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  1. Hi Roger! I’m a real sucker for models with a story. Great back story on this one, I’d be willing to bet that in about 10 years or so, your nephew will be back at the bench building. Thanks for sharing another one of your beautiful builds. I’m digging the classic look and stance. I never notice things like corrected panel lines and such as I’m not that knowledgeable. There is often wayyyyyy more work in these models than most would know. I look forward to your next project!
  2. Hi David, I’m relatively new here, just over a year. I haven’t seen any of those before but all are beautifully done sir, great stuff. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Steve
  3. Hi Luke, I haven’t been that motivated lately either. Partly summer weather, partly because the Impala wagon has been fighting with me…. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are just about to enter prime building weather, so I’m hoping my motivation comes back. Really like this build, so hope your motivation comes back too mate. Cheers, Steve
  4. Claude! Always open to suggestions. Almost for sure staying curbside. Possibly a mild chop, if I chop it and make it a hardtop, I might shorten the whole thing a few scale inches. That’s one of the ideas rattling around my head. Haha! It’s black!!! Hi Luke, in my search I saw one almost identical to that, but it was a 4 door. That one is awesome! I actually really like it with a post, I also like the suicide doors, that might be on the menu too… Thanks for chiming in sir, and thanks again for the info on your scribing tool. It’s one of my favourite tools now. Hi Phil, great to hear from you. I would love to see yours if you want to share, always enjoy your builds, don’t recall seeing your 300’s. Hope all is well, and will try to make it to the get together on the 3rd.
  5. Hi David, still have a few more scoops to dig thru, good ideas. I think I might have a Challenger in the stash… The gold/bronze wheels look good with the flat “steel” colour in my opinion, glad you agree. Hi Roger! Thanks for the input. As mentioned above, still some digging to do in the stash for scoops. I REALLY like those wheels, where are they from please. Hi David, yep, the idea with this one is fun. Aiming to keep it simple.
  6. Hi Martin, great to hear from you sir! With “low” in the title, I figured you might have a peek. I agree, they do look like they have a mild chop. Still thinking this one will be super simple. Interior door cards would need to be modified to 2 door, if I add an engine it would be a resin Hellcat, that would require mods… It all adds up, so probably not, but, still working out ideas. Thanks for the input!
  7. Hi Claude, much better fit now. Finally starting to get a bit more bench time. Building season is just about here!! Cheers, Steve
  8. I tend to agree with you Tom. I don’t think it’s wrong to do what they did, but I think it would be cool if they let the artist know. Just as a courtesy. I believe all of us would be flattered to have our builds honoured in MCM!!
  9. Awesome as always Jim!! Looks like you getting close…
  10. Hi Lin, this is an amazing build. Immaculate work, and beautiful photography. I have not watched the video yet but I will. Need to do some digging and find more of your stuff. Very impressive!! Cheers, Steve
  11. I haven’t got my hands on #209 yet, but this is a great feature they have added to the magazine. Very, very well deserved Roger, this is a really cool build, congratulations. As I’ve said before, I really like your build style. Cheers, Steve .
  12. Hello all, This build (like many others) has been rattling around in my head for a while. Not quite ready to start it yet, as I need to finish my Impala wagon, but here’s the plan…. I’ve always thought the newer 300’s have a gangster look to them. A few things I know for sure. Colour will be Tamiya TS100 semi gloss gun metal with flat clear, wheels will be either dark bronze/gold, or dark smoke. Am playing with several wheel options, but the 2 front runners as of now are in the photos. Build will be curbside and LOW, no engine (but imagine it has the Hellcat unit), no interior. Definitely a few minor body mods, hood and grill will be changed. I have a handful of hood scoops but hoping to blend in the Mustang hood in second photo. It’s almost certainly going to be a 2 door. Some of my inspiration… Colour.. 2 door, I won’t chop mine tho.. I like this grill and hood… This one is killer aggressive, I probably won’t go quite that nasty… So…. still planning this one but open to feedback and ideas guys. Hope to get it rolling in a couple of weeks. Cheers, Steve
  13. Thanks Dennis, I appreciate the kind words.
  14. Oh ya, thanks again to Claude T. Quite a simple fix really. I always appreciate your input sir!
  15. Hi guys. Well, I procrastinated just long enough for my new scribing tool to arrive! Big thanks to Luke (“Cool Hand”) for sharing the info on the tool. Time to fix up the rear bumper. First, separate bumper and upper panel from the Foose kit…using my new scriber!! Ha! Easy peasy. The Foose bumper is a near perfect fit, a tick narrow, but that should give a nice “tucked in” look. Next, separate the same pieces from the Modelhaus unit and remove 3 1/2 scale inches from middle. Re-assemble… After some sanding and fiddling it’s a perfect fit. The panel above the bumper will get cleaned up, primed, and painted. Right now I’m thinking it will be carbon fibre with thin BMF around the raised outer edges. Once I get it primed I will make a final decision on that. Thanks again to Luke. The scribing tool works really well, I would recommend it to anyone. I suck at posting links, but the info is on his ‘63 Nova Ute WIP thread. I’ve used the back of #11 blades and some other scribes, this definitely worked better. I did have to order it from Luke’s country waaaaayyyyyy across the pond in Australia, but it arrived within a 2-3 weeks. Worth the wait! Thanks for lookin, as always comments welcomed. Cheers, Steve
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