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  1. The lens is big and clear. No distortion in it. It's a glass lens too.
  2. I just got it from Amazon, you can also find it on Ebay. It uses LEDs and has a big lens that is 7.5" x 6.2". It's a 5 diopter (2.25 magnification). I replaced a round 5" florescent magnifier (same magnification) light that was a little shaky whenever I put it into position. This new one is rock steady. It has variable brightness too. It uses 9 Watts and is 680 lumens. The "buttons" on top are touch sensitive. In fact they will work when your finger is about 1/8" over them. Anyway, here's some photos.
  3. Sounds like a great tip! I've been using a hair dryer to free up the stuck lids, this way I don't have to grab and dent the lids with a pliers.
  4. Where are we going to get CF decals from then? I mean there are other suppliers of PE goodies but I've never seen CF decals by anyone else.
  5. Really nice, clean build.
  6. I was living on L.I., N.Y. working at Grumman when that happened.
  7. All I miss are the knishes. Forget the rest. I had an uncle that had a Kosher deli there for around 20 years or so.
  8. I'm sure glad I don't live there any more.
  9. I was just visiting my parents in Delray Beach, FL last week. My Dad and I wanted to visit hobby shops, shops we'd been to before plus another one I had found. Well that was four shops I had in mind. Well, three of them were gone. One in W.Palm Beach was still in business. It was mainly an RC shop which is fine too. But I just couldn't believe how those other shops were gone.
  10. And just remember. You Can't Fix Stupid.
  11. Yeah, the first time I came across this flat earth nonsense was in YouTube under my "Recommended" stuff. I thought it was a joke. Anyway I can't help by leave comments making fun of them. If they reply beck then I will start ripping into them. I have absolutely no respect for these morons especially because they also claim the Moon landings were hoaxed too. And of course they are also riding on a number of other stupid conspiracy bandwagons. And they totally reject and deny science. They literally are irrational and too stupid to know that they are stupid. They all claim NASA images are faked but can't comprehend that mankind has known that the earth is a globe for centuries. It would be easier to explain math to a dog than to try to get these idiots to understand why the earth can't be flat, why all their flat earth "model" is total nonsense. I mean these morons also think everything revolves (orbits is really the correct word) around the earth because they think the earth is fixed in place. No point in trying to tell them about Solar time and Sidereal time, they're too stupid to understand it. These people couldn't find their butts with both hands. Sometimes when I rip into the morons I'll ask them a bunch of questions about the flat earth, stuff like "How do we is the earth covered in 50% day/night at the same time?" for example. Either I get no reply, or completely stupid nonsense. But most of them can't even give me the stupid flatard answers. One idiot told me my questions were childish. So then I really let him have it. And I also told him not to reply because there is nothing he could say that has any value. But they always reply. I just ignore them from that point. Otherwise I also tell them that they should think about why they can't answer my questions.
  12. Plus there are flat earthers. Those people literally are too stupid to know they are stupid. AND they think they are smart. Like they know global earth is a conspiracy. LOL.
  13. Occasionally I get a type spam email that asks me if I am going to scam them. LOL. I reply back that I know that they are trying to scam me. Sometimes they start out with "Can I trust you?". LOL.
  14. That's funny. I know a new trick they are doing is spoofing the same area code and prefix number as your own. I once had one that spoofed my own number. I knew I wasn't calling myself. LOL.
  15. I have one of those kits. It's a real interesting bike. Nice build.
  16. Awesome kit! I've never seen a kit like that before. Must be expensive too.
  17. Mike C

    '64 Dodge 330

    Really nice build. I built one of those as a beater car.
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