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  1. Hi Joe! Off to a great start. I’ll definitely be watching yours come together. It will be a bit embarrassing if you finish before me, I better get going!! Cheers, Steve
  2. Hi Mike, I use Tamiya Smoke. It can be tricky to get good results so practice first. What I have learned is light coats, and make sure the paint is warm.
  3. Very crisp! That’s a great looking interior Luke, and nice work on the rear suspension. Looks like you are getting close… I definitely need to get one of these little trucks. I’ve seen a handful built, and like them all. Loving the low stance. Cheers, Steve
  4. Danno! This is great news! Unfortunately, I won’t be down for this one, but I’m very optimistic for 2023. It would be great to meet you and the rest of your club members. I will miss the online show though…. Cheers, Steve
  5. Steve H


    Well, Mark is a VERY tough act to follow, Mark you have a knack for doing just enough, but not too much. Extremely difficult to do, you do very well sir. I’ll throw in a few pics. 33 Ford, (ZZ Top car) My first attempt at patina 57 Chev daily driver. 37 Ford truck. Cool to see all this beautiful rust in one spot.
  6. This is the coolest coincidence!! I’m not a beer drinker (I like it, but it doesn’t like me) so I just accidentally stumbled on this. For my next build, I was planning on doing a custom tractor along this styling. I have the Porsche tractor, was going to use the tires from the Orange Blossom Special, and a big beast of a motor. Every once in a while I tend to build something obscure. My intent will be “custom tractor”, not “tractor puller”. I’m hoping to start in a few weeks, after I finish my Camaro. Maybe some of you beer drinkers will come along for the ride when I get the WIP started?? Thanks for sharing that Les, so cool.
  7. Hey Bill! Thanks for the kind words. Not sure my craftsmanship is worthy of duplicating, but I certainly appreciate you thinking it is. I’m happy with the bodywork, but it’s not perfect. It is getting aggressive looking isn’t it. Thank you Anton! Those keys gave me fits, they’re tiny!! I learned a bit that will help me next time around, one lesson is I need the tools that are in transit… Francis my friend, I believe that you are the most humble human I know. Your craftsmanship is extraordinary. I think I have the hands, better files should be here Monday, sand paper is all good, what I could really use is some better eyes….🤪😜. That shifter would look exponentially cooler if machined from aluminum. Thanks for checking in, I truly do appreciate you having a look, and taking the time to comment.
  8. I just about went cross eyed today. First time adding keys in the ignition. I drilled a small pilot hole, then a 1.2mm drill to create the recess, followed by Molotow marker. Man… these are some seriously small bits. Not perfect, but I’m happy with results. Once the wheel is on, and everything is assembled, it should add just a bit more interest to the interior. I also added the tilt wheel lever using a pin and some wire insulation. Had some issues with my gauge cluster, the 5 min epoxy I used for “glass” over the gauges erased almost all of the printed gauge detail…live and learn. So back to square one there. Cheers, Steve
  9. I hope so Luke. Thanks again for following along mate. The Sunny pick up is fantastic by the way.
  10. Well, I’ve had my faithful companion at my side for a couple of days. Otis had some dental surgery on Tuesday morning. The photo is just before we went to the vet. He loves hobby days, the vet…..not so much. As for the Camaro, started getting more of the interior bits painted. I fabbed-up a roll bar modifying parts from a pro sock kit and some styrene rod. (No photo yet..) The seats I wanted to use are a bit too tall, and didn’t look right. So I settled for the seats from the Hay’s T-Bird. I wasn’t in love with the head rests, so I cut them off and used some paper clip wire for the supports. While they were off I did a bit of subtle reshaping of the top of the seats, and the head rests. Before and after pics, before paint the head rests are not glued and obviously not quite straight… I have a photo etch Hurst shifter set, but thought I’d have a go at making my own to be “similar” to the 1:1 car. Next photo is seats painted, the shifter before assembly, and sub woofer painted. Second photo is 1:1 interior. I went with grey inserts on the seats, there will be a few hits of grey just to give some interest. You can sort of see the shifter, I was trying to get a similar look. This is when I wish I had some mad machining skills and a milling machine…..Francis!!! The dash is painted, the panel behind the gauges will be carbon fibre, the photo etch gauge bezel got a couple light coats of Tamiya smoke. I’m using thin white styrene sheet behind the photo etch to add some depth, and also as white background for the semi transparent gauges. Here the seat is fully assembled as is the shifter. Once I finish the dash face I will add some detail paint, a CD player where I blanked out the stock radio, paint the pedals, and maybe a a “Camaro” photo etch badge to the glove box. I’m not going quite as “race car” with my build as what the actual car is. The real car is a full on auto-cross beast! I will do some sort of seat belts, but haven’t decided on how they will look. It definitely won’t be the full 5 point race belts. Thinking about having a try at shoulder belts maybe, but haven’t actually fully thought that thru yet. That’s it for this edition, thanks for having a look. Cheers, Steve
  11. Slam dunk, home run, mic drop! Love this one Luke, a low ‘62 GM, doesn’t get much better than that. That paint is spectacular sir. Cheers, Steve
  12. That’s awesome! Very nice replica of her car. I would imagine that put a big smile on your daughters face when she saw it. I love these types of builds no matter what the subject car or truck is.
  13. Perfect! That’s it… one word. I wanna go cruising in that thing! The black bumpers/chrome grill, very nice. Look forward to the glamour shots under glass. Beautiful work as always Luke.
  14. Hi Francis! The colour does look tasty. It looks MUCH better in person than the photo. I just need to summon the paint gods and hope for a nice finish. Always appreciate you taking the time to comment my friend. Oh boy…. That is quite a warp. Going to need some heat and patience, but should be fixable. The pillars look straight, also looks like your headlights are similar to what I had. I will watch for your WIP! Thanks for checking in. Glad you like it Carl, as mentioned, it looks even better in person. Photos in natural light will help. Thanks Luke. She won’t be as glass smooth as your 62, but the colour should be enough of a distraction to hide the imperfections.😉 Thanks Jonathan. Hi Nigel, thanks for having a look. I will probably do a quick mock up when it has the black base coat, it should look pretty sinister… Thanks Greg, ya, I’m getting close for final paint. It should look quite sharp in colour….. as long as I get it right!
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