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  2. Very nice. The rear window really catches my attention. Is this stock (except for chop)? Its reminiscent of a '57 Ranchero. Looks great!
  3. Part of the same collection as the Grabowski roadster, the Golden Sahara had been restored, and is back on display. Goodyear recreated the light up tires that were on its last public shown version, though unlike the old ones, the new ones are solid, and aren't really intended to be used for normal driving. More here https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/03/07/golden-sahara-ii-restored-to-original-glory More than a little hype in calling it the first autonomous car, though.
  4. Top Shelf job...and I love the Tennessee plates on it!
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  6. Great Looking build Jonathan!! Race car and trailer. Looks awesome in tow!!!
  7. I was there at lunch today, the stack looked pretty fresh.
  8. Outstanding build!! Well detailed and really nicely done!!!
  9. Looks good! I really like the delicate chrome trim on the dash gauges & valve covers, however the headlights appear to be mounted side ways...
  10. Very sharp and stone cold cool !!!
  11. Looks fantastic!! Very cleanly built!!
  12. Thanks Anthony. I wasn't sure but it made sense being from a truck driving school. Thank you.
  13. I'm liking the work you've done on this so far. Good idea to replace the springs with real wire. The molded in blobs never look good. I like the Mica red. If the red on the chassis is over black then I don't think that it is too dark. Keep it up and let's see some updates. Later-
  14. How you doing Nick? Hopefully your lung is improving...
  15. I didn't see a email on his site.
  16. Agreed. Might be a good opportunity for someone like me looking for oddball stuff like that.
  17. Looks really nice! The VW emblem, was it a pain to work around it (vs. having a separate part)?
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