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  1. That's amazing work all round . Congrats on the published interview.
  2. Wow, that ROCKS, love the colour and finish.
  3. Lol, sounds about right, then if you're like me you'll promptly forget if you don't write it down. If you remeber great. Looking forward to seeing this progress further.
  4. This is really looking fantastic. I dig the hood spring idea, it should work out.
  5. Oh man this is getting real wild, great stuff, although I think you may be down on power. Might want to add in about 4 more batteries,lol. Looking forward to seeing the BMF once complete.
  6. Tire's look great, nice work. What kit are they from or are they after market?
  7. Very sharp colour combination.
  8. Hey all, I'm back into building again, been away for the past 9months or so due to life getting in the way and nullifying my mojo to build. As usual this site is always full of inspiration to keep building. As per what seems to be the normal model building MO most of us get a shot in the arm when new project idea hits us. Today the Jeep M-715 project build came across my fb feed and caught my eye as something I would like to try and replicate as close as possible. Not wanting to buy yet another new kit I went searching on evil bay and was lucky to find the old release of the Jeep Honcho for $15. A quick google search has revealed a ton of photo's. This project should hit the bench in a few weeks.
  9. Cool work, nice save dude. Cathedral rock makes a nice back drop.
  10. Always very rewarding to complete a project such as this. This sure is something to be proud of, nice save.
  11. Great stuff going on here. Good luck with the rest of this build. It's quite interesting how many plastics can be machined and formed like aluminium. Many of what works for aluminium can be brought over to many plastics. As you said, trial and error will find the way.
  12. Great work on the fender feathering, good luck with the project.
  13. Cool set up. What temp do you set when using it in the summer and how accurate is the setting?
  14. I really dig this, love the lines. Well done!
  15. Great result, super work on the engine detail. Very nice paint.
  16. Great start Dan. I'll be pulling up a chair. What engine source will you be going with? Kit bash or resin aftermarket?
  17. Nice work. The pics are spot on, it looks real
  18. I have to agree, the flocking on the tape looks real nice, more uniformed then most glue methods. The interior is very sharp, nice work.
  19. This project is looking great. Always enjoy watching these type of builds/creations come together.
  20. A classic, looks good from here.
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