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  1. Probably not, Studio Barbero is the legal agent firm for Ferrari SPA copyright & licensing, and that is very unlikely to change They are tasked with actively protecting all of Ferrari's interests, which includes everything from supplier contracts and agreements, to images, logos, branding and even colours! This is something that is far more cost effective outsourced, than could ever be done in-house
  2. Agreed LdM has been criticized much, but he's old school Ferrari family, tutored and chosen by Enzo himself, and politically connected I wouldn't be surprised to see LdM return is some way in future, as he lets Marchionne run out enough rope to hang himself with
  3. It is a bummer Ferrari / Fiat group don't handle copyright contracts in-house anymore, it is all handled by an external lawfirm, who have granted power to dictate price and terms As such they dont care if licensing costs are to high or if it makes impossible for smaller firms to produce official products This is the same group which attacked the North American Ferrari owners club, so they could not use the Ferrari image on club Tshirts or banners This firm is very aggressive, and I've heard licensing costs have become 4-5 times more since thier involvement Sad days
  4. Looks great Mike, love the colours!! I got several more Challenger parts almost ready to add to catalog
  5. Righteous build! Love the bare metal body look!
  6. Great build Nick, love the paint work!
  7. I like it, super low and super clean build!
  8. Super clean and uber-Cool build! Love the paint work, and stance! Bravo Ferby!!
  9. Awesome + Awesome + Awesome! Great idea, design & finish Jonathan, bravo!!
  10. That's my favorite coupe of the WRC WRX styles...Awesome build Pat, bravo!!
  11. That's a heck of a sleeper indeed! Nicely done Bruce, bravo fellow Canuck!!
  12. This is a Free giveaway contest being put on in cooperation with several other great vendors, so hope is okay to post here? Anyone can enter, just follow the link below on friends scaledworld free info page, and you could win one of three amazing packages we've put together! http://scaledworld.net/2015-x-mas-giveaway Enter soon, open until Dec 10 only, Good luck everyone!!
  13. Thanks guys! For sure Dave, messanger me prior, we were chatting about those other wheels you wanted Me too Greg just smooth on products now, my resins get premixed for me, so far so good
  14. Any 3D printed items will have a grain to some degree, its just part of the printed layer process, even using SWs newest extra fine material option (which is only option I use now) I like to seal mine before working at all on it, to avoid easy damage, I use super thin CA glue and spread a small drop at a time over the surface using a toothpick, this actually soaks into surface and hardens, so can be fine sanded + primed Its true that resin items vary in quality, even with my own products using bespoke resin mix + pressurized casting, there is small variations + prep work required, thats just part of it unavoidably Good luck!
  15. Love it Pat, bravo!! Love the car, the wheels, the stance, the colour, everything looks "just right"
  16. Looks great, nice and clean build Dann, bravo!!
  17. Jeremy Jon

    60 Impala

    Outrageous build Dale, what a super clean, super cool beauty!! Bravo!!
  18. Love it! Looks fantastic Chris, and that body metal effect is fantastic, bravo!!
  19. Dominik that is a beautiful build, truly you have out done your self on this one, a real gem, Bravo!!!
  20. What a great build Paul, super clean, and super cool, Bravo!!!
  21. Such a cool little build, I'm shocked how that all fits, great great work Pat, bravo!!
  22. Nice restoration there Randy, looks fantastic! Your collection of Caddies there look wonderful, bravo!!
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