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  1. I have to deal with inexperienced people all the time in the construction industry. People I work with and people I work for. If someone makes a mistake, I point out the mistake and the correct way to do whatever it is that they messed up (most of the time). This happened just this week at my new job with my new boss. I told him the truth about things I felt he and others had done wrong before I was hired. He then thanked me and explained how much he appreciated it, because everyone else just seems to tell him what they think he wants to hear. I may get fired next week, but I did what I felt was right and appropriate for the situation. In Bill's scenario, and since this was a new hire, as soon as he painted the tires, I probably would have told him that is not how or where it is done. I may have asked him who told him to paint what he was panting and if they had given him instructions on how and where to do it. It may not have been a pleasant conversation, since he just painted my tires. I would have then showed him where the correct spot to paint was located and pointed out what stands to use or how to support what he was painting. Then let him go on about his business. Probably would have only taken a few minutes. I would have then lost it, if or when he ignored what I told him and made the same or similar mistake.
  2. I apologize, I am sure I am the one that moved it. We probably got a report about it and I didn't do my due diligence before moving it. I have put it back. This post is the exact reason why we continue to moderate your posts. You could have just sent us a message rather than make a snarky post. Remembering something from 2½ years ago is getting tough for this old guy. Again, sorry this caused so much discomfort.
  3. I have had that in past, but it seemed like it only happened when large photo files were slowly populating. There is also a setting in your account settings under "View Behavior" that may be clicked. It could also be a random glitch in the software. I will point this out to @Dave Ambrose.
  4. I think we should stop this now.
  5. This place amazes/surprises/discourages me everyday. People here will argue about everything and anything. Please keep in mind that it is really preferred that everyone stays on topic. If someone asks a question, answer it and move on. You are not required to answer every follow up post because it does or does not match your way of thinking. Every post isn’t about you, you don’t have to take everything as a personal attack. Read the response and go on with your lives. You guys are really arguing about the type of mouse you use? Use whatever mouse you want and go build a model. Post some photos when it is done. That is really what everyone wants to see. That’s is why most folks came to this site in the first place.
  6. I have a rechargeable wireless mouse that I just keep plugged in. Best of both worlds.
  7. The problem is that we need the ads for revenue to keep this site free. I guess we could start an option where we charge folks $25 a year for ad free site. The problem is really the ad companies, they get paid to put their customer's ads in front of people. They continually cheat/change the system for displaying ads. It is an ongoing battle to reconfigure the site to get the ads to display properly, but then 3 days later the ad companies change the coding in the ads and they start taking over again. Everyone has the option to install an ad blocker on their computer to stop displaying ads. The downside is it takes operating revenue away from the board. This is an active site that has been around for a while. There is a lot of information that is stored and server space has costs associated with it. There are other ad systems out there and I know the ownership of the board has been looking into them. Whenever someone is inconvenienced by an ad or its placement and points it out here, I tag the post so that Dave knows the ad companies have changed their strategies again. He is usually already on it and just trying to find a free hour or two to address it. Keeping this site up and running has become his 3rd job. FYI - I do not run an ad blocker for this site and have never seen the full page ads you guys post about. This could also be a combination of settings on your device and/or operating system.
  8. It's all fun and games, until the Russian mob comes knocking on your door. I wouldn't click on or comment about anything associated with that item/seller.
  9. I got interested in photography when I decided I needed to learn how to photograph fish in an aquarium. Got to where I was giving photography talks at fish club meetings and conventions. That of course led to photographing other things, likes cars and aircraft. I used to take a camera with my everywhere I went, that way I could just stop and grab a few shots if anything caught my eye. I need to start doing that again. How can we be 3 posts into a photography thread and not have any photos posted? Problem solved!
  10. Please remember that to use the Trading Post or Wanted sections, you need to have your full name and location posted in your profile and/or signature line. A lot of members seem to be forgetting this rule.
  11. I am fairly certain my wife will find a way to make me sell everything before I die. 😁 I have been downsizing a bit already, but will still have several hundred kits when I retire and move out west.
  12. All - In order to use the Wanted or Trading Post areas, you must list your name and location. This provides a little transparency for folks when sending their parts/kits. They can at least check to make sure the name and location matches the information provided via PM prior to shipping.
  13. Looks like you got it. I see the photos.
  14. Like Bill has said, you can send a new PM or reply to one that was sent to you. Your message will go to the persons forum inbox, does not matter if they are online or not, and they will get a notification that they have an unread message. I sent you a PM and you should see a notification at the upper right of any forum page. There should be a number above the envelope symbol. Click on the envelope and it will open a small version of the forum inbox. Click on an individual message to read it. At the bottom of the message is a box that you can type a reply in. Click submit reply button to send it.
  15. I thought i would go ahead and approve your post so everyone can see. I am guessing you sent a message to Dave asking to be taken off of moderation because you don't think you deserve it. You didn't get taken off of moderation. I think you got your reply. Not sure where the taken for granted stuff comes from. You can post here just like every other member. The problem is most of your recent posts continue to bash this forum and the folks that volunteer here. We even let folks see the posts that you put up directing them to other venues to see your work, but you get treated so badly here. What you failed to realize in all of this is that the moderation period is a time for us to determine if you are going to continue to push the boundaries of the rules or if your intentions are to follow the rules of this forum. With your continued whining and complaining, I am going to extend your moderation period. I am also locking this thread, since you have stated more than once that you do not intend to update it.
  16. This is what it looked like heading back to my house yesterday. Ended up with just under 10 inches in about 6 hours.
  17. You can have a thread where folks can post there specific model. You can also use the Tag feature to a thread to make it easier to find. There are a lot of sub categories that people want to have, we just cannot accommodate all of them.
  18. Well, I wanted to remove the original post about the bathroom as I was afraid of where it would lead the discussion. At this point I would have to remove a lot of posts and hand out an equal number of 30 day moderations (yes, you can also get hit with moderation by replying to and continuing an inappropriate discussion). Lets stop the conversation right here and try to keep things cleaner going forward.
  19. I not talking about you personally, just people in general who do like to go back and reference things they have seen before. A lot easier to find previously viewed items here and on other forums than it is on FB.
  20. I flagged this for Dave to look into. I seem to remember this happening once before.
  21. All I was saying is that it is hard to organize and retrieve information on Facebook after it is posted. Lots of folks will see it, but it is hard to find again in a few weeks.
  22. Never heard of Mopars In Scale, will have to check that one out. Good luck finding info on Facebook, 2 weeks after it's posted.
  23. If you have a question about the magazine or your subscription, please use the Contact Us function on the main website. https://www.modelcarsmag.com/ That will put your issue/concern/question directly in front of those best suited to answer it for you.
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