only looked on ebay when i need decals and i have never ran acrossed them there...
  6. Built this about 10 years ago and cannot remember the colors. i really enjoyed the build the bed cover and spoiler came from a wave runner s-10..
  7. Looks stunning in black!
  8. Got a book, for a project in the cue. Was looking at eBay, saw this Flintstone Advanced Design COE cab, *had to* get it for some weird reason. There was a Hot Wheels logo with it, want to trade for something.
  9. First Tamiya, and you wrecked it. 😱 Seriously, nice job! Welcome to the forum. 👍
  10. 89AKurt

    Ferrari FXX-K

    Just because I like the subjects, but really nice work on it.
  11. Very nice. Good to see one thats not the usual silver.
  12. beeRS


    Wow - I remeber Gladys. I had that issue of Street Machine at a time when I was still an impressionable teenager. I'd buy the mag on release day and read every inch from cover to cover. I once saw Gladys pass my Escort on the M25 as we were both going to the Lakeside car meet. Would have been around 1990. Shame to see what has become of it now. You done a great job on this, and the conversion must have been a lot of work. Would it have been easier to start with the AMT kit? IIRC it has the correct side trim.
  13. WOW , That’s super clean. Beautiful sir! Great Job.
  14. Brudda

    Ford GT

    Hello Carl! How are you and your family? Hope all is great !!! And thank you . I read your books every day!!!
  15. beeRS

    Ferrari FXX-K

    All three are stunning.
  16. Great use of weathering techniques. Thanks for sharing.
  17. The horrid '65 GTO , the '67 GTO , and '72 GTO tooling need to be demolished by a drone-strike . Same goes for the '69 Camaro --- both iterations .
  18. Let me give you a hint. The car is powered by an engine from manufacture who won the race in Le Mans after this car was build.
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