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  1. Really nice. I love the concept!
  2. I haven't updated this in a while. Its a slow go as I've had some self inflicted problems.
  3. Nice work. Very well done coil-overs and paint.
  4. I thought about using the Holley for one of my builds but copped out for the attached. I thought about using a large piece of tubing in the center sandwiched between two smaller pieces to get the rounded look. Add some flat pieces to bridge the gaps and then use filler. Good luck on whatever you try. Keep us updated.
  5. Put some rat poop on the engine and it would be like a couple of real life barn finds I've seen up close. Fantastic work!!
  6. There are a couple of vids on You Tube. Just do a search. They should get you started. I've not had to make any myself.
  7. Hi Bill, good luck with your 'Stang. I had one back in the day but didn't have the $ to do anything with it. I suggest reading the tips & tricks posts and articles before diving back into modeling. A lot has been going while we were away. Have fun. Dennis
  8. Yeah, you'd think they were selling the 1:1. I hope you find one. I loved those P/S Mavericks. Competition Resins has the Maverick, but it isn't cheap. I bought a hood from them a few months back and the quality was excellent.
  9. Welcome as well. Yes, you've come to the right place. I've only been on the board a couple of months and I've picked up more than I'll ever use. Good luck and happy modeling. - Dennis
  10. Wow, didn't know that. I have the engine but haven't started the project yet. Now you have me thinking. Hmmm.
  11. Very nice work. The paint is fantastic.
  12. Yeah, the purple would give it a really rad look!
  13. Newt's Boneyard has a vacuformed piece that looks like what you want but I'm not sure. Looks like you could modify it even if its not.
  14. Rad!! I say go for it, but back off some of the detail like working rack & pinion or you'll never finish. Think about using FI for the intake, kind of like the Viper.
  15. Welcome to the site Doug. Love the Dart. I had a neighbor who had a red 1:1. He used to rip up the streets.
  16. Great paint! I'll be watching for tips as I've got a Cobra on the shelf for a future build. By the way, your airplane building jargon slipped in. Airframe?
  17. I'm doing a similar setup which shows using a "Pair of Precision Turbo 94mm Pro Mods" on a Mike Moran hemi. My converter program has that as 3.7 inches, so the 3.5" shouldn't be out of scale. Those are the ones I'm planning on going with.
  18. Looks like painting is one of your strong traits. Nice work.
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