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  1. Hi Martin, just stumbled on this thread. Very nice work, looking forward to seeing how it progresses sir. Cheers, Steve
  2. Nice work Kurt! This is really coming along nicely. Sounds like some of the usual kit bash/scratch build drama. You are making it look easy sir! Cheers, Steve
  3. Hi Phil, another beautiful build. I think I need to build another Camaro of this body style. Probably a pro stock version though, they really are a great looking car. Your replica builds are always spot on Phil. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Steve
  4. Jim! Can’t wait to see this truck on its way to “church”. Very nice first spin on the lathe sir. I need to check out the sign vinyl, thanks for always sharing. Cheers, Steve
  5. Hi Jerry, well.... if you’re looking for ideas, I would lower it.... a lot!! Maybe some Pegasus 23” “T”s on it, GM medium garnet red paint. Some smoke clear to tint the windows and wheels. Make it a soccer dad type of beast, maybe throw a big block motor in it too?
  6. Hi Marty, awesome V dub. Love the low stance and wheel choice is spot on. Very nicely done. I need to build one of these one day, the list grows... Cheers, Steve
  7. Hi Kurt, thanks for having a look. Usually I’m pretty thorough with the test fitting, something slipped through the cracks on this one, but still happy with it overall. 700SL sounds about right!! Keep up the fantastic work on your Subaru! Cheers, Steve
  8. Hi Gareth !! Thank you sir. A really fun monster though, think of the heads you’d turn... Cheers, Steve
  9. Another small update. Most of the interior is now in colour, I will have more photos in the next couple of days. The dash is nearly complete, you will have to trust me that it looks better in person than in the photo. I will take another photo in the next update. The gauge faces are from MCG, this is my first time using them, hoping for even better results next time around. I often use 5 min epoxy on my gauges for “glass” and did that, I will use a Molotow pen to add a Chrome trim ring around gauges. Added carbon fibre decals, photo etch CD player, a couple of pin heads for knobs, the photo etch “Camino” script got a bit warped but looks better than in the photo. I decided “Camino” was enough, still searching for a good name though....
  10. Thanks Greg! Hoping to finish the seats tomorrow night. Thanks for having a look sir. Steve
  11. Hello Francis my friend! I think this will be one of my better interiors, and maybe one of my best builds, although I’m not sure if motor will be a full detail. Likely just some ignition wires and fuel lines, we’ll see... I should have photos of the finished seats tomorrow I hope 🤞. I had the idea this afternoon that perhaps golf glove “leather” would be thin enough and soft enough to use in our scale... maybe next build. For this one it’s the decals. Thanks for checking in pal. Cheers, Steve
  12. That beast is going to be stunning in pearl white. Looking fantastic Roger! I would definitely be curious to see the headlight trim in black, I think it would look sharp. Cheers, Steve
  13. A bit more desk time this afternoon. Door panels are complete, and resin seats modified. I removed the bottom of the ‘68 Elky seats, those will get glued to bottom of resin seats to give them a bit more height. I was considering using the black leather (from a wallet) as an insert for the middle of the seats, but after playing with it for a bit, it just didn’t look right. I have some leather decals, I may use those...
  14. “Evan Designs” is the light source, great site, very simple to use. If you have a look at my recent Gremlin WIP thread, it shows how simple they are. Cheers, Steve
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