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  1. That is not terrible all things considered, still more than we want to pay in the end. I picked up a dually snap-tite last week for $20
  2. That would be a huge bummer. Those kits are getting so expensive.
  3. Both the Olds and Maserati have been traded. 😎
  4. Well, kind of doing this backwards.. I decided to weather it the “right” way and do it the way I did on my ‘55 Cameo. I applied some brown primer, ochre brown, and old rust from MIG and AK, respectively. Then I got my handy makeup tore-up sponge to apply random splotches of paint to the airbrushed areas. I know it looks really bad right now but that’s alright. After this dries (and I get some hairspray) I will apply some hairspray to the body to lock in that coat of paint. I will also smooth out the finish, as the ochre is a little thick and affects the smooth finish. I’ll then re-paint the body in Tamiya semi-gloss black. Then I can begin chipping away the paint and revealing the weathering underneath. I should have done this step in the first place, but I tried to do it differently. Lesson learned.
  5. Hey Lee, we might be able to make that work. I’ll look for your PM later on.
  6. Sorry @Xingu, I’ll get that updated right away!
  7. Looks great, could get lost in that black paint job!
  8. I have for trade: Tamiya Porsche 936/78 Turbo Open, sealed inside. Decals are curled on the card and a bit yellowed AirFix Maserati Boomerang - TRADED Missing several parts, box is warped and dirty, decals are ehh... one has a slight tear in it, might be a good donor for another Boomerang Amt 1969 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 - TRADED Sealed, new I am looking to trade for Tamiya Porsches, Supras, or the Celica rally kit, Revell '30 Model A Coupe, or AMT Silverado kits. Tamiya Porsche: Thanks for looking! If you have something to offer, let me know. I can wheel and deal, but the kits/pieces mentioned above are what I am mainly interested in.
  9. Belongs in a nice display case, that is one to be proud of!
  10. oops, found a misprint! That doesn't look like a 190E in the top photo, looks more like a Volvo to me😆
  11. Thanks @Casey. That is a good thread with some other good linked threads in there. Might have to pick up this version when it comes out.
  12. Is this the better of the 69 Camaro kits? I’ve never built one but would like to add one to the stash!
  13. Great color combo! Looks awesome
  14. Looks good. I traded this kit, but it looked really fun. Might have to find another..
  15. Thank you! Sometimes it’s hard to remember that less is more.
  16. Off to a good start. I am looking at buying an S10 for my next vehicle, I've always liked them!!
  17. More painting/weathering completed on the chassis, interior, and wheels tonight. I'm gonna sleep on the interior and see if I want to apply some more black wash to soften out the weathering effects a bit more. I like it, but think it could be subdued a bit more. What do you all think?
  18. Yes they are getting pricey. I picked this kit up 2 years ago for $50. They wanted $75 but came down on price pretty quickly! Thank you! I’m going to get back at it tonight. It’s been a fun kit to build.
  19. Cool build. I have the 2wd version of the D50 that I’d like to build this year.
  20. I also picked up one of these for $10 about 2 years ago. It’s missing some parts and the decals are rough but I couldn’t pass it up for the price and how obscure it was.
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