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  1. Some of my more recent favourites….
  2. HAHA!!! Ya, me too. Thanks for having a look Oliver. Thanks Anthony, much appreciated. Hi David! Truth be told, your Ecto build is what inspired me to post this. I don’t get much desk time at this time of year, so it’s an older build, but it was quite fun. Yes, I believe I posted this on your hearse thread, speaking of which… how is that coming along? Thank you Bill. I appreciate the comments guys. You all got me thinking how cool this thing would look doing a big Smokey burnout. Cheers, Steve
  3. Excellent! Nice work James! Glad that I was of some inspiration, dioramas are new to me, but I will definitely do another one at some point. Great job all round, but the patina on the cladding is spot on. Cheers, Steve
  4. Steve H

    Mud Trap

    This is fantastic Charles! I have worked in civil construction my whole career, so I know my dirt (and mud). You did an amazing job capturing the look and texture of the soil and mud including the cracking on the surface. The truck, what’s left above the surface is very well done too. 👍👍
  5. Great looking diorama Steve. Really nice weathering, and the car looks great too. Does the light on the building work? Cheers, Steve
  6. This is a super cool mashup Chuck. Your weathering is always extremely well done. Love the imagination and ingenuity you put in this build, great stuff. Cheers, Steve
  7. Hi David, I had missed this one. What a great colour combo! I need to get braver and try some “less common” colours, this combo suits the car (er… truck?) perfectly. Very clean build, and you know I like that you lowered it! The ‘59’s horizontal fins are so iconic. Nice job on the foil work, and man… there’s lots of it! Is that aluminum tubing for the exhaust tips?
  8. Thanks David. Might not be the most comfortable ride, but it would be quick!! Thanks Philippe, I like ‘‘em low ! Hi Bob, just an idea that came to me. Thanks for having a look. Thank you Harry, I appreciate the kind words. Hi Mario. Your diorama is one of the ones that inspired me to build a base to photograph my builds on. Thanks for having a look. Thanks Craig! Thank you Larry, it was a fun build. Cheers, Steve
  9. I would not have thought it was possible to make that car look cool. Great build Oliver, and the stance is perfect. Details like the notches for the exhaust, interior goodies, and the stripes flowing into the engine bay, all add up to a great looking model. Cheers, Steve
  10. Very nice clean build David. I’m always scared of trying a gold paint job, they can look really good or just “meh”. Yours looks fantastic, and really suits the car. The flocking in the interior is very well done. Nice to see you building sir! Cheers, Steve
  11. Hi James, check out Evans Designs for LED lighting and switches. They have great products, ideas, and excellent service. I have no affiliation with them other than being a happy customer. Very cool looking diorama. Cheers, Steve
  12. Hi Randy, two beautiful builds there. That blue and white combo is VERY nice. Cheers, Steve
  13. Hi all, This was built several years ago. I wanted a custom ambulance for my collection. So I started with the AMT Ecto 1A kit and made a few alterations… It has been lowered, has Pegasus wheels and tires, with disc brakes from a die cast. I added several “flashing” lights on the side/front/top/and back of the car, some from the parts box, some from a Lindbergh police car. There is also “sirens” in the front grill, and a CHMSL above the back window. I made an antenna, added 4” exhaust tips, and a hood scoop. The decals are home made, along with some from the decal box. Paint is white with pearl clear, and metallic red. Lots of BMF!! It’s a slammer, so no interior or engine, but it was a fun build. I have a Johan 66 Caddy ambulance that I intend to build as full detail mate to this one, probably in reverse colour scheme, red body/white roof. Thanks for having a look, and as always all comments welcome.
  14. Hi James! Honestly, that is the highest compliment someone could give. Thanks for having a look, I’m happy to have inspired someone. Thanks David. Your comment are appreciated. As I was building, it was always on my mind of how much is too much. The goal was exactly what you said, interesting without detracting from subject. If you have a moment, I have some better photos taken outside under glass. Cheers, Steve
  15. Hi David, I agree that models photograph better in some sort of “scene”. There are many outstanding dioramas on this board, including yours, and the models just look more real somehow. As for figures, you are absolutely right, and painting a realistic figure is outside of my skill set. Thanks for having a look and for your kind words. Thanks Carl! The greenery and landscape was enjoyable to create. Thank you David.
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