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  1. I built this for a good friend that had a 1:1 back in the day. Originally the car was artesian turquoise but he painted it marina blue. I used Testors custom blue metal flake on it. I made multiple mistakes on this build. The worst being that I glued the rear view mirror to low on the windshield. So when I mated the body with the chassis, the mirror hit the dash before I got the front end to sit low enough so I had to snap the mirror off at the base to get the front end down. So now it looks like there is a radar detector mounted on the inside windshield. Yeah that's it, a radar detector! Next mistake is that I clear coated the body after I applied the Molotow which caused the paint to bleed into the Molotow and vice versa. I should have known better. I still need to attach the rear window trim and the chrome bits to the hood. When that is done I'll post some pics completely done, probably next Thursday. The decals that came with this kit (20+ years old I think) were brittle and fell apart very easily. I got most of the original decals applied to the interior without tool much damage. Tom Billings (tbill) donated newer decals which I used without any problems on the exterior. Thanks again Tom! The wheels and tires came from the AMT '61 Chevy Impala SS kit. The first few pics are obviously the 1:1 car. Comments welcome!
  2. Wow, that is 1:25 scale? That IS incredible! Great job!!
  3. Very nice, I really like the color and how it contrasts with the interior!
  4. Wow, that looks great and I love the color! I'm gonna have to pick up one of these kits.
  5. Here is my diecast 1:18 scale TR6. Made by Minichamps....
  6. From what I understand, a TR6 kit was never made. I've had a 1:1 1972 sapphire blue TR6 for over 30 years. Working on it is half the fun of owning it in my opinion. Took me 5 years to do a complete frame-off restoration. There are a few companies that made/make diecasts though.
  7. Wow Clive, the mods you made to the kit are fantastic! I love the addition of the commission plate on the inner front fender! You even painted the black rubber molding around the windscreen and rear hatch glass! And the bonnet fit is superb!
  8. Beautiful GT40 sir! My favorite car of all time! I would love to see any pics you have of the Triumph GT6 that you built. I built the Lindberg GT6+ a couple years ago. I also had a 1:1 1972 Triumph GT6 a few years ago that I was planning on restoring but in the end it required so much work that I ended up selling it off. (Still have my 1:1 Triumph TR6 though.)
  9. OK thanks for the advice, I'll give it a try!
  10. So I can spray this stuff on the decals on the backing paper and it will keep them from crumbling when I transfer them to the model? That would be great!
  11. I’m looking mainly for just the exterior decals, for the front and rear fenders and also for the grill and rear valance. I don’t need the decals for the interior or the engine. Anyone have a relatively new set? TIA.
  12. Thanks Plowboy, I’ll post something in the wanted section and also see if Round2 has a set.
  13. I'm building this Lindberg kit for a friend that had a 1:1 back in the day. I am finding that most all the decals that came with the kit are breaking into pieces when transferring to the model. Does anyone know if anyone makes/sells "aftermarket" decals for this kit? I'm mainly looking for just the decals for the front and rear fenders, grill and rear valance. Any help is appreciated!
  14. I built this kit about a year ago but built it box stock. I also built one back in the '70s but ended up torching it. Fortunately one of my brothers saved one of the slicks from the '70s build because one of the slicks in last year's kit was deformed out of the box. So I used the slick saved from the '70s build in the one I built last year. All the extra details you added really make it stand out. Great job!
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